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Fix broken indices in EncodingMapper #3992

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dnakamura commented Dec 11, 2017

Fixes #3983
Fixes #3991


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SinghRajenM commented Dec 12, 2017

Oops!! That me who caused this issue. Even after thoroughly testing, this couldn't be caught.

However, I feel to avoid further confusion, updating encoding definition value in "menuCmdID.h" would be good deal (as commented items are no longer used.).
Updating something like below -

    #define    IDM_FORMAT_ISO_8859_9        (IDM_FORMAT_ENCODE + 17)
    //#define    IDM_FORMAT_ISO_8859_10     (IDM_FORMAT_ENCODE + 18)
    //#define    IDM_FORMAT_ISO_8859_11     (IDM_FORMAT_ENCODE + 19)
    #define    IDM_FORMAT_ISO_8859_13       (IDM_FORMAT_ENCODE + 20)
    #define    IDM_FORMAT_ISO_8859_14       (IDM_FORMAT_ENCODE + 21)
    #define    IDM_FORMAT_ISO_8859_15       (IDM_FORMAT_ENCODE + 22)
    //#define    IDM_FORMAT_ISO_8859_16     (IDM_FORMAT_ENCODE + 23)
    #define    IDM_FORMAT_DOS_437           (IDM_FORMAT_ENCODE + 24)
    #define    IDM_FORMAT_DOS_720           (IDM_FORMAT_ENCODE + 25)


    #define    IDM_FORMAT_ISO_8859_9        (IDM_FORMAT_ENCODE + 17)
    //#define    IDM_FORMAT_ISO_8859_10     (IDM_FORMAT_ENCODE + 18)
    //#define    IDM_FORMAT_ISO_8859_11     (IDM_FORMAT_ENCODE + 19)
    #define    IDM_FORMAT_ISO_8859_13       (IDM_FORMAT_ENCODE + 18)
    #define    IDM_FORMAT_ISO_8859_14       (IDM_FORMAT_ENCODE + 19)
    #define    IDM_FORMAT_ISO_8859_15       (IDM_FORMAT_ENCODE + 20)
    //#define    IDM_FORMAT_ISO_8859_16     (IDM_FORMAT_ENCODE + 23)
    #define    IDM_FORMAT_DOS_437           (IDM_FORMAT_ENCODE + 21)
    #define    IDM_FORMAT_DOS_720           (IDM_FORMAT_ENCODE + 22)

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dail8859 commented Dec 12, 2017

I don't think it is a good idea to change IDM_xxx constants. If a plugin uses these then it will break their usage of calling these menu commands.


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dnakamura commented Dec 12, 2017

I think the best solution is to probable modify the encoding mapper to map based on the IDM_xxx constants rather than an index. Yes it would make lookups more expensive, but its not like the user will be changing encodings frequently


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dinkumoil commented Dec 17, 2017


Currently my AutoCodepage plugin is broken because of your changes in v7.5.2. Updating encoding definition values in "menuCmdID.h" would break it permanently.

I think the fix of @dnakamura is the best solution.


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dail8859 commented Dec 18, 2017

I found this in another part of the code, would this need updated as well (I honestly have no clue but if the EncodingMapper is changed this looks like it would have to change too).

// This int encoding array is built from "EncodingUnit encodings[]" (see EncodingMapper.cpp)
// And DefaultNewDocDlg will use "int encoding array" to get more info from "EncodingUnit encodings[]"
static int encodings[] = {


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dinkumoil commented Dec 18, 2017


Seems to be used for this list (screenshot taken from Npp v7.3.3):


The list gets filled by the for-loop starting in line 1159 of preferenceDlg.cpp. This loop uses the array encodings as source for the encodings to be shown in the combobox. That means it would be possible to reduce or increase the number of items of the encodings array to change the set of encodings shown in the combobox.

I would say preferenceDlg.cpp has not to be changed. But it depends on EncodingMapper::getIndexFromEncoding (called in line 1161 of preferenceDlg.cpp).

@donho donho self-assigned this Dec 28, 2017

@donho donho added the accepted label Dec 28, 2017

@donho donho added this to the 7.x (master) milestone Dec 28, 2017

@donho donho closed this in 1002865 Dec 28, 2017

chcg added a commit to chcg/notepad-plus-plus that referenced this pull request Jan 18, 2018

SinghRajenM added a commit to SinghRajenM/notepad-plus-plus that referenced this pull request Jul 5, 2018

test (#25)
* Fix multi-line tab button stay pushed issue while swiching off.

Make sure previous tab does not keep focus when switching tabs.
Step 1: Move a tab using drag and drop.
Step 2: Use a tab switching hotkey/feature which doesn't set TCM_SETCURFOCUS AND TCM_SETCURSEL

Fixes #3545, closes #3552

* Rename variables & clean up

* Fix a regression regarding b859303

* Fix the long time bug that non-exist folder to pass via command line is not opened without warning

* Fix command line argument parsing regression

Work with the arguments in a temporary array of pointers to the command
line before assigning them to paramVector as generic_string.

Follow up to afb3889. Since then the arguments were copied to
paramVector as generic_string too early, before the command line parsing

Closes notepad-plus-plus#3575

* Add function list export feature

"notepad++.exe -export=functionList -lcpp c:\funcListTests\whatever.cpp"
will open whatever.cpp as cpp file, then parse this file to write the
funcLst result on disk, then exit Notepad++.
The result will write into c:\funcListTests\whatever.cpp.result.

* Add "-quickPrint" command line argument

"-quickPrint" allows user to launch Notepad++ via command to print a
given document then quit Notepad++ immediately.
notepad++.exe -quickPrint c:\funcListTests\EncodingMapper.cpp

* Fix export fuctionlist bug

* Fix a typo

* Corrected typo

happend -> happened

Closes #3568

* Add "Fortran (fixed form)" in compact Language menu

In addition to "Fortran (free form)"

Fixes #3566, closes #3567

* Update czech.xml translation to 7.4.2

Closes #3555

* Roll back from 2 find buttons to 1 find button

Due to 2 find buttons logic limit (lost replacing up capacity), the
direction option is added back, and 1 find button is restored (instead
of 2 find buttons).

* Update translation files

* New feature: Opens file in its default viewer

This feature has the same effect as double-clicking this file in Windows Explorer.

Closes #3577, fixes #3576

* Code improvement

Closes #3582

* Corrected/updated Hindi localization

Colse #3605

* Update Bulgarian translation

* Update Korean translation

* Update Russian translation

* Update german.xml to v7.5

Closes #3618

* Notepad++ 7.5 release

* Fix some excluded language cannot be remembered bug

* Update Corsican translation for Notepad++ 7.5

Closes #3630

* update japanese.xml to v7.5

Changed to follow: "Open in Default Viewer", changes in Find dialog
Closes #3625

* Update croatian.xml

* Update localization files for v7.5 modification

* Shortcut Mapper improvements - add cathegory

Shorcut mapper - main panel : new colums that show the category of the shortcut
Shorcut mapper - plugin panel : new colums that show the plugin name that the shortcut belongs to
Shorcut mapper - scintilla panel : it shows every shortcuts configured for one command

Fixes #3583, Closes #3635

* Improve file extension movement between ListBox in Preferences dialog

Now mouse double click can be used to move File extension between ListBoxes.

Closes #3595

* Make double click work for language menu disabling/enabling in preference dialog

Fixed issue and organized code

Fixes #3589, closes #3594

* Fix a localization regression

Closes #3639

* Replace '\r' by real carriage return

Closes #3280

* Fix restore back language menu item on the wrong position

* Add Visual Prolog language support

Closes #1439

* Add a philosophy quote in easter eggs

* Update Bulgarian translation

Closes #3649

* Update Ukrainian translation

Closes #3647

* Update danish translation to 7.5

Closes #3641

* Add batch auto-completion

A new resource for auto-completion in batch scripting environment

Closes #3157

* Fix the bug that Notepad++ create %appdata%\local\notepad++\ folder even in doLocalConf mode

* Update chineseSimplified.xml

Closes #3660

* Enhance Function List for PHP and JavaScript

Support interface and trait in PHP.
Support space between function name and opening parenthesis in PHP and JavaScript. Fixes at least #1919 and #2604.

About the JavaScript regex:


There are 2 parts, for named and anonymous functions. Note there is some duplication, let's simplify it:

The first character of function name is not optional (of course when the function is named), let's fix it:

Finally let's support the possible spaces before opening parenthesis, for both named and anonymous functions:

Fixes #1919, fixes #2604, fixes #1667, fixes #2962
closes #2523, closes #2621

* Notepad++ 7.5.1 release

* Fix un installer issue

While install a x64 version, it should remove x86 version if it exists (and vice versa).
The removal feature doesn't work though user answer Yes for the deletion.
This commit fixes this issue.

* Add 1 quote and delete some.

* Update spiritual quotes

* Export function list in json format

* Use VS2015 for appveyor instead of VS2013

* Switch to VS 2015

* Read plugin list as json format (in progress)

* Better disply of installer components page description

Colses #3745

* Nitpicking - quotations

Britain should be capitalized, one of the quotations is duplicated.

Closes #3743

* Fix certificate checking error message issue

1. Fixed issue (caption and message are interchanged)
2. Disabled lexerdll signature checking in debug mode

Closes #3691, Fix #3688

* Fixed typo in help text

EsterEggName should be EasterEggName

Closes #3681

* Fix the issue that batch.xml is missing from installer

Closes #3677, fixes #3680

* new easter eggs quotes

* fix feedScintKeys when more than two shortcuts are configured

Closes #3732, fixes #3720

* Add version badge

Closes #3725

* Adapt json format for Plugin admin

* switch from VS2013 to VS2015 & VS2017

* Update Arabic language file

* Enhance Plugin Admin UI

* correct appveyor.yml VS vcxproj after rename

add logger to see warnings/errors in the message tab

Closes #3825

* Make mouse hook functions right

* Fix static analyzer message "Expression is always true"

V547 Expression '_isFloating == true' is always true. dockingcont.cpp 1080
V547 Expression 'itemSelected == 2' is always true. treeview.cpp 504
V560 A part of conditional expression is always true: 0xff. babygrid.cpp 711

* Fix static analyzer issue "An exception should be caught by reference"

V746 Object slicing. An exception should be caught by reference rather than by value. filedialog.cpp 183
V746 Object slicing. An exception should be caught by reference rather than by value. nppbigswitch.cpp 110
V746 Object slicing. An exception should be caught by reference rather than by value. pluginsmanager.cpp 259

* Fix static analyzer issue "The enumeration constant 'inactiveText' is used as a variable of a Boolean-type."

V768 The enumeration constant 'inactiveText' is used as a variable of a Boolean-type. wordstyledlg.cpp 438

* Fix static analyzer issue "A virtual function was overridden incorrectly"

V762 It is possible a virtual function was overridden incorrectly. See third argument of function 'create' in derived class 'UserDefineDialog' and base class 'StaticDialog'. userdefinedialog.h 332
V762 It is possible a virtual function was overridden incorrectly. See first argument of function 'redraw' in derived class 'SplitterContainer' and base class 'Window'. splittercontainer.h 61
V762 It is possible a virtual function was overridden incorrectly. See third argument of function 'create' in derived class 'FindReplaceDlg' and base class 'StaticDialog'. findreplacedlg.h 245
V762 It is possible a virtual function was overridden incorrectly. See third argument of function 'create' in derived class 'GoToLineDlg' and base class 'StaticDialog'. gotolinedlg.h 45
V762 It is possible a virtual function was overridden incorrectly. See third argument of function 'create' in derived class 'FindCharsInRangeDlg' and base class 'StaticDialog'. findcharsinrange.h 52
V762 It is possible a virtual function was overridden incorrectly. See third argument of function 'create' in derived class 'ColumnEditorDlg' and base class 'StaticDialog'. columneditor.h 45
V762 It is possible a virtual function was overridden incorrectly. See third argument of function 'create' in derived class 'WordStyleDlg' and base class 'StaticDialog'. wordstyledlg.h 77
V762 It is possible a virtual function was overridden incorrectly. See first argument of function 'redraw' in derived class 'WordStyleDlg' and base class 'Window'. wordstyledlg.h 99
V762 It is possible a virtual function was overridden incorrectly. See third argument of function 'create' in derived class 'PluginsAdminDlg' and base class 'StaticDialog'. pluginsadmin.h 100

* Fix static analyzer message "The ternary operator always returns constant"

V583 The '?:' operator, regardless of its conditional expression, always returns one and the same value: 22. nppcommands.cpp 1696

* Fix compiling warning problem

* Add DSpellCheck plugin into distribution

* Added more C# keywords for auto-completion

Closes #3899

* Update turkish.xml

Updated localization to latest changes.

Closes #3890

* Update romanian.xml

Updated and corrected romanian to version 7.5

Closes #3872

* Update Italian translation to version 7.5.1

Closes #3778

* Update german.xml

Closes #3715

* Update catalan.xml

Closes #3762

* Update czech.xml translation to v7.5.1

Closes #3701

* Update spanish.xml

Closes #3814

* Fixed hang issue while opening JavaScript file

Fixes #3770, closes #3785

* Prevent from crash in TAB settings

* Remove unused/empty encoding from shortcut mapper

Closes #3763

* Add version and other info into installer

Closes #3751

* Add BaanC Sections in functionlist.xml

Based on

Closes #3842

* Upgrade wingup to fix the problem of connetion for updating

* Notepad++ 7.5.2 release

* Fix a crash issue in Plugin Admin

* Fix installer issues

1. Fix shell extension registration error (due to notepad++.exe has not
yet been copied)
2. Fix themes' absence after installation (one variable depends on
its initialization in mainSection)

* Fix DSpellCheck incomplete installation

* Notepad++ release 7.5.3

* Fix a crash bug due to eventual disordered notifications sent to plugins

The Access Violation while closing Notepad++:
could be due to SCN_UPDATEUI sending after NPPN_SHUTDOWN, that makes
plugins treat SCN_UPDATEUI on the released handle.

To avoid such situation, once NPPN_SHUTDOWN has been sent, no more
message will be sent to plugin.

Fixes #3961, fixes #4021

* Fix 9f0ba44 typo

* Remove duplicate keywords for autocompletion

* Improve installer

* Fix broken indicies in EncodingMapper

Fixes #3983
Fixes #3991
Closes #3992

* Hungarian translation update for 7.5.3

Closes #3978

* Added keywords auto-completion for CoffeeScript

Closes #3977

* Add Auto Completion for BaanC

Closes #3927

* Fix spanish translation for "tail"

Command `tail` shouldn't be translated (there isn't a `cola` command)

Closes #3920

* Fix typo in French translation

Closes #3921

* Autompletion enhancement: remove unwanted symbols

Fixes #3861
Closes #3917

* Improve smart highlighting performance

Abort highlight search if the selection crosses a line boundry.

Closes #3908

* Notepad++ release 7.5.4

* Fix highlighting of <script> tags in XML files

* Plugins Admin (in progress)

* Fix a typo

* Added .coffee extension to CoffeeScript

* Fix line ending changes are not detected in reloaded changed files issue

Fixes #4033, closes #4043

* Make UI Right To Left when Farsi & Uyghur are loaded

Closes #4108

* Use reversed header image for RTL installer

Closes #4107

* Code improvement

Closes #4085

* Add commandline support for few more languages

Closes #4084

* Update localization files (English & Hindi)

Fixes #4040, closes #4046

* Update japanese.xml to v7.5.4

* Replace '\r' by real carriage return
* Fix some translations for clear japanese

closes #4043

* Fix menu items' state is not maintained due to save macro command

Fixes #4112, fixes #4114, closes #4115

* Fix encoding not sync (on status bar) after reloading

Extracted parts of FileManager::reloadBuffer and FileManager::loadFile
to a separate function, so that both exhibit the same feature level of
EOL/encoding detection. reloadBuffer() used to have less logic than loadFile() and incorrectly handled UTF-8 detection when the file was ANSI

Fixes #2637, fixes #2843, closes #4124

* Restore "Find Previous" & "Find Next" button in Find dialog

The pair of button "Find Previous" and "Find Next" have been removed in
the previous version due to some regressions. It's restored with being optional.

* Fix a crash by improving cutString() function

Remove an arbitrary MAX_PATH character limit

Fixes #2727, closes #4037

* Fix 2 different files whose canonic names are the same can't be opened
in the same time issue

Fix Unicode file name comparision to match Windows behaviour (as opposed to doing a linguistic filename comparision)

Fixes #3820, closes #4141

* Add forgotten translation entries

* Make more dialog strings translatable

* More translatable dialogs

* More translatable entries for Folder as Workspace

* Enhance Shortcut Mapper and make it translatable

* Shortcut Mapper is resizable and maximizable

* Add filter capacity in the shortcut mapper

Closes #4096, closes #2562

* Add more translations

Find dialog status bar messages are translatable.
Add more shortcut mapper translation entries.

* Add new language and update translations

* Simplify and fix memory leak in getSpecialFolderLocation

Fixes #399, closes #4138

* Warning/error fixes as per VS2017 code analysis

Closes #4154

* Fix tab sticks to mouse pointer problem after external update of a file open in

Fixes #4122, fixes #3851, closes #4182

* Update ukrainian.xml

Closes #4198

* Update occitan.xml localisation to v.7.5.5

Closes #4196

* Keep Doc Switcher's ordering in sync with Tab bar

Close #946, close #1684, close #2342, close #4015

* Enhance ShortcutMapper resizing

- keep centered buttons while resizing
- set minimum width and height

Close #4178

* Update catalan.xml

Close #4200

* Update czech.xml translation to v7.5.5

Close #4199

* Update Turkish localization

Close #4197

* Update german.xml to 7.5.5

Close #4137

* Fix the wrong integer replacement (instead of string)

Fix also some minor grammatical errors

Close #4203

* Update danish.xml to 7.5.5

Close #4135

* Fixed the czech.xml v7.5.5

Fixed the wrong integer replacements (instead of string) according to the english.xml latest change.

Close #4207

* Minor enhancements for Kurdish language

Make Kurdish be RTL
Command line support for Kurdish

Close #4206

* Updated Hindi localization

1. Updated "Hindi.xml"
2. Corrected typos in English.xml (changed "NppIO.cpp" and "shortcut.rc" accordingly)
3. Synced "english_customizable.xml" with "English.xml"

Close #4152

* Update Bulgarian translation

Close #4143

* Make Unix style path (slashes) work in open file dialog (optional)

Close #3948, fix #2438, fix #3840

* Change the label of one option to match Unix style path on open dialog

* Disable DSpellCheck by default due to some performance issues

* Make column names translatable in Window->Window...

Close #4219

* Update translations

* Fix for "Monitoring" doesn't detect changes

Fix #3142, close #3882

* Add new keywords of javascript for auto-completion

Close #4156

* update japanese.xml to v7.5.5

Close #4139

* Update chineseSimplified.xml

Close #4175

* Update german.xml to v7.5.5

Close #4209

* Update romanian.xml for version 7.5.5

Close #4210

* Update belarusian translation

Close #4212

* Update Bulgarian translation

Close #4218

* Fix for "Toggle Single Line Comment" malfunctioning with HTML/XML

Add space for a null character so last line character does not get cut off, and thus allow closing tag to be matched properly.

Fix #3869, close #3870

* Update chineseSimplified.xml

Close #4223

* Change the EOL

* Fix a label display glitch in Preference

* Notepad++ release 7.5.5

* Fix EOLs

* Make new entries translatable

* Fix macro playing back crash issue

Fix crash issue while playing back macro if "find previous" and/or "find next"
button actions are/is recorded.

Also prevent from future crash if new commands in Find dialog are forgotten to be

* Remove the TODO to prevent from the useless modification

* Add ghost typing Unicode capacity

* Ghost typing enhancement

1. Make ghost typing Unicode supported so any language can be displayed.
2. Ghost typing's speed (slow, rapid and spped of light) can be set.
3. Any supported programming language (syntax highligting) can be applied.
4. All above supports are accessible via command line arguments.

* Add a message from outer space

* Update chineseSimplified.xml

* Update english.xml & chineseSimplified.xml

* Fix GDI objects leak problem

Fix #1017, close #3896

* Function List enhancement: Highlight the current function based on cursor position

Closes #715, close #4113

* Fix crash on styler dialog of User Defined Language dialog

Fixes #2646, fixes #4215, close #4279

* Update german.xml to v7.5.5

Closes #4256

* Update czech.xml for v7.5.5

Close #4235

* Quotes clean up

* Change english.xml to match to GUI texts

Some texts of `english.xml` is not equivalent to GUI texts. This commit change `english.xml` to match GUI.

Close #4297

* Add more funny quotes

* Update german localization

Close #4310

* Hungarian translation update for 7.5.5

Close #4308

* Update Ukrainian translation

Close #4304

* Update Swedish localization

Close #4296

* Update Dutch translation for 7.5.5

Close #4292

* Update Corsican translation for Notepad++ 7.5.5

Close #4290

* Update Turkish localization

Close #4289

* Update Bulgarian localization

Close #4260

* Update Hindi Localization

Close #4244

* Fit access keys of the main manu to English behavior

Close #4230

* Update french.xml

Close #4263

* Update French localization

* Fix typos in translation entry string

* Fix file status detection issue under Windows XP (32-bit only)

Close #4226

* Major improvements to C# intellisense

Close #4142

* Notepad++ 7.5.6 release

* Rename label in functionlist output json

* Fix Javascript not working regression in Function list since 2016

due to 2 commits:

* Add unit tests for function list feature

go to notepad-plus-plus\PowerEditor\Test\FunctionList directory then
launch the following commands:
powershell ./unitTestLauncher.ps1

* Update Russian translation

* Update stylers.xml model

* Fix a typo in French translation

* Fixed UDL export extension issue

Fix #4372, close #4377

* Various fixes in french.xml

Close #4319

* Updated Slovak language file for the latest Notepad++ version.

Close #4341

* Fix typo to make translation work.


Fix #4354, close #4391

* Updated Hindi Translation

Close #4376

* Update dutch.xml

Fix a few spelling mistakes, change mail address

Close #4344

* Fixed a code in ReadDirectoryChangesPrivate.cpp

Close #4257

* Update italian.xml to version 7.5.6

Various update on translation for italian
Close #4355

* Make new file system of plugin works on installation directory

* Adapt new plugin file system structure for the future release.

* Update Indonesian.xml

Close #4446

* Update Russian translation for 7.5.6

Close #4441

* Small fix in german.xml

Close #4316

* More improvements in C# intellisense

Close #4419

* Fix Sort Lines as Integers issue: use Natural Sort algorithm

This changes the line operations "Sort as Integers Ascending" and "Sort as Integers Descending" to sort by Natural Sort Order, in which consecutive numerals are considered as one character. This causes "2" < "10", just like in the old Integer sort, but also "foo 2" < "foo 10", which was not previously available functionality. In cases where every line is a single integer, Natural Sort functions exactly the same as Integer Sort; when every line begins with a single integer, it is a valid Integer Sort.

Close #4413, fix #2025

* Remove unused method

* Remove Updater binaries

* Enhance Notepad++ installation packaging

Use GUP to retrieve GUP release from its website while doing Notepad++ release.

* Update turkish.xml

Close #4478

* Fix toolbar display bug in big icon mode issue

Close #4509

* Cleanup in context menu and Run entries

Close #4519

* Installer enhancement: Place program shortcut in top-level Start folder

Fix #2143, close #4342

* Refactoring Plugin Admin codes

* Enhance installed list in Plugin Admin

* Restore the needed functions

* Add run process sync method & Plugin Admin's operations

Make Updater run sync for removing & restoring plugin info from & to the
plugin lists while the Plugin Admin's operation of installation, update and removal.

* Fix a bug where the document map highlights incorrectly when the view is scrolled past the end of the file.

Fix #4579, close #4580

* Fixed pointer truncations reported after removing /Wv:18

Close #4544

* Fixed the macro deletion bug

Fix the issue that deleting a Macro doesn't remove it from the Run Macro multiple times dialog until restart

Fix #4526, close #4532

* Fix Open File Dialog error for a long path

Fix #4345

* Clean up

* Update catalan.xml

Close #4537

* Make carret line always visible on click from Finder panel

Close #4518, fix #4510

* Remove "from" which is not a reserved JavaScript keyword

Close #4410

* Force cpp standard const char pointer on string literals

const-ified all string literals to suppress warnings on gcc and allow /Zc:strictStrings to be used with Visual Studio

Fix #4146, close #4150

* Migrate timestamps from time_t to FILETIME and store them in UTC universally

Fixes #4491, #3969, #2535 and #215.

* Deprecate wstat/stat in favour of WinAPI GetFileAttributesEx - unifies code and behaviour between Windows versions

Fixes #4491, fixes #3969, fixes #2535, fixes #215, close #4541

* Use automatic variable with static size instead of dynamical allocation

* Use corret name for length variable

* Fix the compiling failure on x64 build

* Fix format specifier warnings - /Wv:18 can now be removed

As a follow up to my previous pull request, this PR fixes the last remaining improper format specifiers. This allows to remove /Wv:18 compilation flag completely, since (presumably) the only reason it was added in the first place were those format specifier warnings, introduced in VS2015.

Effectively, all this PR does is applying fixes suggested by the compiler (included in those warnings).

Close #4604

* Fix hanging problem while shutingdown and backup file is absent

Fix #4295, fix #4276, close #4611

* Notepad++ 7.5.7 release
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