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Rewrite DynamoDB cli-input-json with Dhall

This repository contains code used for blogpost (Replace JSON with Dhall: DynamoDB case study)[]


  • json/table.json - contains original JSON file
  • dhall - rewrite in Dhall; described in details in the blogpost
  • dhall-rich-schema - contains a prototype of solution #3 mentioned in paragraph Possible solutions of the blogpost

How to run code in dhall directory

First you need to install dhall-to-json according to instructions.


dhall-to-json --explain --pretty <<< './dhall/migration.dhall : ./dhall/generic/schema.dhall'


There are 2 bash scripts for testing whether Dhall equivalents correspond excactly to original JSON:

  • - verifies output JSON of code from dhall directory is as expected
  • - verifies output JSON of code from dhall-rich-schema directory is as expected
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