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The lyp package index

lyp - The Lilypond Swiss Army Knife

lyp is an open-source tool that takes the pain out of working with Lilypond.

Use packages: Install packages to enhance your Lilypond files with additional functionality. Add specialized tweaks or even change the music font.

No hassle Lilypond installation: with lyp you can install Lilypond with a single easy command, no need to click links, or unzip and copy files around.

Even more tools for power users: watch and automatically recompile changed source files, flatten include files, and automatically install package dependencies or any required version of Lilypond.



Lyp is written in Ruby, and its code is available on github. To hack on it, simply clone the repository. To run the specs:

$ cd lyp
$ bundle install # needs to be run only once
$ rspec

Please feel free to submit issues and pull requests.