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@fabiospampinato fabiospampinato released this Mar 15, 2019 · 1 commit to master since this release

New Features
  • Switched to the AGPL license
  • Added a “Toggle Sidebar” menu entry
  • Added a Zen mode
  • Added a “Quick Open” panel
  • Added a button for copying codeblocks to the clipboard
  • Search: added a button for clearing the input
  • KaTeX: added support for mhchem
  • Replaced CodeMirror with Monaco
    • Added a shortcut for toggling the minimap
    • Check all the updated shortcuts here
  • Wiki-style links: always treat them as inline links
  • Syntax highlighting: improved support for some shell languages
  • Prompting the user before overwriting unsaved changes
  • Error boundary: creating a pre-filled bug report when reporting an error
  • Search: ensuring the notes list is navigable with arrow keys
  • Minor UI update — Major UI-related code refactoring
  • Export: ensuring all test notes are exported perfectly under all supported formats
  • Automatically selecting the title when editing empty notes
Bug Fixes
  • AsciiMath/KaTeX: ensuring the special characters can be escaped with a backslash
  • Ensuring 1-character KaTex and AsciiMath expressions are supported
  • Ensuring HTML entities don’t cause unnecessary AsciiMath renders
  • Ensuring the editor gets updated when the content changes
  • Updating the app menu when there are no windows open
  • Wiki-style links: more reliable extension detection
  • Filesystem watcher: more reliable
  • Editor: force focusing only on mount
  • Markdown: improved emoji detection
  • Attachments: ensuring some special system files are not considered
  • Ensuring the about window is not fullscreenable
  • Ensuring multiple attachments with the same name can be used
  • Ensuring the app quits properly under Windows/Linux when closing the window
  • Ensuring new notes aren’t created inside the trash
  • Ensuring tags (except for the default one) without notes are not selected
  • Markdown: ensuring links without a protocol are supported
  • Renaming + overwriting notes instead of deleting + creating notes
  • Writing/renaming notes less asynchronously
  • Waiting for any pending API or IO operations before closing the app
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@fabiospampinato fabiospampinato released this Jan 30, 2019 · 110 commits to master since this release

New Features
  • Updater: added a menu entry for checking for updates
  • Added a menu entry for opening the subreddit
  • Added Wiki-style links supports
  • Added support for linking to attachments from source elements
  • Notes: avoiding unnecessary updates because of filesystem changes
  • Much more reliable autosaving and more accurate modification date
  • Dependencies: removed remark and strip-markdown
  • Dependencies: removed showdown-target-blank
  • Dependencies: removed electron-localshortcut
  • Dependencies: replaced decompress with extract-zip
  • Dependencies: replaced globby to tiny-glob
  • Dependencies: replaced shallowequal with is-shallow-equal
  • Dependencies: replaced highlight.js with prism
  • Dependencies: replaced showdown-katex-studdown with asciimath2tex
  • Dependencies: updated enex-dump (shaved ~10mb from bundle)
  • Updater: checking for updates after the app is loaded and every 24h
  • Markdown: avoiding storing previous renders
  • Tutorial: mentioning the subreddit and the Patreon page
  • Tutorial: mentioning Wiki-style links
  • Tutorial: updated sections about KaTeX and AsciiMath
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed support for URLs fragments
  • Fixed support for relative links inside a and img tags
  • Markdown: made extensions much more reliable
  • Markdown: more advanced stripping logic
  • Markdown: un-wrapping the output when stripping
  • Markdown: improved support for emails
  • Markdown: ensuring anonymous code blocks are rendered properly
  • Autosave: properly handling app quits, window closes and reloads events
  • Ensuring the app quits when asked to do so
  • Ensuring the app doesn’t crash when changing data directory
  • Search: ensuring existing tags are still selectable even when they have no results
  • Avoiding refocusing windows twice
  • KaTeX: requiring a stricter syntax
    • Wrap formulas in $$..$$ and $..$
    • There mustn't be spaces at the beginning and end of a formula
    • The ending $ character musn't be followed by a digit
  • AsciiMath: ensuring it doesn’t conflict with KaTeX
    • Wrap formulas in &&..&& and &..&
    • There mustn't be spaces at the beginning and end of a formula
    • The ending & character musn't be followed by a digit
  • Ensuring the columns are not themselves scrollable
  • Improved toggleable checkboxes implementation
  • Removed shortcut for Toggle Developer Tools
  • Updater: ensuring secondary notifications are shown only when manually checking for updates
  • Updater: ensuring the menu gets properly restored after checking
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@fabiospampinato fabiospampinato released this Jan 25, 2019 · 172 commits to master since this release

New Features
  • Added a cross-platform “About” window
  • Export: added support for HTML
  • Export: added support for Markdown
  • Export: added support for PDF
  • Added “Undo” and “Redo” to the menu
  • Added an Help -> View Changelog menu entry
  • Added a menu entry for opening the devtools
  • Added a “Float on top” menu entry
  • Added a “New from Template” menu entry
  • Added a shortcut for “Permanently Delete”
  • Added some delete-key based shortcuts for trashing/restoring/deleting a note
  • Added basic support for range selection when holding shift key
  • Added support for toggling checkboxes in preview mode
  • Added a Split-View mode
  • Added autosaving capabilities
  • Preserving metadata about creation and modification dates
  • Tutorial: improved KaTeX syntax examples
  • Opening the parent of the current data directory when changing it
  • Opening the current attachments directory when adding some new attachments
  • Checking if the chosen data directory is the current one
  • Improved support for selecting all text
  • Markdown: added support for relative file paths as urls
  • Editor: preserving/restoring cursors on blur/focus
  • Readme: updated screenshots
  • Added Trilium to the comparison table
  • Added Joplin to the comparison table
  • Icon: slightly larger
  • Improved startup time: lazy loading heavy modules
  • Improved startup time: showing the window with a skeleton UI much quicker
  • Improved startup time: rendering the skeleton quicker
  • Optimized Markdown rendering when no Markdown features are used
  • Optimized Markdown stripping when no Markdown features are used
  • Upgraded electron to v4
Bug Fixes
  • Avoiding copying the file to attach if it’s already an attachment
  • Linux: fixed icon generation
  • Much more resilient metadata sanitization and parsing
  • CodeMirror: avoiding restoring the cursors if the document height changed
  • Codemirror: properly focusing/resetting the editor
  • CodeMirror: resetting undo history when the note changes
  • Ensuring debugging tools are not used in production builds
  • Properly detecting “rename” events on Windows
  • Ensuring KaTeX doesn’t mess with generated paths
  • Markdown: properly encoding generated urls
  • Ensuring the currently active note remains active after editing its tags
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@fabiospampinato fabiospampinato released this Jan 3, 2019 · 272 commits to master since this release

New Features
  • Added support for .txt files
  • Added KaTeX support
  • Added support for Mermaid charts
  • Added support for double-click to collapse/expand tags
  • Search: searching notes contents (non fuzzly) too
  • Rendering normal tags as root tags if there are no notebooks and templates
  • Using the current query as the newly created note’s title if the query returned no matches
  • Improved perceived startup time
  • Automatically tag/favorite/trash a new note in order to keep it in the currently active section
  • Added some more shortcuts for navigating tags/notes
  • Search: Improved performance — searching for each word individually
  • Search: skipping filtering when simply reordering
  • Readme: added a link to the raw version of the tutorial notes
  • Readme: added TiddlyWiki to the comparison table
  • Readme: added Typora to the comparison table
  • Readme: added Google Keep to the comparison table
  • Readme: replaced ASCII table with a fancy table
  • Using more ergonomic shortcuts for toggling editing
Bug Fixes
  • Avoiding using a form for the search box
  • Search: ensuring the list gets refreshed when changing the sorting order
  • Improved support for titles containing non-English characters
  • Avoiding auto-hiding the menu bar, it caused too much confusion
  • Tag collapsing/expanding: ensuring notebooks and templates don’t get duplicated
  • Avoiding loading the tutorial notes if there’s already a notes directory in the data directory
  • Tags: always displaying the notes counter, even if 0
  • Improved support for CRLF
  • Ensuring the layout proportions are preserved when toggling Focus mode
  • Tag: improved current tag detection
  • Tags/Attachments popovers: ensuring they get refreshed when the note changes
  • Ensuring Svelto works on Windows
  • Ensuring there’s always a separator before the Notable -> Quit menu entry
  • Ensuring checkboxes are always displayed
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@fabiospampinato fabiospampinato released this Dec 26, 2018 · 322 commits to master since this release

  • Simplified import tag
  • Multi-Editor: improved confirmation messages for adding/removing tags
  • Tagbox: ensuring their never share the same name
  • Multi-Editor: ensuring tags are automatically added on blur
  • Multi-Editor: ensuring placeholders are completely visible
  • Note: avoiding replacing tags if they didn’t actually change
  • Improved performance when using optimistic rendering
  • Ensuring the active tag is updated when we refresh the tags
  • Readme: fixed download link
  • Tags Popover: ensuring the tagbox doesn’t mutate the note’s tags
  • Tags: more resilient sort logic
  • Note: avoiding replacing the note twice when saving if the title didn’t change
  • Tags: updating the tree instead of completely rebuilding it, O(n) -> O(1)
  • Ensuring the special “Tags” tag is collapsible too
  • Search: ensuring the optimized version is actually used
  • Note: avoiding auto-suspending commonly called safe methods
  • Skipping unnecessary updates on multiple note additions
  • Skipping unnecessary updates on multiple note deletions
  • Skipping unnecessary updates on multiple note updates
  • Multi-Editor: skipping some work when possible
  • Ensuring the Tags special tag is never deleted
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