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Unicode Characters & Font Fallback Support #870

AceFrahm opened this Issue Sep 7, 2015 · 2 comments


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AceFrahm commented Sep 7, 2015

Some weirdness with viewing Unicode glyphs, even on a machine with fallback fonts.

A font with full fallback for every Unicode code point still won't show anything but a square for some things.

Try pasting this into Notepad++

Interobangs on one line:‽‽
Upper unicode characters (16 or 32-bits? not just 8-bit from the Basic Multilingual Plane) on a separate line: [ 🔊, 🎥, 📕 ]
Interobangs followed by some upper Unicode characters on the same line: ‽‽ , [ 🔊, 🎥, 📕 ]

arrows on the same line : ↑↓↙↘.

arrows on 2 lines : ↑↓

Now, a user should have some fallback fonts setup, as described here with "Font Linking" (which is different than straight-up 'fallback font'), it uses GDI

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Micrrosoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontLink\SystemLink

Here is a list of "Font Linked" fonts I'm using with Arial Unicode MS under that registry setting.
unifont_csur-7.0.06.ttf, Unifont CSUR
unifont_upper_csur-7.0.06.ttf, Unifont Upper CSUR
Constructium.ttf, Constructium
Nuvenon.ttf, Nuvenon
LastResort.ttf, LastResort
UnicodeBMPFallback.ttf, Unicode BMP Fallback SIL

This Font Linked list ought to cover every single Unicode code point with SOME glyph, but it seems Notepad++ can't handle Unicode well or doesn't take advantage of GDI ?

the problem is also described here:

!‽???‽!!! , 🔊, 🎥, 📕


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h-h-h-h commented Sep 8, 2015

Related issue: #813.

Making code sequences of the characters with `...` might resolve the issue of Github making images out of them.


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Kemipso commented May 2, 2018

Following your example (but with different fonts for my own needs) worked fine, and I could not reproduce the issue on Notepad++. I'm using Windows 10, April 2018 update and Notepad++ v7.5.4 (64-bit).

Here is how it looks on my end:
2018-05-02 - 001055

And here is my setup, based on Inconsolata/Consolas for most common characters, and a bunch of weird fonts for other symbols.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontLink\SystemLink

New multi-string, with value name:

Value data:

CONSOLA.TTF,Consolas Regular
SEGOEUISL.TTF,Segoe UI Semilight
MSJH.TTC,Microsoft Jhenghei UI
MSYH.TTC,Microsoft YaHei
MALGUNSL.TTF,Malgun Gothic Semilight

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