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Ghost Typing

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Ghost Typing

Ghost typing can be used to launch Notepad++ with an auto-typing text. Use command line arguments -qn, -qt or -qf to trigger it.

This feature was used in the Je suis Charlie edition, and its effect is one of controversial arguments. Some people did panic because of the unusual behaviour. However most of the time the true hackers try to keep a low profile. We are not in a Hollywood movie.... Enough blabla, here is the usage of Ghost typing:


notepad++.exe -qnEasterEggName EasterEggName: the name of easter egg. Use %20 to replace space character.

notepad++.exe -qtText Text: given text. Use %20 to replace space character.

notepad++.exe -qfContentFilePath ContentFilePath: The path of file, absolute or relative. Use %20 to replace space character. The content of the file will be shown.

  • notepad++.exe -qnrandom
  • notepad++.exe -qnBill%20Gates
  • notepad++.exe -qtTest%20of%20ghost%20typing%20example.
  • notepad++.exe -qfmyFile.txt
  • notepad++.exe -qfC:\my%20folder\my%20poetries.txt
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