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adding automated screen startup mini script

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1 parent c54e75d commit bea9b3452f9f5abea8193a41a9f544c5185ac932 @alex-softweb alex-softweb committed
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21 .screen/screemini
@@ -0,0 +1,21 @@
+source ~/.screenrc
+#rails server
+screen -t 'server'
+stuff 'rails server'
+stuff ^M
+# editors
+screen -t 'vi' vi
+screen -t 'vi' vi
+# bash
+# rails console
+screen -t 'console'
+eval meta colon "stuff 'number 9'" "stuff ^M"
+stuff 'rails console'
+stuff ^M
+eval meta select "stuff '0'" "stuff ^M"

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