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@exoboosters exoboosters released this Nov 27, 2019

This release fixes the upcoming Rewards reduction at block 1,051,200. All nodes (exchanges/pools) will migrate to v1.0.0.1. Older nodes and wallets will not be able to connect after block 1,051,200. This is a mandatory update.

Upgrade instructions

  • Take a backup of the wallet.dat file from either %APPDATA%/Notecoin (Windows) or ~\.notecoin\wallets\ directory.
  • Replace the executables with the new version from this release.
  • Execute as usual
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@exoboosters exoboosters released this Aug 30, 2019 · 4 commits to master since this release

Thanks for your patience and feedback with the Beta version. This is the base version 1 which will be the foundation for subsequent releases.

List of Changes

  • QR Code under Receive is now readable by Mobile wallets
  • Updated all icons
  • Changed the font

Release Details

  • All files are suffixed by the compatible OS version
  • The Mac dmg works only on MacOS 10.14 or greater (older versions are to be compiled)

Upgrade Instructions
Win Take a backup of wallet.dat (usually in %APPDATA% under notecoin folder). Replace the notebc-qt-win32.exe/notebc-qt-win64.exe with this version. Double-click & enjoy
Linux Take a backup of wallet.dat (usually in ~/.notecoin folder). Replace the notebc-qt file with notebc-qt-linux64. (You may have to issue chmod +x notebc-qt-linux before you can execute it from the command line)

@go140point6 for the PI build

For support, please contact us on Twitter (@BlockchainNote/@exobyte_tech) or on Discord

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Apr 20, 2019


Update nodes_main.txt
Apr 17, 2019


Updated seed params, fixed depends
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