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@fabiospampinato fabiospampinato released this Jan 21, 2020

  • Bundling OS-specific dependencies only when needed
    • This removes a file from Windows bundles that tripped Windows Defender into finding a false positive
  • Importing: ensuring arbitrarily large notes collections containing arbitrarily many files with the same name are still imported correctly, assuming the underlying importing library can parse the collection in the first place
Bug Fixes
  • Editor: disabled automatic clipboard copying when selecting in favor of being able to create multiple cursors while dragging with the middle click (Linux)
  • Ensuring both creation date and modification date are updated when duplicating a note
  • Ensuring paste actions when dragging with the middle click are only prevented inside the editor (Linux)
  • Fixed misalignment in loose task lists
  • Fixed some regexes that were wrongly expecting to match at least one character in certain places
  • Multi-cursors: using “Ctrl+MouseEvent” rather than “Alt+MouseEvent” as the latter switches the focus to the menu bar (Windows)
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@fabiospampinato fabiospampinato released this Jan 18, 2020

  • Cheatsheet: added a section about escaping
  • Cheatsheet: mentioning double- and triple-backticks inline code
  • Cheatsheet: mentioning emails wrapped in angle brackets
  • Cheatsheet: mentioning links with custom title attributes
  • Cheatsheet: opening <details> tags by default
  • Export: opening <details> elements by default when exporting to PDF
  • Export: using a slightly clearer folder export name
  • Improved default styling of <details> and <summary> elements
  • Importing from Evernote: preserving links to attachments, especially if they are web-clipped attachments
  • Importing from Evernote: preserving a link to the source of the web-clipped page
  • Importing from Boostnote: rewriting links to attachments
  • KaTeX: rendering “math” codeblock with it too
  • Menu: added “Alt+InitialCharacter” shortcuts for all main submenus
  • Light theme: improved active item contrast in the sidebar
  • Themes: updated scrollbar colors
Bug Fixes
  • About window: ensuring it is rendered without extra/missing spacing across platforms
  • Context menu: ensuring extra separators are removed correctly
  • Context menu: ensuring menu items for pinning/unpinning a note are provided
  • Editor: more reliably showing scrollbars if necessary
  • Ensuring “Tags” gets uncollapsed too if necessary
  • Ensuring a paste action is not triggered when dragging with the mouse’s middle button (Linux)
  • Ensuring all ICANN TLDs are supported when auto-linking urls
  • Ensuring all special-use ICANN TLDs are supported when auto-linking urls
  • Ensuring each separate window remembers its own data directory after being reloaded
  • Ensuring file watching is always performed efficiently, even in signed production builds (macOS)
  • Ensuring links with a custom title attribute are parsed correctly
  • Ensuring links with no protocol are handled conrrectly inside <img> and <source> elements
  • Ensuring no other modal window can be opened while asking to select a data directory
  • Ensuring relative paths that don’t start with a dot are resolved too
  • Ensuring the app is reset properly when the current data directory becomes unavailable
  • Ensuring the preview of the current note gets refreshed when necessary
  • Exporting: more reliable detection of useful CSS
  • Fixed a bug that could have prevented the UI from updating after a particular series of filesystem events
  • Fixed an issue that caused multiple identical actions to occur instead of one
  • Fixed an issue regarding resolving absolute UNC-style paths
  • Fixed misalignment when dealing with multi-line code blocks nested in lists
  • Importing: improved conversion of text-align-ed tags
  • Importing: improved reliability when importing notes with non-string titles
  • Importing: more reliably importing large collections of notes
  • Importing from Evernote: more reliably importing web-clipped attachments
  • Markdown: improved double-backticks inline code detection
  • More reliable “rename” filesystem event detection
  • More reliable “change” filesystem event detection where the file gets unlinked and recreated quickly
  • More reliable <markdown> tag parsing
  • Multi-cursors: using “Ctrl+MouseEvent” rather than “Alt+MouseEvent” as the latter conflicts with OS-level shortcuts (Linux)
  • PHP: optimized syntax highlighting for snippets, making the starting <?/<?php token optional
  • Syntax highlighting: fixed support for strikethrough text under the dark theme
  • Syntax highlighting: improved double-backticks inline code detection
  • Syntax highlighting: improved handling of code blocks nested in lists
  • Syntax highlighting: improved support for triple-backticks (or more) inline code
  • Updater: avoiding showing the same toast multiple times at once whenever possible
  • Updater: ensuring a fresh online status is retrieved before attempting to check for updates
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@fabiospampinato fabiospampinato released this Nov 28, 2019

  • Cheatsheet: mentioning urls and emails wrapped in angle brackets
  • Link sharing: asking for confirmation before generating the shareable link
  • Link sharing: added support for querying[ID] for immediately deleting a shared note
  • Editor: always showing the scrollbar, for consistency (Windows) (Linux)
  • Navigator: retrieving public IPv4 by querying rather than
  • Navigator: retrieving online status by querying rather than
  • Syntax highlighting: added support for links and emails wrapped in angle brackets
  • Zen mode: showing a draggable titlebar on hover (macOS)
  • Showing a toast when copying a code block to the clipboard
Bug Fixes
  • AsciiMath and KaTeX: improved expression detection when the expression starts with the < character
  • AsciiMath and KaTeX: ensuring the outputted HTML doesn’t get messed up by the Markdown compiler
  • KaTeX: improved multi-line block syntax highlighting
  • Editor: ensuring it receives the focus when creating or duplicating a note
  • Editor: improved state restoration logic
  • Export: ensuring base64-encoded font files are exported properly
  • Export: ensuring code blocks can wrap when exporting to PDF
  • Multi-editor: ensuring Shift-selecting works even when CtrlOrCmd is pressed
  • Multi-editor: ensuring the currently active note can be displayed as deselected
  • Tutorial: ensuring the online link works
  • Asking to select a data directory if the current one is unavailable
  • Improved support for HTML attributes that are wrapped in single quotes or unwrapped
  • Improved unfenced codeblocks detection
  • Showing an alert when switching to a data directory that doesn't contain any notes
  • Showing an error if the app can’t be moved into the /Applications folder (macOS)
  • Ensuring context menus account for the current zoom factor
  • Ensuring deeply nested mixed lists and tasks are properly aligned regardless of their order
  • Ensuring double quotes don’t get transformed to single quotes in code blocks
  • Ensuring filesystem events detected outside of the current data directory are ignored
  • Ensuring regexes that should only match horizontal whitespace characters don’t also match vertical ones
  • Ensuring relative paths are resolved relative to the actual file path of the current note
  • Ensuring that if the current data directory is removed or renamed the app detects it and reacts to it
  • Expading the necessary parent tags when selecting an hidden tag
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@fabiospampinato fabiospampinato released this Nov 11, 2019

  • Updated Electron to v7.1.1
  • Syntax highlighting: added many language aliases supported by GitHub
  • Syntax highlighting: improved JSON language support
Bug Fixes
  • More reliably detecting the front matter
  • Ensuring checkboxes ids are incremented properly
  • Ensuring heading ids are incremented properly
  • Ensuring heading ids are generated properly even when containing HTML elements
  • Ensuring Windows-style absolute paths and UNC paths are supported
  • Importing: more reliably importing .enex files
  • Importing: throwing an error for huge files (> 1GB)
    • If you're hitting this error just import your notes in smaller chunks
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@fabiospampinato fabiospampinato released this Nov 7, 2019

New Features
  • Upgraded Electron to v7
  • Added a button for generating a share link (Experimental)
    • Notes will be stored in the server only for 24h at maximum
    • Features that require JavaScript to work won't work and only embedded image attachments can be shared this way
  • Rewritten build toolchain
    • Mac: disabled pkg bundle
    • Mac: enabled notarization
    • Windows: disabled portable bundle
    • Windows: added support for 32-bit systems
    • Linux: enabled pacman bundle
  • Implemented some telemetry data
    • You can turn them off by setting "telemetry": false in ~/.notable.json
    • You can check what data is being transmitted via the "Network" section of the devtools
    • IP addresses are anonymized by default (the last portion of your IPv4 gets zeroed)
  • Non-overlay scrollbars are now themed
    • This improves the look of the dark theme under Windows significantly
  • Syntax highlighting: added support for ABAP, MIPS, pascaligo, Sophia ML and Twig
  • Mermaid: opening diagrams in the browser rather than in their own windows
  • Added an “Help -> Sponsor” menu item
  • Setted minimum allowed height to 250px
  • Setting minimum allowed width dynamically depending on the active view mode
  • Rewritten “Select Data Directory...” window as a modal window
  • Markdown: improved syntax highlighting for headers containing HTML entities
  • Setting dark appearance also when using dark themes
  • Updating window background color when changing themes
  • Updated dmg bundle's background image
  • Updated homepage url
  • Updated contact urls
  • Updated manual download URL
  • Updated some dependencies
  • Removed a few dependencies
  • Ensuring all dependencies are bundled via WebPack
    • The size of the shipped minified codebase (minus Electron) is now about 5.5MB
  • Lazy loading some rarely used dependencies
Bug Fixes
  • Syntax highlighting: ensuring “c++” is a supported language name
  • Ensuring single notes changes are detected properly
  • Fixed a race condition that could have lead to data loss when using third-party synchronization services
  • Fixed support for legacy CR line endings
  • More reliably retrieving and writing to unused paths
  • Retrying failed actions more reliably
  • Writing files atomically, ensuring files can’t get corruped while getting written to disk
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@fabiospampinato fabiospampinato released this Aug 21, 2019

  • Markdown: improved syntax highlighting for lists starting with multiple list markers
  • Improved HTML entities detection
  • Using a more precise timestamp in pasted image attachments
Bug Fixes
  • ASCIIMath: ensuring ampersands used inside KaTeX code aren’t considered as part of an ASCIIMath expression
  • Highlighter: ensuring it doesn’t break the “copy code to clipboard” feature
  • Editor: disabling default paste behavior more reliably
  • Ensuring only relative links to supported Markdown extensions will be recognized as links to notes
  • Retrieving “data-*” attributes more reliably, ensuring strings remain strings
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@fabiospampinato fabiospampinato released this Aug 12, 2019

Bug Fixes
  • Ensuring HTML and Enex files can be imported
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@fabiospampinato fabiospampinato released this Aug 9, 2019

New Features
  • Added support for adding image attachments via copy and paste
  • Added support for closing the window with CtrlOrCmd+Shift+W
  • Added a dialog asking for confirmation before closing a window
  • Added a shortcut for toggling pinning
  • Added support for writing subscripts
  • Added support for writing superscripts
  • Added support for writing footnotes
  • Added a menu entry for displaying a Markdown cheatsheet
  • Added a menu entry for displaying all the provided shortcuts
    • Showing OS-specific shortcuts
  • Added a menu entry for displaying all the provided emojis
  • Added support for a custom <markdown> HTML tag, everything written inside it will be rendered as Markdown
  • Added support for linking to other notes using the @note token without explicitly providing the file extension
  • Added .mkdn to the list of supported Markdown extensions
  • Added support for importing HTML notes
  • Added support for importing Boostnote notes
  • Editor: improved formatting detection
  • Changelog: opening it inside the app
  • Comparison table: updated some cells
  • Tutorial: linking to the online version relevant to the currently installed version
  • Updater: detecting offline status
  • Ensured syntax highlighting when previewing and editing is always exactly the same
  • Ensured all pngs are losslessly compressed
  • Improved supports for manually encoded urls
  • Improved detection of code blocks
  • Changed shortcut for reloading the app to F5
Bug Fixes
  • AsciiMath: ensured regular anchors are detected
  • AsciiMath: ensured autolinked anchors are detected
  • Editor: ensured pressing “esc” while having multiple cursors doesn’t close the editor
  • Export: ensured Monaco tokens styles are exported
  • Export: ensured mermaid diagrams are exported properly
  • KaTeX: ensured all borders/dividers/lines are clearly visible
  • Markdown: more reliable stripping
  • Preview: rendering tasks more reliably
  • Ensured links pointing to a local file are supported too
  • Improved detection of currently opened windows
Assets 18

@fabiospampinato fabiospampinato released this Jul 10, 2019

New Features
  • Added a shortcut for reloading the window
  • Improved CommonMark v0.29 compatibility
Bug Fixes
  • Metadata: fixed support for Windows-style line breaks
  • Tasks: ensuring the bullet point is not displayed
Assets 18