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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<Native-Langue name="Gaeilge" filename="irish.xml" version="7.8.7">
<!-- Main Menu Entries -->
<Item menuId="file" name="&amp;Comhad"/>
<Item menuId="edit" name="&amp;Eagar"/>
<Item menuId="search" name="&amp;Cuardaigh"/>
<Item menuId="view" name="&amp;Amharc"/>
<Item menuId="encoding" name="Io&amp;nchodú"/>
<Item menuId="language" name="&amp;Teanga"/>
<Item menuId="settings" name="So&amp;cruithe"/>
<Item menuId="tools" name="Uir&amp;lisí"/>
<Item menuId="macro" name="&amp;Macra"/>
<Item menuId="run" name="&amp;Rith"/>
<Item menuId="Plugins" name="&amp;Breiseáin"/>
<Item menuId="Window" name="&amp;Fuinneog"/>
<!-- Sub Menu Entries -->
<Item subMenuId="file-openFolder" name="Oscail an fillteán ina bhfuil"/>
<Item subMenuId="file-closeMore" name="Dún tuilleadh"/>
<Item subMenuId="file-recentFiles" name="&amp;Comhaid le déanaí"/>
<Item subMenuId="edit-copyToClipboard" name="Cóipeáil chuig an ngearrthaisce"/>
<Item subMenuId="edit-indent" name="Indent"/>
<Item subMenuId="edit-convertCaseTo" name="Tiontaigh an cás go"/>
<Item subMenuId="edit-lineOperations" name="Oibríochtaí líne"/>
<Item subMenuId="edit-comment" name="Déan/ bain trácht"/>
<Item subMenuId="edit-autoCompletion" name="Críochnú uathoibríoch"/>
<Item subMenuId="edit-eolConversion" name="EOL Conversion"/>
<Item subMenuId="edit-blankOperations" name="Oibríochtaí bána"/>
<Item subMenuId="edit-pasteSpecial" name="Sainghreamú"/>
<Item subMenuId="edit-onSelection" name="Ar an rogha"/>
<Item subMenuId="search-markAll" name="Mark All"/>
<Item subMenuId="search-unmarkAll" name="Unmark All"/>
<Item subMenuId="search-jumpUp" name="Léim suas"/>
<Item subMenuId="search-jumpDown" name="Léim síos"/>
<Item subMenuId="search-bookmark" name="Bookmark"/>
<Item subMenuId="view-currentFileIn" name="Breathnaigh ar an gcomhad reatha i"/>
<Item subMenuId="view-showSymbol" name="Taispeáin comhartha"/>
<Item subMenuId="view-zoom" name="Gluais"/>
<Item subMenuId="view-moveCloneDocument" name="Bog/Clónaigh an cháipéis reatha"/>
<Item subMenuId="view-tab" name="Cluaisín"/>
<Item subMenuId="view-collapseLevel" name="Collapse Level"/>
<Item subMenuId="view-uncollapseLevel" name="Uncollapse Level"/>
<Item subMenuId="view-project" name="Tionscadal"/>
<Item subMenuId="encoding-characterSets" name="Character Set"/>
<Item subMenuId="encoding-arabic" name="Arabic"/>
<Item subMenuId="encoding-baltic" name="Baltic"/>
<Item subMenuId="encoding-celtic" name="Ceilteach"/>
<Item subMenuId="encoding-cyrillic" name="Cyrillic"/>
<Item subMenuId="encoding-centralEuropean" name="Lár na hEorpa"/>
<Item subMenuId="encoding-chinese" name="Chinese"/>
<Item subMenuId="encoding-easternEuropean" name="Oirthear na hEorpa"/>
<Item subMenuId="encoding-greek" name="Gréigis"/>
<Item subMenuId="encoding-hebrew" name="Eabhrais"/>
<Item subMenuId="encoding-japanese" name="Seapáinis"/>
<Item subMenuId="encoding-korean" name="Coiréis"/>
<Item subMenuId="encoding-northEuropean" name="Tuaisceart na hEorpa"/>
<Item subMenuId="encoding-thai" name="Thai"/>
<Item subMenuId="encoding-turkish" name="Tuircis"/>
<Item subMenuId="encoding-westernEuropean" name="Iarthar na hEorpa"/>
<Item subMenuId="encoding-vietnamese" name="Vietnamese"/>
<Item subMenuId="language-userDefinedLanguage" name="User Defined Language"/>
<Item subMenuId="settings-import" name="Import"/>
<Item subMenuId="tools-md5" name="MD5"/>
<Item subMenuId="tools-sha256" name="SHA-256"/>
<!-- all menu item -->
<Item id="41001" name="&amp;Nua"/>
<Item id="41002" name="&amp;Oscail"/>
<Item id="41019" name="Taiscéalaí"/>
<Item id="41020" name="cmd"/>
<Item id="41003" name="&amp;Dún"/>
<Item id="41004" name="Dú&amp;n uile"/>
<Item id="41005" name="Dún UILE ACH AMHÁIN an cháipéis reatha"/>
<Item id="41009" name="Dún GACH CEANN ar chlé"/>
<Item id="41018" name="Dún GACH CEANN ar dheis"/>
<Item id="41024" name="Dún GACH CEANN gan athrú"/>
<Item id="41006" name="&amp;Taisc"/>
<Item id="41007" name="Tai&amp;sc uile"/>
<Item id="41008" name="Taisc &amp;mar..."/>
<Item id="41010" name="Clóbhuail..."/>
<Item id="1001" name="Clóbhuail anois"/>
<Item id="41011" name="S&amp;coir"/>
<Item id="41012" name="Load Session..."/>
<Item id="41013" name="Save Session..."/>
<Item id="41014" name="Re&amp;load from Disk"/>
<Item id="41015" name="Taisc cóip mar..."/>
<Item id="41016" name="Move to Recycle Bin"/>
<Item id="41017" name="Athainmnigh..."/>
<Item id="41021" name="Restore Recent Closed File"/>
<Item id="41022" name="Oscail Folder as Workspace..."/>
<Item id="41023" name="Oscail in Default Viewer"/>
<Item id="42001" name="Gea&amp;rr"/>
<Item id="42002" name="&amp;Cóípeáil"/>
<Item id="42003" name="&amp;Cealaigh"/>
<Item id="42004" name="&amp;Athdhéan e"/>
<Item id="42005" name="&amp;Greamaigh"/>
<Item id="42006" name="&amp;Scrios"/>
<Item id="42007" name="Roghnaigh u&amp;ile"/>
<Item id="42020" name="Begin/End Select"/>
<Item id="42008" name="Increase Line Indent"/>
<Item id="42009" name="Decrease Line Indent"/>
<Item id="42010" name="Duplicate Current Line"/>
<Item id="42077" name="Bain Consecutive Duplicate Lines"/>
<Item id="42012" name="Split Lines"/>
<Item id="42013" name="Join Lines"/>
<Item id="42014" name="Bog suas Current Line"/>
<Item id="42015" name="Bog síos Current Line"/>
<Item id="42059" name="Sort Lines Lexicographically Ascending"/>
<Item id="42060" name="Sort Lines Lexicographically Descending"/>
<Item id="42061" name="Sort Lines As Integers Ascending"/>
<Item id="42062" name="Sort Lines As Integers Descending"/>
<Item id="42063" name="Sort Lines As Decimals (Comma) Ascending"/>
<Item id="42064" name="Sort Lines As Decimals (Comma) Descending"/>
<Item id="42065" name="Sort Lines As Decimals (Dot) Ascending"/>
<Item id="42066" name="Sort Lines As Decimals (Dot) Descending"/>
<Item id="42078" name="Sort Lines Randomly"/>
<Item id="42016" name="&amp;UPPERCASE"/>
<Item id="42017" name="&amp;lowercase"/>
<Item id="42067" name="&amp;Proper Case"/>
<Item id="42068" name="Proper Case (blend)"/>
<Item id="42069" name="&amp;Sentence case"/>
<Item id="42070" name="Sentence case (blend)"/>
<Item id="42071" name="&amp;iNVERT cASE"/>
<Item id="42072" name="&amp;ranDOm CasE"/>
<Item id="42073" name="Oscail comhad"/>
<Item id="42074" name="Oscail Containing Folder in Explorer"/>
<Item id="42075" name="Cuardaigh ar an Idirlíon"/>
<Item id="42076" name="Athraigh an t-inneall cuardaigh..."/>
<Item id="42018" name="Tosaigh ag taifead&amp;adh"/>
<Item id="42019" name="S&amp;tad den taifeadadh"/>
<Item id="42021" name="&amp;Athsheinm"/>
<Item id="42022" name="Toggle Single Line Comment"/>
<Item id="42023" name="Block Comment"/>
<Item id="42047" name="Block Uncomment"/>
<Item id="42024" name="Trim Trailing Space"/>
<Item id="42042" name="Trim Leading Space"/>
<Item id="42043" name="Trim Leading and Trailing Space"/>
<Item id="42044" name="EOL to Space"/>
<Item id="42045" name="Bain Unnecessary Blank and EOL"/>
<Item id="42046" name="TAB to Space"/>
<Item id="42054" name="Space to TAB (All)"/>
<Item id="42053" name="Space to TAB (Leading)"/>
<Item id="42038" name="Greamaigh HTML Content"/>
<Item id="42039" name="Greamaigh RTF Content"/>
<Item id="42048" name="Copy Binary Content"/>
<Item id="42049" name="Cut Binary Content"/>
<Item id="42050" name="Greamaigh Binary Content"/>
<Item id="42037" name="Column Mode..."/>
<Item id="42034" name="Column Editor..."/>
<Item id="42051" name="Character Panel"/>
<Item id="42052" name="Clipboard History"/>
<Item id="42025" name="&amp;Save Currently Recorded Macro..."/>
<Item id="42026" name="Text Direction RTL"/>
<Item id="42027" name="Text Direction LTR"/>
<Item id="42028" name="Socraigh mar inléite amháin"/>
<Item id="42029" name="Current File Path chuig an ngearrthaisce"/>
<Item id="42030" name="Current Filename chuig an ngearrthaisce"/>
<Item id="42031" name="Current Dir. Path chuig an ngearrthaisce"/>
<Item id="42032" name="&amp;Rith a Macro Multiple Times..."/>
<Item id="42033" name="Glan Read-Only Flag"/>
<Item id="42035" name="Single Line Comment"/>
<Item id="42036" name="Single Line Uncomment"/>
<Item id="42055" name="Bain línte folmha"/>
<Item id="42056" name="Bain Empty Lines (Containing Blank characters)"/>
<Item id="42057" name="Insert Blank Line Above Current"/>
<Item id="42058" name="Insert Blank Line Below Current"/>
<Item id="43001" name="&amp;Aimsigh..."/>
<Item id="43002" name="Aimsigh &amp;ar aghaidh"/>
<Item id="43003" name="&amp;Ionadaigh..."/>
<Item id="43004" name="&amp;Téigh chuig..."/>
<Item id="43005" name="Toggle Bookmark"/>
<Item id="43006" name="Next Bookmark"/>
<Item id="43007" name="Previous Bookmark"/>
<Item id="43008" name="Glan All Bookmarks"/>
<Item id="43018" name="Cut Bookmarked Lines"/>
<Item id="43019" name="Cóipeáil Bookmarked Lines"/>
<Item id="43020" name="Greamaigh to (Replace) Bookmarked Lines"/>
<Item id="43021" name="Bain Bookmarked Lines"/>
<Item id="43051" name="Bain Unmarked Lines"/>
<Item id="43050" name="Inverse Bookmark"/>
<Item id="43052" name="Aimsigh carachtair i raon.."/>
<Item id="43053" name="Select All Between Matching Braces"/>
<Item id="43009" name="Go to Matching Brace"/>
<Item id="43010" name="Find &amp;Previous"/>
<Item id="43011" name="&amp;Incremental Search"/>
<Item id="43013" name="Aimsigh sna comhaid"/>
<Item id="43014" name="Find (Volatile) Next"/>
<Item id="43015" name="Find (Volatile) Previous"/>
<Item id="43022" name="Using 1st Style"/>
<Item id="43023" name="Glan 1st Style"/>
<Item id="43024" name="Using 2nd Style"/>
<Item id="43025" name="Glan 2nd Style"/>
<Item id="43026" name="Using 3rd Style"/>
<Item id="43027" name="Glan 3rd Style"/>
<Item id="43028" name="Using 4th Style"/>
<Item id="43029" name="Glan 4th Style"/>
<Item id="43030" name="Using 5th Style"/>
<Item id="43031" name="Glan 5th Style"/>
<Item id="43032" name="Glan All Styles"/>
<Item id="43033" name="1st style"/>
<Item id="43034" name="2nd style"/>
<Item id="43035" name="3rd style"/>
<Item id="43036" name="4th style"/>
<Item id="43037" name="5th style"/>
<Item id="43038" name="Find style"/>
<Item id="43039" name="1st style"/>
<Item id="43040" name="2nd style"/>
<Item id="43041" name="3rd style"/>
<Item id="43042" name="4th style"/>
<Item id="43043" name="5th style"/>
<Item id="43044" name="Find style"/>
<Item id="43045" name="Search Results Window"/>
<Item id="43046" name="Next Search Result"/>
<Item id="43047" name="Previous Search Result"/>
<Item id="43048" name="Select and Find Next"/>
<Item id="43049" name="Select and Find Previous"/>
<Item id="43054" name="Mar&amp;k..."/>
<Item id="44009" name="Post-It"/>
<Item id="44010" name="Fill uile"/>
<Item id="44019" name="Taispeáin gach carachtar"/>
<Item id="44020" name="Show Indent Guide"/>
<Item id="44022" name="Word wrap"/>
<Item id="44023" name="Zoom &amp;In (Ctrl+Mouse Wheel Up)"/>
<Item id="44024" name="Zoom &amp;Out (Ctrl+Mouse Wheel Down)"/>
<Item id="44025" name="Show White Space and TAB"/>
<Item id="44026" name="Show End of Line"/>
<Item id="44029" name="Unfold All"/>
<Item id="44030" name="Collapse Current Level"/>
<Item id="44031" name="Uncollapse Current Level"/>
<Item id="44049" name="Achoimre..."/>
<Item id="44080" name="Document Map"/>
<Item id="44084" name="Function List"/>
<Item id="44085" name="Folder as Workspace"/>
<Item id="44086" name="1st Tab"/>
<Item id="44087" name="2nd Tab"/>
<Item id="44088" name="3rd Tab"/>
<Item id="44089" name="4th Tab"/>
<Item id="44090" name="5th Tab"/>
<Item id="44091" name="6th Tab"/>
<Item id="44092" name="7th Tab"/>
<Item id="44093" name="8th Tab"/>
<Item id="44094" name="9th Tab"/>
<Item id="44095" name="An cluaisín ar aghaidh"/>
<Item id="44096" name="An cluaisín roimhe"/>
<Item id="44097" name="Monitoring (tail -f)"/>
<Item id="44098" name="Move Tab Forward"/>
<Item id="44099" name="Move Tab Backward"/>
<Item id="44032" name="Toggle Full Screen Mode"/>
<Item id="44033" name="Restore Default Zoom"/>
<Item id="44034" name="Always on Top"/>
<Item id="44035" name="Synchronise Vertical Scrolling"/>
<Item id="44036" name="Synchronise Horizontal Scrolling"/>
<Item id="44041" name="Show Wrap Symbol"/>
<Item id="44072" name="Focus on Another View"/>
<Item id="44081" name="Project Panel 1"/>
<Item id="44082" name="Project Panel 2"/>
<Item id="44083" name="Project Panel 3"/>
<Item id="45001" name="Windows (CR LF)"/>
<Item id="45002" name="Unix (LF)"/>
<Item id="45003" name="Macintosh (CR)"/>
<Item id="45004" name="ANSI"/>
<Item id="45005" name="UTF-8-BOM"/>
<Item id="45006" name="UCS-2 BE BOM"/>
<Item id="45007" name="UCS-2 LE BOM"/>
<Item id="45008" name="UTF-8"/>
<Item id="45009" name="Tiontaigh go ANSI"/>
<Item id="45010" name="Tiontaigh go UTF-8"/>
<Item id="45011" name="Tiontaigh go UTF-8-BOM"/>
<Item id="45012" name="Tiontaigh go UCS-2 BE BOM"/>
<Item id="45013" name="Tiontaigh go UCS-2 LE BOM"/>
<Item id="45060" name="Big5 (Traditional)"/>
<Item id="45061" name="GB2312 (Simplithe)"/>
<Item id="45054" name="OEM 861: Íoslainnis"/>
<Item id="45057" name="OEM 865: Nordic"/>
<Item id="45053" name="OEM 860: Portaingéilis"/>
<Item id="45056" name="OEM 863: Fraincis"/>
<Item id="10001" name="Bog chuig amharc eile"/>
<Item id="10002" name="Clone to Other View"/>
<Item id="10003" name="Move to New Instance"/>
<Item id="10004" name="Oscail in New Instance"/>
<Item id="46001" name="Style Configurator..."/>
<Item id="46250" name="Define your language..."/>
<Item id="46300" name="Oscail User Defined Language folder..."/>
<Item id="46180" name="User-Defined"/>
<Item id="47000" name="Maidir le Notepad++"/>
<Item id="47010" name="Command Line Arguments..."/>
<Item id="47001" name="Baile Notepad++"/>
<Item id="47002" name="Notepad++ Project Page"/>
<Item id="47003" name="Online Documentation"/>
<Item id="47004" name="Notepad++ Community (Forum)"/>
<Item id="47012" name="Debug Info..."/>
<Item id="47005" name="Get More Plugins"/>
<Item id="47006" name="Nuashonraigh Notepad++"/>
<Item id="47009" name="Set Updater Proxy..."/>
<Item id="48005" name="Import plugin(s)..."/>
<Item id="48006" name="Import style theme(s)..."/>
<Item id="48018" name="Edit Popup ContextMenu"/>
<Item id="48009" name="Shortcut Mapper..."/>
<Item id="48011" name="Sainroghanna..."/>
<Item id="48014" name="Oscail Plugins Folder..."/>
<Item id="48015" name="Plugins Admin..."/>
<Item id="48501" name="Cruthaigh..."/>
<Item id="48502" name="Cruathaigh ó chomhaid..."/>
<Item id="48503" name="Generate from selection into clipboard"/>
<Item id="48504" name="Cruthaigh..."/>
<Item id="48505" name="Generate from files..."/>
<Item id="48506" name="Generate from selection into clipboard"/>
<Item id="49000" name="&amp;Rith..."/>
<Item id="50000" name="Function Completion"/>
<Item id="50001" name="Críochnú focail"/>
<Item id="50002" name="Function Parameters Hint"/>
<Item id="50003" name="Switch to previous document"/>
<Item id="50004" name="Switch to next document"/>
<Item id="50005" name="Toggle macro record"/>
<Item id="50006" name="Path Completion"/>
<Item id="44042" name="Folaigh na línte"/>
<Item id="42040" name="Oscail gach comhad le déanaí"/>
<Item id="42041" name="Empty Recent Files List"/>
<Item id="48016" name="Modify Shortcut/Delete Macro..."/>
<Item id="48017" name="Modify Shortcut/Delete Command..."/>
<Item CMID="0" name="Dún"/>
<Item CMID="1" name="Dún uile ACH AMHÁIN an ceann seo"/>
<Item CMID="2" name="Taisc"/>
<Item CMID="3" name="Taisc mar..."/>
<Item CMID="4" name="Clóbhuail"/>
<Item CMID="5" name="Bog chuig amharc eile"/>
<Item CMID="6" name="Clone to Other View"/>
<Item CMID="7" name="Full File Path chuig an ngearrthaisce"/>
<Item CMID="8" name="Filename chuig an ngearrthaisce"/>
<Item CMID="9" name="Current Dir. Path chuig an ngearrthaisce"/>
<Item CMID="10" name="Athainmnigh"/>
<Item CMID="11" name="Move to Recycle Bin"/>
<Item CMID="12" name="Inléite-Amháin"/>
<Item CMID="13" name="Glan Read-Only Flag"/>
<Item CMID="14" name="Move to New Instance"/>
<Item CMID="15" name="Oscail in New Instance"/>
<Item CMID="16" name="Athluchtaigh é"/>
<Item CMID="17" name="Dún GACH CEANN ar chlé"/>
<Item CMID="18" name="Dún GACH CEANN ar dheis"/>
<Item CMID="19" name="Oscail Containing Folder in Explorer"/>
<Item CMID="20" name="Oscail Containing Folder in cmd"/>
<Item CMID="21" name="Oscail san amharcóir réamhshocraithe"/>
<Item CMID="22" name="Dún GACH CEANN gan athrú"/>
<Find title="" titleFind="Find" titleReplace="Replace" titleFindInFiles="Find in Files" titleMark="Mark">
<Item id="1" name="Aimsigh ar aghaidh"/>
<Item id="1722" name="Siar"/>
<Item id="2" name="Dún"/>
<Item id="1620" name="&amp;Céard ba cheart a aimsiú :"/>
<Item id="1603" name="Match &amp;whole word only"/>
<Item id="1604" name="Match &amp;case"/>
<Item id="1605" name="Re&amp;gular expression"/>
<Item id="1606" name="Wra&amp;p around"/>
<Item id="1614" name="Coun&amp;t"/>
<Item id="1615" name="Mark All"/>
<Item id="1616" name="Book&amp;mark line"/>
<Item id="1618" name="Purge for each search"/>
<Item id="1611" name="Ionad&amp;aigh le :"/>
<Item id="1608" name="&amp;Ionadaigh"/>
<Item id="1609" name="Iondaigh &amp;uile"/>
<Item id="1687" name="On losing focus"/>
<Item id="1688" name="I gcónaí"/>
<Item id="1632" name="Sa ro&amp;gha"/>
<Item id="1633" name="Glan all marks"/>
<Item id="1635" name="Replace All in All &amp;Opened Documents"/>
<Item id="1636" name="Find All in All &amp;Opened Documents"/>
<Item id="1654" name="Scagair&amp;í :"/>
<Item id="1655" name="Comhad&amp;lann :"/>
<Item id="1656" name="Aimsigh uile"/>
<Item id="1658" name="In all su&amp;b-folders"/>
<Item id="1659" name="In &amp;hidden folders"/>
<Item id="1624" name="Search mode"/>
<Item id="1625" name="&amp;Gnáth"/>
<Item id="1626" name="E&amp;xtended (\n, \r, \t, \0, \x...)"/>
<Item id="1660" name="&amp;Ionadaigh sna comhaid"/>
<Item id="1661" name="Follow current doc."/>
<Item id="1641" name="Aimsigh uile sa cháipéis reatha"/>
<Item id="1686" name="Trédhearc&amp;acht"/>
<Item id="1703" name="&amp;. matches newline"/>
<Item id="1721" name="▲"/>
<Item id="1723" name="▼ Aimsigh ar aghaidh"/>
<FindCharsInRange title="Aimsigh carachtair i raon...">
<Item id="2" name="Dún"/>
<Item id="2901" name="Carachtair neamh-ASCII (128-255)"/>
<Item id="2902" name="Carachtair ASCII (0-127)"/>
<Item id="2903" name="Mo raon:"/>
<Item id="2906" name="&amp;Suas"/>
<Item id="2907" name="&amp;Síos"/>
<Item id="2908" name="Treo"/>
<Item id="2909" name="Wra&amp;p around"/>
<Item id="2910" name="Aimsigh"/>
<GoToLine title="Téigh chuig...">
<Item id="2007" name="&amp;Líne"/>
<Item id="2008" name="&amp;Offset"/>
<Item id="1" name="Téigh"/>
<Item id="2" name="Níl ag dul aon áit"/>
<Item id="2004" name="Tá tú anseo:"/>
<Item id="2005" name="Is mian leat dul chuig:"/>
<Item id="2006" name="Ní féidir leat dul níos faide ná:"/>
<Run title="Rith...">
<Item id="1903" name="An ríomhchlár le rith"/>
<Item id="1" name="Rith"/>
<Item id="2" name="Cealaigh"/>
<Item id="1904" name="Taisc..."/>
<MD5FromFilesDlg title="Generate MD5 digest from files">
<Item id="1922" name="Choose files to generate MD5..."/>
<Item id="1924" name="Cóipeáil chuig an ngearrthaisce"/>
<Item id="2" name="Dún"/>
<MD5FromTextDlg title="Generate MD5 digest">
<Item id="1932" name="Treat each line as a separate string"/>
<Item id="1934" name="Cóipeáil chuig an ngearrthaisce"/>
<Item id="2" name="Dún"/>
<SHA256FromFilesDlg title="Generate SHA-256 digest from files">
<Item id="1922" name="Choose files to generate SHA-256..."/>
<Item id="1924" name="Cóipeáil chuig an ngearrthaisce"/>
<Item id="2" name="Dún"/>
<SHA256FromTextDlg title="Generate SHA-256 digest">
<Item id="1932" name="Treat each line as a separate string"/>
<Item id="1934" name="Cóipeáil chuig an ngearrthaisce"/>
<Item id="2" name="Dún"/>
<PluginsAdminDlg title="Plugins Admin" titleAvailable = "Available" titleUpdates = "Updates" titleInstalled = "Installed">
<ColumnPlugin name="Breiseán"/>
<ColumnVersion name="Leagan"/>
<Item id="5501" name="Cuardaigh:"/>
<Item id="5503" name="Suiteáil é"/>
<Item id="5504" name="Nuashonraigh é"/>
<Item id="5505" name="Bain"/>
<Item id="5508" name="Ar aghaidh"/>
<Item id="2" name="Dún"/>
<StyleConfig title="Style Configurator">
<Item id="2" name="Cealaigh"/>
<Item id="2301" name="Taisc &amp;&amp; Dún"/>
<Item id="2303" name="Trédhearcacht"/>
<Item id="2306" name="Roghnaigh téama: "/>
<Item id="2204" name="Trom"/>
<Item id="2205" name="Iodálach"/>
<Item id="2206" name="Foreground colour"/>
<Item id="2207" name="Background colour"/>
<Item id="2208" name="Font name:"/>
<Item id="2209" name="Font size:"/>
<Item id="2211" name="Style:"/>
<Item id="2212" name="Colour Style"/>
<Item id="2213" name="Font Style"/>
<Item id="2214" name="Default ext.:"/>
<Item id="2216" name="User ext.:"/>
<Item id="2218" name="Cuir líne faoi"/>
<Item id="2219" name="Default keywords"/>
<Item id="2221" name="User-defined keywords"/>
<Item id="2225" name="Teanga:"/>
<Item id="2226" name="Cumasaigh global foreground colour"/>
<Item id="2227" name="Cumasaigh global background colour"/>
<Item id="2228" name="Cumasaigh global font"/>
<Item id="2229" name="Cumasaigh global font size"/>
<Item id="2230" name="Cumasaigh global bold font style"/>
<Item id="2231" name="Cumasaigh global italic font style"/>
<Item id="2232" name="Cumasaigh global underline font style"/>
<ShortcutMapper title="Shortcut Mapper">
<Item id="2602" name="Mionathraigh"/>
<Item id="2603" name="Scrios"/>
<Item id="2606" name="Glan"/>
<Item id="2607" name="Scagaire: "/>
<Item id="1" name="Dún"/>
<ColumnName name="Ainm"/>
<ColumnShortcut name="Aicearra"/>
<ColumnCategory name="Aicme"/>
<ColumnPlugin name="Breiseán"/>
<MainMenuTab name="An príomhroghchlár"/>
<MacrosTab name="Macros"/>
<RunCommandsTab name="Rith commands"/>
<PluginCommandsTab name="Plugin commands"/>
<ScintillaCommandsTab name="Scintilla commands"/>
<ConflictInfoOk name="No shortcut conflicts for this item."/>
<ConflictInfoEditing name="No conflicts . . ."/>
<Item id="41019" name="Oscail containing folder in Explorer"/>
<Item id="41020" name="Oscail containing folder in Command Prompt"/>
<Item id="41021" name="Restore Recent Closed File"/>
<Item id="45001" name="EOL Conversion to Windows (CR LF)"/>
<Item id="45002" name="EOL Conversion to Unix (LF)"/>
<Item id="45003" name="EOL Conversion to Macintosh (CR)"/>
<Item id="43022" name="Mark search results using 1st style"/>
<Item id="43024" name="Mark search results using 2nd style"/>
<Item id="43026" name="Mark search results using 3rd style"/>
<Item id="43028" name="Mark search results using 4th style"/>
<Item id="43030" name="Mark search results using 5th style"/>
<Item id="43023" name="Glan marks using 1st style"/>
<Item id="43025" name="Glan marks using 2nd style"/>
<Item id="43027" name="Glan marks using 3rd style"/>
<Item id="43029" name="Glan marks using 4th style"/>
<Item id="43031" name="Glan marks using 5th style"/>
<Item id="43032" name="Glan marks using any style"/>
<Item id="43033" name="Previous mark using 1st style"/>
<Item id="43034" name="Previous mark using 2nd style"/>
<Item id="43035" name="Previous mark using 3rd style"/>
<Item id="43036" name="Previous mark using 4th style"/>
<Item id="43037" name="Previous mark using 5th style"/>
<Item id="43038" name="Previous mark created with Mark..."/>
<Item id="43039" name="Next mark using 1st style"/>
<Item id="43040" name="Next mark using 2nd style"/>
<Item id="43041" name="Next mark using 3rd style"/>
<Item id="43042" name="Next mark using 4th style"/>
<Item id="43043" name="Next mark using 5th style"/>
<Item id="43044" name="Next mark created with Mark..."/>
<Item id="44100" name="View current file in Firefox"/>
<Item id="44101" name="View current file in Chrome"/>
<Item id="44103" name="View current file in IE"/>
<Item id="44102" name="View current file in Edge"/>
<Item id="50003" name="Switch to previous document"/>
<Item id="50004" name="Switch to next document"/>
<Item id="44051" name="Collapse Level 1"/>
<Item id="44052" name="Collapse Level 2"/>
<Item id="44053" name="Collapse Level 3"/>
<Item id="44054" name="Collapse Level 4"/>
<Item id="44055" name="Collapse Level 5"/>
<Item id="44056" name="Collapse Level 6"/>
<Item id="44057" name="Collapse Level 7"/>
<Item id="44058" name="Collapse Level 8"/>
<Item id="44061" name="Uncollapse Level 1"/>
<Item id="44062" name="Uncollapse Level 2"/>
<Item id="44063" name="Uncollapse Level 3"/>
<Item id="44064" name="Uncollapse Level 4"/>
<Item id="44065" name="Uncollapse Level 5"/>
<Item id="44066" name="Uncollapse Level 6"/>
<Item id="44067" name="Uncollapse Level 7"/>
<Item id="44068" name="Uncollapse Level 8"/>
<Item id="44081" name="Toggle Project Panel 1"/>
<Item id="44082" name="Toggle Project Panel 2"/>
<Item id="44083" name="Toggle Project Panel 3"/>
<Item id="44085" name="Toggle Folder as Workspace"/>
<Item id="44080" name="Toggle Document Map"/>
<Item id="44084" name="Toggle Function List"/>
<Item id="50005" name="Toggle macro recording"/>
<ShortcutMapperSubDialg title="Aicearra">
<Item id="1" name="Tá go maith"/>
<Item id="2" name="Cealaigh"/>
<Item id="5006" Ainm="Ainm"/>
<Item id="5008" name="Cuir leis"/>
<Item id="5009" name="Bain é"/>
<Item id="5010" name="Cuir i bhfeidhm é"/>
<Item id="5007" name="This will remove shortcut from this command"/>
<Item id="5012" name="CONFLICT FOUND!"/>
<UserDefine title="User-Defined">
<Item id="20001" name="Dock"/>
<Item id="20002" name="Athainmnigh é"/>
<Item id="20003" name="Cruthaigh ceann nua..."/>
<Item id="20004" name="Bain"/>
<Item id="20005" name="Taisc mar..."/>
<Item id="20007" name="Teanga an úsáideora: "/>
<Item id="20009" name="Ext.:"/>
<Item id="20012" name="Ignore case"/>
<Item id="20011" name="Transparency"/>
<Item id="20015" name="Import..."/>
<Item id="20016" name="Export..."/>
<StylerDialog title="Styler Dialog">
<Item id="25030" name="Roghanna na clófhoirne:"/>
<Item id="25006" name="Dath an tulra"/>
<Item id="25007" name="Dath an chúlra"/>
<Item id="25031" name="Ainm:"/>
<Item id="25032" name="Méid:"/>
<Item id="25001" name="Trom"/>
<Item id="25002" name="Iodálach"/>
<Item id="25003" name="Cuir líne faoi"/>
<Item id="25029" name="Neadú:"/>
<Item id="25008" name="Delimiter 1"/>
<Item id="25009" name="Delimiter 2"/>
<Item id="25010" name="Delimiter 3"/>
<Item id="25011" name="Delimiter 4"/>
<Item id="25012" name="Delimiter 5"/>
<Item id="25013" name="Delimiter 6"/>
<Item id="25014" name="Delimiter 7"/>
<Item id="25015" name="Delimiter 8"/>
<Item id="25018" name="Keyword 1"/>
<Item id="25019" name="Keyword 2"/>
<Item id="25020" name="Keyword 3"/>
<Item id="25021" name="Keyword 4"/>
<Item id="25022" name="Keyword 5"/>
<Item id="25023" name="Keyword 6"/>
<Item id="25024" name="Keyword 7"/>
<Item id="25025" name="Keyword 8"/>
<Item id="25016" name="Trácht"/>
<Item id="25017" name="Comment line"/>
<Item id="25026" name="Oibreoir 1"/>
<Item id="25027" name="Oibreoir 2"/>
<Item id="25028" name="Uimhreacha"/>
<Item id="1" name="Tá go maith"/>
<Item id="2" name="Cealaigh"/>
<Folder title="Folder &amp;&amp; Default">
<Item id="21101" name="Default style"/>
<Item id="21102" name="Styler"/>
<Item id="21105" name="Documentation:"/>
<Item id="21104" name="Temporary doc site:"/>
<Item id="21106" name="Fold &amp;compact (fold empty lines too)"/>
<Item id="21220" name="Folding in code 1 style:"/>
<Item id="21224" name="Oscail:"/>
<Item id="21225" name="Meánach:"/>
<Item id="21226" name="Dún:"/>
<Item id="21227" name="Styler"/>
<Item id="21320" name="Folding in code 2 style (separators needed):"/>
<Item id="21324" name="Oscail:"/>
<Item id="21325" name="Middle:"/>
<Item id="21326" name="Dún:"/>
<Item id="21327" name="Styler"/>
<Item id="21420" name="Folding in comment style:"/>
<Item id="21424" name="Oscail:"/>
<Item id="21425" name="Middle:"/>
<Item id="21426" name="Dún:"/>
<Item id="21427" name="Styler"/>
<Keywords title="Keywords Lists">
<Item id="22101" name="1st Group"/>
<Item id="22201" name="2nd Group"/>
<Item id="22301" name="3rd Group"/>
<Item id="22401" name="4th Group"/>
<Item id="22451" name="5th Group"/>
<Item id="22501" name="6th Group"/>
<Item id="22551" name="7th Group"/>
<Item id="22601" name="8th Group"/>
<Item id="22121" name="Prefix mode"/>
<Item id="22221" name="Prefix mode"/>
<Item id="22321" name="Prefix mode"/>
<Item id="22421" name="Prefix mode"/>
<Item id="22471" name="Prefix mode"/>
<Item id="22521" name="Prefix mode"/>
<Item id="22571" name="Prefix mode"/>
<Item id="22621" name="Prefix mode"/>
<Item id="22122" name="Styler"/>
<Item id="22222" name="Styler"/>
<Item id="22322" name="Styler"/>
<Item id="22422" name="Styler"/>
<Item id="22472" name="Styler"/>
<Item id="22522" name="Styler"/>
<Item id="22572" name="Styler"/>
<Item id="22622" name="Styler"/>
<Comment title="Comment &amp;&amp; Number">
<Item id="23003" name="Line comment position"/>
<Item id="23004" name="Allow anywhere"/>
<Item id="23005" name="Force at beginning of line"/>
<Item id="23006" name="Allow preceding whitespace"/>
<Item id="23001" name="Allow folding of comments"/>
<Item id="23326" name="Styler"/>
<Item id="23323" name="Oscail"/>
<Item id="23324" name="Continue character"/>
<Item id="23325" name="Dún"/>
<Item id="23301" name="Comment line style"/>
<Item id="23124" name="Styler"/>
<Item id="23122" name="Oscail"/>
<Item id="23123" name="Dún"/>
<Item id="23101" name="Comment style"/>
<Item id="23201" name="Number style"/>
<Item id="23220" name="Styler"/>
<Item id="23230" name="Prefix 1"/>
<Item id="23232" name="Prefix 2"/>
<Item id="23234" name="Extras 1"/>
<Item id="23236" name="Extras 2"/>
<Item id="23238" name="Suffix 1"/>
<Item id="23240" name="Suffix 2"/>
<Item id="23242" name="Rapn:"/>
<Item id="23244" name="Decimal separator"/>
<Item id="23245" name="Ponc"/>
<Item id="23246" name="Camóg"/>
<Item id="23247" name="Araon"/>
<Operator title="Operators &amp;&amp; Delimiter">
<Item id="24101" name="Operators style"/>
<Item id="24113" name="Styler"/>
<Item id="24116" name="Operators 1"/>
<Item id="24117" name="Operators 2 (separators required)"/>
<Item id="24201" name="Delimiter 1 style"/>
<Item id="24220" name="Oscail:"/>
<Item id="24221" name="Éalaigh:"/>
<Item id="24222" name="Dún:"/>
<Item id="24223" name="Styler"/>
<Item id="24301" name="Delimiter 2 style"/>
<Item id="24320" name="Oscail:"/>
<Item id="24321" name="Éalaigh:"/>
<Item id="24322" name="Dún:"/>
<Item id="24323" name="Styler"/>
<Item id="24401" name="Delimiter 3 style"/>
<Item id="24420" name="Oscail:"/>
<Item id="24421" name="Éalaigh:"/>
<Item id="24422" name="Dún:"/>
<Item id="24423" name="Styler"/>
<Item id="24451" name="Delimiter 4 style"/>
<Item id="24470" name="Oscail:"/>
<Item id="24471" name="Éalaigh:"/>
<Item id="24472" name="Dún:"/>
<Item id="24473" name="Styler"/>
<Item id="24501" name="Delimiter 5 style"/>
<Item id="24520" name="Oscail:"/>
<Item id="24521" name="Éalaigh:"/>
<Item id="24522" name="Dún:"/>
<Item id="24523" name="Styler"/>
<Item id="24551" name="Delimiter 6 style"/>
<Item id="24570" name="Oscail:"/>
<Item id="24571" name="Éalaigh:"/>
<Item id="24572" name="Dún:"/>
<Item id="24573" name="Styler"/>
<Item id="24601" name="Delimiter 7 style"/>
<Item id="24620" name="Oscail:"/>
<Item id="24621" name="Éalaigh:"/>
<Item id="24622" name="Dún:"/>
<Item id="24623" name="Styler"/>
<Item id="24651" name="Delimiter 8 style"/>
<Item id="24670" name="Oscail:"/>
<Item id="24671" name="Éalaigh:"/>
<Item id="24672" name="Dún:"/>
<Item id="24673" name="Styler"/>
<Preference title="Sainroghanna">
<Item id="6001" name="Dún"/>
<Global title="Coiteann">
<Item id="6101" name="Toolbar"/>
<Item id="6102" name="Folaigh"/>
<Item id="6103" name="Deilbhíní móra"/>
<Item id="6104" name="Deilbhíní beaga"/>
<Item id="6105" name="Deilbhíní caighdeánacha"/>
<Item id="6106" name="Tab Bar"/>
<Item id="6107" name="Laghdaigh"/>
<Item id="6108" name="Lock (no drag and drop)"/>
<Item id="6109" name="Darken inactive tabs"/>
<Item id="6110" name="Draw a coloured bar on active tab"/>
<Item id="6111" name="Show status bar"/>
<Item id="6112" name="Show close button on each tab"/>
<Item id="6113" name="Double click to close document"/>
<Item id="6118" name="Folaigh"/>
<Item id="6119" name="Multi-line"/>
<Item id="6120" name="Ingearach"/>
<Item id="6121" name="Exit on close the last tab"/>
<Item id="6122" name="Hide menu bar (use Alt or F10 key to toggle)"/>
<Item id="6123" name="Logánaú"/>
<Item id="6125" name="Document List Panel"/>
<Item id="6126" name="Taispeáin"/>
<Item id="6127" name="Díchumasaigh extension column"/>
<Scintillas title="Eagarthóireacht">
<Item id="6216" name="Caret Settings"/>
<Item id="6217" name="Leithead :"/>
<Item id="6219" name="Blink rate :"/>
<Item id="6221" name="F"/>
<Item id="6222" name="S"/>
<Item id="6224" name="Multi-Editing Settings"/>
<Item id="6225" name="Cumasaigh (Ctrl+Mouse click/selection)"/>
<Item id="6201" name="Folder Margin Style"/>
<Item id="6202" name="Simplí"/>
<Item id="6203" name="Saighead"/>
<Item id="6204" name="Circle tree"/>
<Item id="6205" name="Box tree"/>
<Item id="6226" name="Dada"/>
<Item id="6227" name="Line Wrap"/>
<Item id="6228" name="Réamhshocrú"/>
<Item id="6229" name="Aligned"/>
<Item id="6230" name="Indent"/>
<Item id="6206" name="Display line number"/>
<Item id="6207" name="Display bookmark"/>
<Item id="6208" name="Show vertical edge"/>
<Item id="6234" name="Díchumasaigh advanced scrolling feature
(if you have touchpad problem)"/>
<Item id="6211" name="Vertical Edge Settings"/>
<Item id="6213" name="Background mode"/>
<Item id="6237" name="Add your column marker by indicating its position with a decimal number.
You can define several column markers by using white space to separate the different numbers."/>
<Item id="6214" name="Cumasaigh current line highlighting"/>
<Item id="6215" name="Cumasaigh smooth font"/>
<Item id="6231" name="Border Width"/>
<Item id="6235" name="No edge"/>
<Item id="6236" name="Cumasaigh scrolling beyond last line"/>
<Item id="6239" name="Keep selection when right-click outside of selection"/>
<NewDoc title="New Document">
<Item id="6401" name="Format (Line ending)"/>
<Item id="6402" name="Windows (CR LF)"/>
<Item id="6403" name="Unix (LF)"/>
<Item id="6404" name="Macintosh (CR)"/>
<Item id="6405" name="Encoding"/>
<Item id="6406" name="ANSI"/>
<Item id="6407" name="UTF-8"/>
<Item id="6408" name="UTF-8 with BOM"/>
<Item id="6409" name="UCS-2 Big Endian with BOM"/>
<Item id="6410" name="UCS-2 Little Endian with BOM"/>
<Item id="6411" name="Default language :"/>
<Item id="6419" name="New Document"/>
<Item id="6420" name="Apply to opened ANSI files"/>
<DefaultDir title="Default Directory">
<Item id="6413" name="Default Directory (Oscail/Save)"/>
<Item id="6414" name="Follow current document"/>
<Item id="6415" name="Remember last used directory"/>
<Item id="6431" name="Open all files of folder instead of launching Folder as Workspace on folder dropping"/>
<FileAssoc title="File Association">
<Item id="4008" name="Please exit Notepad++ and relaunch Notepad++ in Administrator mode to use this feature."/>
<Item id="4009" name="Supported extensions:"/>
<Item id="4010" name="Registered extensions:"/>
<Language title="Teanga">
<Item id="6505" name="Available items"/>
<Item id="6506" name="Disabled items"/>
<Item id="6507" name="Make language menu compact"/>
<Item id="6508" name="Roghchlár na teanga"/>
<Item id="6301" name="Tab Settings"/>
<Item id="6302" name="Replace by space"/>
<Item id="6303" name="Tab size: "/>
<Item id="6510" name="Use default value"/>
<Item id="6335" name="Treat backslash as escape character for SQL"/>
<Highlighting title="Aibhsiú">
<Item id="6333" name="Aibhsiú cliste"/>
<Item id="6326" name="Cumasaigh"/>
<Item id="6332" name="Match case"/>
<Item id="6338" name="Match whole word only"/>
<Item id="6339" name="Use Find dialog settings"/>
<Item id="6340" name="Highlight another view"/>
<Item id="6329" name="Highlight Matching Tags"/>
<Item id="6327" name="Cumasaigh"/>
<Item id="6328" name="Highlight tag attributes"/>
<Item id="6330" name="Highlight comment/php/asp zone"/>
<Print title="Clóbhuail">
<Item id="6601" name="Print line number"/>
<Item id="6602" name="Roghanna datha"/>
<Item id="6603" name="WYSIWYG"/>
<Item id="6604" name="Aisiompaigh"/>
<Item id="6605" name="Dubh ar bhán"/>
<Item id="6606" name="Gan dath don chúlra"/>
<Item id="6607" name="Margin Settings (Unit:mm)"/>
<Item id="6612" name="Clé"/>
<Item id="6613" name="Barr"/>
<Item id="6614" name="Deas"/>
<Item id="6615" name="Bun"/>
<Item id="6706" name="Trom"/>
<Item id="6707" name="Iodálach"/>
<Item id="6708" name="Ceanntásc"/>
<Item id="6709" name="Left part"/>
<Item id="6710" name="Middle part"/>
<Item id="6711" name="Right part"/>
<Item id="6717" name="Trom"/>
<Item id="6718" name="Iodálach"/>
<Item id="6719" name="Footer"/>
<Item id="6720" name="Left part"/>
<Item id="6721" name="Middle part"/>
<Item id="6722" name="Right part"/>
<Item id="6723" name="Cuir leis"/>
<Item id="6725" name="Variable:"/>
<Item id="6727" name="Here display your variable settings"/>
<Item id="6728" name="Header and Footer"/>
<Searching title="Cuardach">
<Item id="6901" name="Don't fill find field in Find dialog with selected word"/>
<Item id="6902" name="Use monospaced font in Find dialog (Need to restart Notepad++)"/>
<RecentFilesHistory title="Recent Files History">
<Item id="6304" name="Recent Files History"/>
<Item id="6306" name="Max. number of entries :"/>
<Item id="6305" name="Don't check at launch time"/>
<Item id="6429" name="Taispeáin"/>
<Item id="6424" name="Sa fhóroghchlár"/>
<Item id="6425" name="Only File Name"/>
<Item id="6426" name="Full File Name Path"/>
<Item id="6427" name="Customize Maximum Length:"/>
<Backup title="Backup">
<Item id="6817" name="Session snapshot and periodic backup"/>
<Item id="6818" name="Cumasaigh session snapshot and periodic backup"/>
<Item id="6819" name="Backup in every"/>
<Item id="6821" name="seconds"/>
<Item id="6822" name="Backup path:"/>
<Item id="6309" name="Remember current session for next launch"/>
<Item id="6801" name="Backup on save"/>
<Item id="6315" name="Dada"/>
<Item id="6316" name="Simple backup"/>
<Item id="6317" name="Verbose backup"/>
<Item id="6804" name="Custom Backup Directory"/>
<Item id="6803" name="Comhadlann :"/>
<AutoCompletion title="Auto-Completion">
<Item id="6115" name="Auto-indent"/>
<Item id="6807" name="Auto-Completion"/>
<Item id="6808" name="Cumasaigh auto-completion on each input"/>
<Item id="6809" name="Function completion"/>
<Item id="6810" name="Word completion"/>
<Item id="6816" name="Function and word completion"/>
<Item id="6824" name="Ignore numbers"/>
<Item id="6811" name="Ó"/>
<Item id="6813" name="th character"/>
<Item id="6814" name="Valid value : 1 - 9"/>
<Item id="6815" name="Function parameters hint on input"/>
<Item id="6851" name="Auto-Insert"/>
<Item id="6857" name=" html/xml close tag"/>
<Item id="6858" name="Oscail"/>
<Item id="6859" name="Dún"/>
<Item id="6860" name="Matched pair 1:"/>
<Item id="6863" name="Matched pair 2:"/>
<Item id="6866" name="Matched pair 3:"/>
<MultiInstance title="Multi-Instance">
<Item id="6151" name="Multi-instance settings"/>
<Item id="6152" name="Oscail session in a new instance of Notepad++"/>
<Item id="6153" name="Always in multi-instance mode"/>
<Item id="6154" name="Default (mono-instance)"/>
<Item id="6155" name="* The modification of this setting needs to restart Notepad++"/>
<Delimiter title="Delimiter">
<Item id="6251" name="Delimiter selection settings (Ctrl + Mouse double click)"/>
<Item id="6252" name="Oscail"/>
<Item id="6255" name="Dún"/>
<Item id="6256" name="Ceadaigh ar línte éagsúla"/>
<Item id="6161" name="Word character list"/>
<Item id="6162" name="Use default Word character list as it is"/>
<Item id="6163" name="Add your character as part of word
(don't choose it unless you know what you're doing)"/>
<Cloud title="Néal">
<Item id="6262" name="Settings on cloud"/>
<Item id="6263" name="No Cloud"/>
<Item id="6267" name="Set your cloud location path here:"/>
<SearchEngine title="Inneall Cuardaigh">
<Item id="6271" name="Inneall cuardaigh (for command &quot;Search on Internet&quot;)"/>
<Item id="6272" name="DuckDuckGo"/>
<Item id="6273" name="Google"/>
<Item id="6274" name="Bing"/>
<Item id="6275" name="Yahoo!"/>
<Item id="6276" name="Socraigh d'inneall cuardaigh anseo:"/>
<!-- Don't change anything after Example: -->
<Item id="6278" name="Sampla:$(CURRENT_WORD)"/>
<ComboBox id="6347">
<Element name="Cumasaigh"/>
<Element name="Cumasaigh for all opened files"/>
<Element name="Díchumasaigh"/>
<Item id="6308" name="Minimize to system tray"/>
<Item id="6312" name="File Status Auto-Detection"/>
<Item id="6313" name="Nuashonraigh go ciúin é"/>
<Item id="6318" name="Clickable Link Settings"/>
<Item id="6325" name="Scroll to the last line after update"/>
<Item id="6319" name="Cumasaigh"/>
<Item id="6320" name="No underline"/>
<Item id="6322" name="Session file ext.:"/>
<Item id="6323" name="Cumasaigh Notepad++ auto-updater"/>
<Item id="6324" name="Document Switcher (Ctrl+TAB)"/>
<Item id="6331" name="Show only filename in title bar"/>
<Item id="6334" name="Autodetect character encoding"/>
<Item id="6349" name="Use DirectWrite (May improve rendering special characters, need to restart Notepad++)"/>
<Item id="6337" name="Workspace file ext.:"/>
<Item id="6114" name="Cumasaigh"/>
<Item id="6117" name="Cumasaigh MRU behaviour"/>
<Item id="6344" name="Document Peeker"/>
<Item id="6345" name="Peek on tab"/>
<Item id="6346" name="Peek on document map"/>
<MultiMacro title="Rith a Macro Multiple Times">
<Item id="1" name="&amp;Rith"/>
<Item id="2" name="&amp;Cealaigh"/>
<Item id="8006" name="Macro to Rith :"/>
<Item id="8001" name="Rith"/>
<Item id="8005" name="times"/>
<Item id="8002" name="Rith until the &amp;end of file"/>
<Window title="Fuinneoga">
<Item id="1" name="&amp;Gníomhachtaigh"/>
<Item id="2" name="&amp;Tá go maith"/>
<Item id="7002" name="&amp;Save"/>
<Item id="7003" name="&amp;Dún window(s)"/>
<Item id="7004" name="Sort &amp;tabs"/>
<ColumnEditor title="Column Editor">
<Item id="2023" name="&amp;Text to Insert"/>
<Item id="2033" name="&amp;Number to Insert"/>
<Item id="2030" name="&amp;Initial number :"/>
<Item id="2031" name="Increase b&amp;y :"/>
<Item id="2035" name="Leading &amp;zeros"/>
<Item id="2036" name="&amp;Repeat :"/>
<Item id="2032" name="Format"/>
<Item id="2024" name="&amp;Dec"/>
<Item id="2025" name="&amp;Oct"/>
<Item id="2026" name="&amp;Hex"/>
<Item id="2027" name="&amp;Bin"/>
<Item id="1" name="Tá go maith"/>
<Item id="2" name="Cealaigh"/>
<FindInFinder title="Aimsigh san aimsitheoir">
<Item id="1" name="Aimsigh uile"/>
<Item id="2" name="Dún"/>
<Item id="1711" name="&amp;Céard ba cheart a aimsiú :"/>
<Item id="1713" name="Search only in found lines"/>
<Item id="1714" name="Match &amp;whole word only"/>
<Item id="1715" name="Match &amp;case"/>
<Item id="1716" name="Search Mode"/>
<Item id="1717" name="&amp;Gnáth"/>
<Item id="1719" name="Re&amp;gular expression"/>
<Item id="1718" name="E&amp;xtended (\n, \r, \t, \0, \x...)"/>
<Item id="1720" name="&amp;. matches newline"/>
<DoSaveOrNot title="Taisc">
<Item id="1761" name="Save file &quot;$STR_REPLACE$&quot; ?"/>
<Item id="6" name="&amp;Yes"/>
<Item id="7" name="&amp;No"/>
<Item id="2" name="&amp;Cealaigh"/>
<Item id="4" name="Yes to &amp;all"/>
<Item id="5" name="N&amp;o to all"/>
<MessageBox> <!-- $INT_REPLACE$ is a place holder, don't translate it -->
<ContextMenuXmlEditWarning title="Editing contextMenu" message="Editing contextMenu.xml allows you to modify your Notepad++ popup context menu.
You have to restart your Notepad++ to take effect after modifying contextMenu.xml."/>
<NppHelpAbsentWarning title="File does not exist" message="
doesn't exist. Please download it on Notepad++ site."/>
<SaveCurrentModifWarning title="Save Current Modification" message="You should save the current modification.
All the saved modifications can not be undone.
<LoseUndoAbilityWarning title="Lose Undo Ability Warning" message="You should save the current modification.
All the saved modifications can not be undone.
<CannotMoveDoc title="Move to new Notepad++ Instance" message="Document is modified, save it then try again."/>
<DocReloadWarning title="Reload" message="Are you sure you want to reload the current file and lose the changes made in Notepad++?"/>
<FileLockedWarning title="Save failed" message="Please check whether if this file is opened in another program"/>
<FileAlreadyOpenedInNpp title="" message="The file is already opened in Notepad++."/>
<DeleteFileFailed title="Delete File" message="Delete File failed"/>
<NbFileToOpenImportantWarning title="Amount of files to open is too large" message="$INT_REPLACE$ files are about to be opened.
Are you sure you want to open them?"/>
<SettingsOnCloudError title="Settings on Cloud" message="It seems the path of settings on cloud is set on a read only drive,
or on a folder needed privilege right for writing access.
Your settings on cloud will be canceled. Please reset a coherent value via Preference dialog."/>
<FilePathNotFoundWarning title="File Open" message="The file you're trying to open doesn't exist."/>
<SessionFileInvalidError title="Could not Load Session" message="Session file is either corrupted or not valid."/>
<DroppingFolderAsProjectModeWarning title="Invalid action" message="You can only drop files or folders but not both, because you're in dropping Folder as Project mode.
you have to enable &quot;Open all files of folder instead of launching Folder as Workspace on folder dropping&quot; in &quot;Default Directory&quot; section of Preferences dialog to make this operation work."/>
<SortingError title="Sorting Error" message="Unable to perform numeric sorting due to line $INT_REPLACE$."/>
<ColumnModeTip title="Column Mode Tip" message="Please use &quot;ALT+Mouse Selection&quot; or &quot;Alt+Shift+Arrow key&quot; to switch to column mode."/>
<BufferInvalidWarning title="Save failed" message="Cannot save: Buffer is invalid."/>
<DoCloseOrNot title="Keep non existing file" message="The file &quot;$STR_REPLACE$&quot; doesn't exist anymore.
Keep this file in editor?"/>
<DoDeleteOrNot title="Delete file" message="The file &quot;$STR_REPLACE$&quot;
will be moved to your Recycle Bin and this document will be closed.
<NoBackupDoSaveFile title="Save" message="Your backup file cannot be found (deleted from outside).
Save it otherwise your data will be lost
Do you want to save file &quot;$STR_REPLACE$&quot; ?"/>
<DoReloadOrNot title="Reload" message="&quot;$STR_REPLACE$&quot;
This file has been modified by another program.
Do you want to reload it?"/>
<DoReloadOrNotAndLooseChange title="Reload" message="&quot;$STR_REPLACE$&quot;
This file has been modified by another program.
Do you want to reload it and lose the changes made in Notepad++?"/>
<PrehistoricSystemDetected title="Prehistoric system detected" message="It seems you still use a prehistoric system. This feature works only on a modern system, sorry."/>
<XpUpdaterProblem title="Notepad++ Updater" message="Notepad++ updater is not compatible with XP due to the obsolete security layer under XP.
Do you want to go to Notepad++ page to download the latest version?"/>
<GUpProxyConfNeedAdminMode title="Proxy Settings" message="Please relaunch Notepad++ in Admin mode to configure proxy."/>
<DocTooDirtyToMonitor title="Monitoring problem" message="The document is dirty. Please save the modification before monitoring it."/>
<DocNoExistToMonitor title="Monitoring problem" message="The file should exist to be monitored."/>
<FileTooBigToOpen title="File size problem" message="File is too big to be opened by Notepad++"/>
<CreateNewFileOrNot title="Create new file" message="&quot;$STR_REPLACE$&quot; doesn't exist. Create it?"/>
<CreateNewFileError title="Create new file" message="Cannot create the file &quot;$STR_REPLACE$&quot;."/>
<OpenFileError title="ERROR" message="Can not open file &quot;$STR_REPLACE$&quot;."/>
<FileBackupFailed title="File Backup Failed" message="The previous version of the file could not be saved into the backup directory at &quot;$STR_REPLACE$&quot;.
Do you want to save the current file anyways?"/>
<LoadStylersFailed title="Load stylers.xml failed" message="Load &quot;$STR_REPLACE$&quot; failed!"/>
<LoadLangsFailed title="Configurator" message="Load langs.xml failed!
Do you want to recover your langs.xml?"/>
<LoadLangsFailedFinal title="Configurator" message="Load langs.xml failed!"/>
<FolderAsWorspaceSubfolderExists title="Folder as Workspace adding folder problem" message="A sub-folder of the folder you want to add exists.
Please remove its root from the panel before you add folder &quot;$STR_REPLACE$&quot;."/>
<ProjectPanelChanged title="$STR_REPLACE$" message="The workspace was modified. Do you want to save it?"/>
<ProjectPanelChangedSaveError title="$STR_REPLACE$" message="Your workspace has not been saved."/>
<ProjectPanelOpenDoSaveDirtyWsOrNot title="Open Workspace" message="The current workspace was modified. Do you want to save the current project?"/>
<ProjectPanelNewDoSaveDirtyWsOrNot title="New Workspace" message="The current workspace was modified. Do you want to save the current project?"/>
<ProjectPanelOpenFailed title="Open Workspace" message="The workspace could not be opened.
It seems the file to open is not a valid project file."/>
<ProjectPanelRemoveFolderFromProject title="Remove folder from project" message="All the sub-items will be removed.
Are you sure you want to remove this folder from the project?"/>
<ProjectPanelRemoveFileFromProject title="Remove file from project" message="Are you sure you want to remove this file from the project?"/>
<ProjectPanelReloadError title="Reload Workspace" message="Cannot find the file to reload."/>
<ProjectPanelReloadDirty title="Reload Workspace" message="The current workspace was modified. Reloading will discard all modifications.
Do you want to continue?"/>
<UDLNewNameError title="UDL Error" message="This name is used by another language,
please give another one."/>
<UDLRemoveCurrentLang title="Bain the current language" message="Are you sure?"/>
<SCMapperDoDeleteOrNot title="Are you sure?" message="Are you sure you want to delete this shortcut?"/>
<FindCharRangeValueError title="Range Value problem" message="You should type between 0 and 255."/>
<OpenInAdminMode title="Save failed" message="The file cannot be saved and it may be protected.
Do you want to launch Notepad++ in Administrator mode?"/>
<OpenInAdminModeWithoutCloseCurrent title="Save failed" message="The file cannot be saved and it may be protected.
Do you want to launch Notepad++ in Administrator mode?"/>
<OpenInAdminModeFailed title="Open in Administrator mode failed" message="Notepad++ cannot be opened in Administrator mode."/>
<ViewInBrowser title="View Current File in Browser" message="Application cannot be found in your system."/>
<ExitToUpdatePlugins title="Notepad++ is about to exit" message="If you click YES, you will quit Notepad++ to continue the operations.
Notepad++ will be restarted after all the operations are terminated.
<NeedToRestartToLoadPlugins title="Notepad++ need to be relaunched" message="You have to restart Notepad++ to load plugins you installed."/>
<PanelTitle name="Clipboard History"/>
<PanelTitle name="Doc Switcher"/>
<ColumnName name="Ainm"/>
<ColumnExt name="Ext."/>
<ColumnName name="Ainm"/>
<ColumnPath name="Conair"/>
<ColumnType name="Cineál"/>
<ColumnSize name="Méid"/>
<PanelTitle name="ASCII Codes Insertion Panel"/>
<ColumnVal name="Luach"/>
<ColumnHex name="Hex"/>
<ColumnChar name="Carachtar"/>
<ColumnHtmlNumber name="HTML Number"/>
<ColumnHtmlName name="HTML Code"/>
<PanelTitle name="Document Map"/>
<PanelTitle name="Function List"/>
<SortTip name="Sort"/>
<ReloadTip name="Reload"/>
<PanelTitle name="Folder as Workspace"/>
<SelectFolderFromBrowserString name="Select a folder to add in Folder as Workspace panel"/>
<Item id="3511" name="Bain"/>
<Item id="3512" name="Bain All"/>
<Item id="3513" name="Cuir leis"/>
<Item id="3514" name="Rith by system"/>
<Item id="3515" name="Oscail"/>
<Item id="3516" name="Cóipeáil an chonair"/>
<Item id="3517" name="Aimsigh sna comhaid..."/>
<Item id="3518" name="Explorer here"/>
<Item id="3519" name="Anseo CMD"/>
<Item id="3520" name="Cóipeáil ainm an chomhaid"/>
<PanelTitle name="Tionscadal"/>
<WorkspaceRootName name="Workspace"/>
<NewProjectName name="Ainm an tionscadail"/>
<NewFolderName name="Ainm an fhillteáin"/>
<Item id="0" name="Workspace"/>
<Item id="1" name="Eagar"/>
<Item id="3122" name="New Workspace"/>
<Item id="3123" name="Oscail Workspace"/>
<Item id="3124" name="Reload Workspace"/>
<Item id="3125" name="Taisc"/>
<Item id="3126" name="Taisc mar..."/>
<Item id="3127" name="Taisc cóip mar..."/>
<Item id="3121" name="Cuir tionscadal nua leis"/>
<Item id="3111" name="Athainmnigh"/>
<Item id="3112" name="Cuir fillteán leis"/>
<Item id="3113" name="Cuir comhaid leis..."/>
<Item id="3117" name="Cuir comhaid ón gcomhadlann leis..."/>
<Item id="3114" name="Bain"/>
<Item id="3118" name="Bog suas"/>
<Item id="3119" name="Bog síos"/>
<Item id="3111" name="Athainmnigh"/>
<Item id="3112" name="Cuir fillteán leis"/>
<Item id="3113" name="Cuir comhaid leis..."/>
<Item id="3117" name="Cuir comhaid ón gcomhadlann leis..."/>
<Item id="3114" name="Bain"/>
<Item id="3118" name="Bog suas"/>
<Item id="3119" name="Bog síos"/>
<Item id="3111" name="Athainmnigh"/>
<Item id="3115" name="Bain"/>
<Item id="3116" name="Modify File Path"/>
<Item id="3118" name="Bog suas"/>
<Item id="3119" name="Bog síos"/>
<!-- $INT_REPLACE$ and $STR_REPLACE$ are a place holders, don't translate these place holders -->
<word-chars-list-tip value="This allows you to include additional character into current word characters while double clicking for selection or searching with &quot;Match whole word only&quot; option checked."/>
<word-chars-list-warning-begin value="Be aware: "/>
<word-chars-list-space-warning value="$INT_REPLACE$ space(s)"/>
<word-chars-list-tab-warning value="$INT_REPLACE$ TAB(s)"/>
<word-chars-list-warning-end value=" in your character list."/>
<cloud-invalid-warning value="Conair neamhbhailí."/>
<cloud-restart-warning value="Please restart Notepad++ to take effect."/>
<cloud-select-folder value="Select a folder from/to where Notepad++ reads/writes its settings"/>
<shift-change-direction-tip value="Use Shift+Enter to search in the opposite direction"/>
<two-find-buttons-tip value="2 find buttons mode"/>
<find-in-files-filter-tip value="Find in cpp, cxx, h, hxx &amp;&amp; hpp:
*.cpp *.cxx *.h *.hxx *.hpp
Find in all files except exe, obj &amp;&amp; log:
*.* !*.exe !*.obj !*.log"/>
<find-status-top-reached value="Find: Found the 1st occurrence from the bottom. The beginning of the document has been reached."/>
<find-status-end-reached value="Find: Found the 1st occurrence from the top. The end of the document has been reached."/>
<find-status-replaceinfiles-1-replaced value="Replace in Files: 1 occurrence was replaced"/>
<find-status-replaceinfiles-nb-replaced value="Replace in Files: $INT_REPLACE$ occurrences were replaced"/>
<find-status-replaceinfiles-re-malformed value="Replace in Opened Files: The regular expression is malformed"/>
<find-status-replaceinopenedfiles-1-replaced value="Replace in Opened Files: 1 occurrence was replaced"/>
<find-status-replaceinopenedfiles-nb-replaced value="Replace in Opened Files: $INT_REPLACE$ occurrences were replaced"/>
<find-status-mark-re-malformed value="Mark: The regular expression to search is malformed"/>
<find-status-invalid-re value="Find: Invalid regular expression"/>
<find-status-mark-1-match value="Mark: 1 match"/>
<find-status-mark-nb-matches value="Mark: $INT_REPLACE$ matches"/>
<find-status-count-re-malformed value="Count: The regular expression to search is malformed"/>
<find-status-count-1-match value="Count: 1 match"/>
<find-status-count-nb-matches value="Count: $INT_REPLACE$ matches"/>
<find-status-replaceall-re-malformed value="Replace All: The regular expression is malformed"/>
<find-status-replaceall-1-replaced value="Replace All: 1 occurrence was replaced"/>
<find-status-replaceall-nb-replaced value="Replace All: $INT_REPLACE$ occurrences were replaced"/>
<find-status-replaceall-readonly value="Replace All: Cannot replace text. The current document is read only"/>
<find-status-replace-end-reached value="Replace: Replaced the 1st occurrence from the top. The end of document has been reached"/>
<find-status-replace-top-reached value="Replace: Replaced the 1st occurrence from the bottom. The begin of document has been reached"/>
<find-status-replaced-next-found value="Replace: 1 occurrence was replaced. The next occurrence found."/>
<find-status-replaced-next-not-found value="Replace: 1 occurrence was replaced. No more occurrences were found."/>
<find-status-replace-not-found value="Replace: no occurrence was found"/>
<find-status-replace-readonly value="Replace: Cannot replace text. The current document is read only"/>
<find-status-cannot-find value="Find: Can't find the text &quot;$STR_REPLACE$&quot;"/>
<find-status-scope-selection value="in selected text"/>
<find-status-scope-all value="in entire file"/>
<find-status-scope-backward value="from start-of-file to caret"/>
<find-status-scope-forward value="from caret to end-of-file"/>
<finder-find-in-finder value="Find in this found results..."/>
<finder-close-this value="Dún an t-aimsitheoir seo"/>
<finder-collapse-all value="Collapse all"/>
<finder-uncollapse-all value="Uncollapse all"/>
<finder-copy value="Cóipeáil"/>
<finder-select-all value="Roghnaigh uile"/>
<finder-clear-all value="Glan uile"/>
<finder-open-all value="Oscail uile"/>
<common-ok value="Tá go maith"/>
<common-cancel value="Cealaigh"/>
<common-name value="Ainm: "/>
<tabrename-title value="Athainmnigh an cluaisín reatha"/>
<tabrename-newname value="Ainm nua: "/>
<recent-file-history-maxfile value="Max File: "/>
<language-tabsize value="Tab Size: "/>
<userdefined-title-new value="Cruthaigh teanga nua..."/>
<userdefined-title-save value="Save Current Language Name As..."/>
<userdefined-title-rename value="Athainmnigh Current Language Name"/>
<autocomplete-nb-char value="Nb char: "/>
<edit-verticaledge-nb-col value="Nb of Column:"/>
<summary value="Achoimre"/>
<summary-filepath value="Full file path: "/>
<summary-filecreatetime value="Cruthaithe: "/>
<summary-filemodifytime value="Mionathraithe: "/>
<summary-nbchar value="Characters (without line endings): "/>
<summary-nbword value="Focail: "/>
<summary-nbline value="Línte: "/>
<summary-nbbyte value="Fad na cáipéise: "/>
<summary-nbsel1 value=" selected characters ("/>
<summary-nbsel2 value=" bytes) in "/>
<summary-nbrange value=" ranges"/>
<replace-in-files-confirm-title value="An bhfuil tú cinnte?"/>
<replace-in-files-confirm-directory value="Are you sure you want to replace all occurrences in :"/>
<replace-in-files-confirm-filetype value="For file type :"/>
<replace-in-open-docs-confirm-title value="An bhfuil tú cinnte?"/>
<replace-in-open-docs-confirm-message value="Are you sure you want to replace all occurrences in all open documents?"/>
<find-result-caption value="Aimsigh toradh"/>
<find-result-title value="Cuardaigh"/>
<find-result-title-info value="($INT_REPLACE1$ hits in $INT_REPLACE2$ files of $INT_REPLACE3$ searched)"/>
<find-result-title-info-selections value="($INT_REPLACE1$ hits in $INT_REPLACE2$ selections of $INT_REPLACE3$ searched)"/>
<find-result-title-info-extra value=" - Line Filter Mode: only display the filtered results"/>
<find-result-hits value="($INT_REPLACE$ hits)"/>
<find-regex-zero-length-match value="zero length match" />