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Notbinary are a fast growing technology consultancy focusing on lean software, data engineering and automation.

Our pragmatic but principled approach was forged at the front-line of Government digital transformation over the last decade and now we are helping clients in multiple industries.

We help organisations think big, start small and scale fast.

Principal Engineer

  • Hands-on engineering leadership
  • Expertise and interest in more than one programming language (e.g. Java, .Net, Python, Ruby/Rails)
  • Experience as an architect or leading and inspiring software development teams
  • Good understanding of building and working with legacy and ‘brownfield’ systems
  • Good understanding of cloud infrastructure toolset (AWS/ GCP/Azure etc)
  • Understanding of agile working rather than specific Agile™ frameworks
  • Understanding of the theory and application of Continuous Integration/Delivery
  • Passion for software craft
  • Experience working across different organisations, ranging in size, from start-ups to big bureaucracies
  • Good communication skills - able to articulate technical information to different backgrounds
  • Experience working with senior IT groups in an advisory role
  • Experience working with CTO/CIO/CDO to create technical strategies

There's no typical day for our Principal Engineers. Here’s what you might find yourself doing:

  • Developing modern architectural approaches for technology transformation initiatives - often dealing with legacy software and approaches
  • You might spend a few weeks with a client reviewing their technology and identifying opportunities to introduce modern engineering approaches.
  • On other projects, you might be acting as the architect, overseeing the design of technical solutions, or overseeing a program to build a new product.
  • It could be much more about getting stuck into a delivery project where you're happy coding and helping the team to deliver the solution.
  • Often you will be assisting in hiring a permanent engineering team and helping identify a long term technology leader/
  • Whatever your role, your team(s) always look to draw on your experience and technical expertise.
  • Work with our Growth Partner to help with proposals and pitching - influencing the work we bid for and helping the company succeed.
  • You will take on an evangelism role for the company and our approach to engineering - promoting your ideas and building your network via whichever channels suit you best (blogging, hackdays, talks, open source contributions) . This isn’t a side hustle - we see it is a core part of the role and will support with time and resources appropriately.

This is important —>

Travel is required. Projects are usually at client offices, so our staff need to be flexible and up for extensive travel. Most of our people travel every week and travel home for weekends. We do our best to take people’s personal situations into account, but we know it’s not for everyone.

We describe our work pattern as the ‘3-4-5 rule’ -->

  • 3 nights in an hotel
  • 4 days in a client office
  • 5 days billed

We follow this pattern as much as possible so our staff can maintain a sensible work-life balance. However, the needs of our clients take priority so make sure you're comfortable with this before applying.


£80,000 - £100,000pa + benefits


Email with a CV (or a link to LinkedIn if you prefer) and a few words about what appeals to you about this role. We'll take it from there.

closing date: midnight 18/04/2019 (basically the idea is we'll have this as an ongoing recruitment but two weeks open - then a month to sift, interview and decide. Then if needed we'll reopen and follow the same cadence.

Hiring process

Interviews will consist of an initial conversation with one of the Partners to get an idea of your working history and approach. If successful then there will be a more technical interview with the lead specialist. We don’t do riddles or whiteboards - we ask straight questions and are looking for evidence of potential as much as experience. Interviews can be in person or via the video chat client of your preference - candidates choice.

Assuming it all goes well we will make an offer. We will also arrange an opportunity to meet other members of the team ahead of your start date. We’ll cover any expenses and give you a couple of extra days leave if you take us up on the offer.

Who will enjoy working at Notbinary?

Of course we are looking for great people with talent and experience. Who isn’t..

What sets our teams apart is their mind-set; a set of behaviours that we cherish.

Learn it alls not know it alls

Our people love to learn. We want our people to share their knowledge and ideas, and that requires an open environment where people are safe to test out thoughts and ideas and even turn them into new products and services. Despite the level of expertise we may have in our field we should always have the humility to learn from others’ experience and perspectives – being an SME we can’t always act on them but we will always listen.

In fact, many of our clients tell us that it is our appetite for continuous learning that is so infectious and something they wish they could replicate in their own teams. If increasing your knowledge in an open, receptive environment is what drives you then we want to hear from you.

Mission focused

We have four very clear purposes.

  1. We want to make sure our clients survive and thrive in the digital economy.

  2. We want our people to enjoy their work.

  3. We want to create interesting high value jobs and careers for people.

  4. ..and of course we want to be commercially successful.

If one or more of these resonates with you then we want to hear from you.

Stubborn on vision, flexible on detail

OK so we copied this from Amazon. We know where we are going and we know how to be successful. But the detail of the journey? Well we learn more about that every day and it definitely doesn’t happen in a straight line. To use Jason Fried’s expression, our people are “managers of one”. They are entrepreneurial and resilient with a limited need for structure, direction and micro management. But it’s not a great place for people who need every i dotted and every t crossed before pushing themselves out of their comfort zone. If this is the type of environment you want to work in then send us your CV.

Goal focused

Our people want to make an impact. It’s important to them that their work moves the needle. It’s not that processes, documentation or governance aren’t important to us, they are. But they can never become the thing. The thing has to be the goals we are trying to achieve for our clients, their customers and their shareholders. We don’t do shirking, politics or buck passing. You’ll enjoy it here if you are action oriented.

Ways of working

Notbinary are not based in an office; our staff are primarily based on site with clients or work from home but we do have hubs based in Cardiff and London where you can work alongside colleagues when the opportunity arises.

We embrace a ‘small teams, loosely joined’ philosophy - teams on client sites develop their own culture and approaches.

Notbinary pays for the equipment you need, including your work laptop, desk rental in a co-working office or anything else that’s essential to getting stuff done.

The team meets up in person every two months - a chance to share plans, scheme new ideas and catch up with colleagues.

Code of conduct

All Notbinary staff (including contractors and freelancers) agree to accept our ‘Code of Conduct’. This sets out unacceptable behaviours and the process to flag anything that strays from those principles. It is an evolving document and we welcome comment from team members on how we can improve it and our approach to creating a welcoming, diverse culture.

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