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@fabiospampinato fabiospampinato released this Mar 15, 2019 · 90 commits to master since this release

New Features
  • Switched to the AGPL license
  • Added a “Toggle Sidebar” menu entry
  • Added a Zen mode
  • Added a “Quick Open” panel
  • Added a button for copying codeblocks to the clipboard
  • Search: added a button for clearing the input
  • KaTeX: added support for mhchem
  • Replaced CodeMirror with Monaco
    • Added a shortcut for toggling the minimap
    • Check all the updated shortcuts here
  • Wiki-style links: always treat them as inline links
  • Syntax highlighting: improved support for some shell languages
  • Prompting the user before overwriting unsaved changes
  • Error boundary: creating a pre-filled bug report when reporting an error
  • Search: ensuring the notes list is navigable with arrow keys
  • Minor UI update — Major UI-related code refactoring
  • Export: ensuring all test notes are exported perfectly under all supported formats
  • Automatically selecting the title when editing empty notes
Bug Fixes
  • AsciiMath/KaTeX: ensuring the special characters can be escaped with a backslash
  • Ensuring 1-character KaTex and AsciiMath expressions are supported
  • Ensuring HTML entities don’t cause unnecessary AsciiMath renders
  • Ensuring the editor gets updated when the content changes
  • Updating the app menu when there are no windows open
  • Wiki-style links: more reliable extension detection
  • Filesystem watcher: more reliable
  • Editor: force focusing only on mount
  • Markdown: improved emoji detection
  • Attachments: ensuring some special system files are not considered
  • Ensuring the about window is not fullscreenable
  • Ensuring multiple attachments with the same name can be used
  • Ensuring the app quits properly under Windows/Linux when closing the window
  • Ensuring new notes aren’t created inside the trash
  • Ensuring tags (except for the default one) without notes are not selected
  • Markdown: ensuring links without a protocol are supported
  • Renaming + overwriting notes instead of deleting + creating notes
  • Writing/renaming notes less asynchronously
  • Waiting for any pending API or IO operations before closing the app
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