python and R scripts that look a the revision history stats for a wikipedia category
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all code in this folder is CC-BY Max Klein

==To run this script you'll need==
*python 2.7 and pywikipediabot.
*R (I'm using 2.14)
*the class so you don't write the category you get to wikipedia accdientally

==Possible bug in pywikipediabot==
If things dont work, change the line in pywikipediabot in from:

            if 'query-continue' in result and getAll:
                params['rvstartid'] = result['query-continue']['revisions']['rvstartid']


            if 'query-continue' in result and getAll:
                params['rvstartid'] = result['query-continue']['revisions']['rvcontinue']

*Create a shell script that runs this two scripts in succession.
*Increase the temporal resolution from the month level.