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  • 1 to 4 players fast-paced arcade combat party game
  • Intuitive and expressive single-button controls: everyone can pick up a controller and play!
  • 20+ games in one (eventually! lots in development :D)
  • Solo, versus, co-op modes
  • Made with love, and Free and Open Source Software
  • Also free and open source itself :)

Follow the development

This game is being developed on Godot v3.4.0

Join our discord or follow us on Twitter (@notapixelstudio) or on Instagram

Join our Discord Server Follow us on Twitter Follow us Instagram

Download the game from, or help us shaping it by joining our Discord:

Resources used and acknowledgements

All the resources hereby cited are free and royalty-free. Made by the community or contributors.


All the code used in this project is opensource and under the MIT License so you can use any part of it on your games developped in GodotEngine (that is also under the MIT License).

Game Assets and Third party

All the game assets (art, audio, texture, .svg files) under the folder assets, if not explicitly stated otherwise are under CC BY NC SA, made by notapixelstudio, the community or contributors. Some of them are from third-party, credited below or explicitly stated under the respective folder.

(Since this game is in Development the following list might change often)