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Getting Started

You can get started testing on Google Colab or your local machine, by viewing our many examples


TensorTrade requires Python >= 3.6 for all functionality to work as expected.

You can install the package from PyPi via pip or from the Github repo.

pip install tensortrade


pip install git+

Some functionality included in TensorTrade is optional. To install all optional dependencies, run the following command:

pip install tensortrade[tf,tensorforce,baselines,ccxt,fbm]


pip install git+[tf,tensorforce,baselines,ccxt,fbm]


To run the commands below ensure Docker is installed. Visit for more information

Run Jupyter Notebooks

To run a jupyter notebook execute the following

make run-notebook

which will generate a link of the form Paste this link into your browers and select the notebook you'd like to explore

Build Documentation

To build documentation execute the following

make run-docs

Run Test Suite

To run the test suite execute the following

make run-tests
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