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A decentralized, reddit-like link aggregator
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docker Change dev port to 3333 to match production, performance improvements… Jan 2, 2019
public Switch to IndexedDB for gun storage by default Nov 12, 2018
server More indexer fixes Mar 2, 2019
src and rutube expandos Mar 9, 2019
.babelrc Differential sorts for topic/domain listings Feb 11, 2019
.env Absorb notabug-peer and snew-classic-ui dependencies for now Oct 7, 2018
.gitignore 0.10.0 Signed listings Oct 2, 2018 0.3.0 Jun 14, 2018 Initial commit May 14, 2018 0.3.0 Jun 14, 2018
cluster.pm2.json Space indexing optimization, separate comments indexing oracle, tagge… Feb 18, 2019
server-config.json.example 0.10.0 Signed listings Oct 2, 2018
server.js Update notabug-peer, don't load babel unless rendering pages Jul 22, 2018

I think all censorship should be deplored. My position is that bits are not a bug.

— Aaron Swartz (1986 - 2013)

notabug is a p2p link aggregator app that is:

  • distributed: peers backup/serve content
  • anonymous: but don't trust it to be
  • immutable: edits are not supported
  • PoW-based: voting is slow/CPU heavy

BCH 1KtRnC9swwXbCTc8WFGBUT9pobYiizj1Ez
BTC 13XvsLbkaiUud82sh9gh86vJB3neZRD2CK
DCR DsYQVTvjyepvangZEy9CaJN16n1Zk97tejW
LTC LPvfg2marjf7H16iDoa4xj7tmt5sVqw4mZ
ETH 0x67857ED6e8834FE9f2ee8367DEc0AA0C7101B4Ab
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