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Pandoc Citer Extension for Visual Studio Code

This extension provides autocompletion of citations stored in a bibtex file, for use with pandoc-markdown documents, along with auto-completion for pandoc-crossref cross-references.


Autocomplete citations

Example of citation autocomplete

  • Citations follow the standard syntax recognized by pandoc-citeproc, i.e.:
    • Citation syntax: @BibKey or [@bibKey]
      • Typing '@' should automatically trigger the suggestion window to show up. If not, try Ctrl + Space.
      • The suggestion window (probably) won't trigger if the @ is right after some text without a space, i.e. text@ won't trigger the suggestions but text @ will. This restriction was made so that typing an email address won't trigger the citation suggestions.
    • The YAML should contain the line
    bibliography: [path/to/.bib]
    • The path/to/.bib must be enclosed by square brackets
    • The path/to/.bib can be either a relative or absolute path
    • Multiple bib files can be included if separated by comma, e.g. [path/to/refsA.bib, path/to/refsB.bib]


  • PandocCiter.CrossRefMode
    • Type: String, either "full" (default), "minimal", or "none"
    • Function: This changes the detail shown during auto-completion of cross-references. Setting this to "none" will disable auto-completion of pandoc-crossref references.
  • PandocCiter.ViewType
    • Type: String, either "inline" (default) or "browser"
    • Function: Changes how the suggested citations are shown
  • PandocCiter.RootFile
    • Type: String, path to markdown file
    • Function: This is useful if there are multiple markdown files with one external master file containing the YAML header with the bibliography: [path/to/bib] entry. This avoids having to insert the bibliography YAML header into each individual file.
  • PandocCiter.DefaultBib
    • Type: String, absolute or relative path to bib file
      • Note: For relative paths, it will be assumed that the path is relative to the workspace folder
    • Function: This is useful if there is a default bib file that is preferred for all projects. This bib file will be loaded regardless of whether or not a YAML entry is included.
  • PandocCiter.UseDefaultBib
    • Type: Boolean, default is true
    • Function: This should be a project-specific setting. It is useful when a DefaultBib is defined but you don't want it to be used for a specific project.
  • PandocCiter.ForgetUnusedBib
    • Type: Boolean, default is true
    • Function: This will check if the bibliography YAML matches the watched bib files, and if any watched files are not in the YAML, then their suggestions will be removed.
      • For example, suppose two markdown files are opened but only one of them has a bibliography entry in their YAML header. If this config is set to false, then both markdown files will show citation suggestions. If this config is set to true, then citation suggestions will only be shown in the file with the bibliography YAML.
  • PandocCiter.ShowLog
    • Type: Boolean, default is false
    • Function: This will show a log in the Output panel, useful for answering questions like "Why isn't the extension finding my bib file?". The Output panel can be accessed via VSCode Top Menubar -> View -> Output which will open a panel at the bottom. Select PandocCiter from the drop down list, and the extension's log should show up.
  • PandocCiter.CitationFormat
    • Type: String array
    • Function: Controls which bibtex fields will be shown in the suggestions window, along with their order


  • This extension started out as a a stripped down version of the LaTeX-Workshop extension that has been adjusted for markdown/pandoc
    • The structure of the src directory was preserved, so that any updates/fixes here could also be ported to LaTex-Workshop, and vice versa
  • Contributors:
    • @smartens - bug fixes
    • @yarray - adding pandoc-crossref support
    • @Dominic-DallOsto - adding hover and go-to-definition support