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Next Online Technology

Welcome to Next Online Technology! As the name suggests, we specialize in new techologies for the Web (and the Internet generally) that we think will be the next evolution of a product category. Our work falls loosely into one of three areas:

  1. "start up the startup" - We work with founders to develop proof-of-concept implementations. The goal is to get it done quickly to demonstrate that it's a good idea, or to fail fast.
  2. "open up captive non-core software" - When consulting, we often create novel solutions to common coding problems. When the solution is not core to the client's mission, it's in everybody's interest to open the software. The client benefits: they are no longer paying for development, they benefit from community improvements, and they pay-it-forward to the open source community.
  3. "incubate startup ideas" - Lots of ideas, so little time. We explore our own ideas under the umbrella of, to determine if any merits a bigger commitment as a new startup.

You won't see any projects here because they are either owned by the founders or published in personal accounts.

Here are some of the ideas we are incubating:

  • Thing Control - Automatically design, manufacture, and assemble PCBs, reducing cost of high mix prototyping by three orders of magnitude
  • Regaragitate - A streamlined way to list your extra items for sale, for free, or for the bin.
  • - The perfect gift for dog lovers who have everything
  • rtSQL - Real-time notifications (similar to Firebase real-time database) from MySQL to React

Contact Us

We are located primarily in Silicon Valley

Tim Kay, CEO


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