A simple WebMIDISynth test using a hardware input device
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Simple MIDI Synth Host 2

A very simple demonstration of how to include a Web MIDI Synth [1] in a Web application.
It can be tried out at http://james-ingram-act-two.de/open-source/SimpleMIDISynthHost2/host.html.

This demo uses a hardware input device supplied by the browser's implementation of the Web MIDI API

This and my WebMIDISynthHost projects are unofficial, but are aimed at furthering the discussion about software synths at Web MIDI API issue 124.

This demo uses a version of Chris Wilson's MIDI-synth from which I have removed the original GUI. Instead, I have provided it with an API that turns it into a Web MIDI Synth.
This is a non-standard MIDI Synth (it has non-standard controls), but MIDI can control anything so that is no problem.
Issues relating specifically to Chris' Synth should be raised at his repository.

The ResidentSf2Synth, included in the WebMIDISynthHost project, is a standard MIDI Synth, and is included in a separate simple demo project here.

November 2015, James Ingram

[1] A "Web MIDI Synth" is a software synth that uses the Web Audio API to implement the Output Device interface defined in the Web MIDI API. Web MIDI Synths can be used online independently of browser implementations of the Web MIDI API. Standard Web MIDI Synths can be used interchangeably with the hardware synths supplied by browser implementations of the Web MIDI API.