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FunctionList Update 2

* Implemented XML Schema for functionList.xml.
* functionList.xml:
1. new layout of association map;
2. placed `displayName` before `id` attribute where applicable;
3. utilize inline comments;
4. parsers added: 'XML for FunctionList', Assembly, AutoIt3, InnoSetup, PowerShell, KRL, Sinumerik and UniVerse BASIC;
5. parsers improved: C, Java, Batch, Bash, XML and NSIS;
6. replaced `[\t\x20]` with `\h` where possible;
7. using upper case notation for hexadecimal values e.g. `\x7F-\xFF`;

Closes #2602
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MAPJe71 authored and donho committed Nov 24, 2016
1 parent 1b12653 commit 9dc109f5990a707ca69235608fa2f1fbd223ea82
Showing with 1,280 additions and 244 deletions.
  1. +1,163 −244 PowerEditor/src/functionList.xml
  2. +117 −0 Test/FunctionList/functionList.xsd

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