A node.js kernel for jupyter/ipython
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Jupyter NodeJS

This is a kernel for Jupyter

Get it while it's hot! or view the example notebook


  • IPython 3.x
  • node
  • ZeroMQ
  • pkg-config


git clone https://github.com/notablemind/jupyter-nodejs.git
cd jupyter-nodejs
mkdir -p ~/.ipython/kernels/nodejs/
npm install && node install.js
npm run build
npm run build-ext
jupyter console --kernel nodejs

And viola!


Also, in the iPython notebook:


Supported features:

  • tab-completion (both for variables and paths)
  • error reporting
  • magics! The available extensions can be configured via package/config.js


node install.js [install-dir] will install the kernel.json file that ipython looks for. The default is for linux machines, ~/.ipython/kernels/nodejs/. You will have to specify an install dir for Mac and Windows (see the docs for info about what that should be)

BabelJS Magic for es6+ goodness

%load_ext babel and then

class Awesome {
  constructor() {

Hovever: import ... syntax doesn't work because of live bindings foo, so just use require() normally and all will be well.

Clojurescript compilation via a himera server

%load_ext clojurescript http://himera-emh.herokuapp.com and then

(clojurey goodness)