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Notepad++ User Defined Languages Collection

Notepad++ supports around 80 programming languages for syntax highlighting & folding. For languages that are not in the list of languages with built-in support, someone may have created a User Defined Language (UDL) for adding syntax highlighting to the language and added it to this collection, or you can submit a UDL to this collection for others to use.

To learn all about User Defined Languages:

Here is the UDL list and from where you can download:

Using a UDL from this Collection

For now, you have to manually install a new User Defined Language.

  1. Download the XML file from the UDL list of this Collection.
  2. Import the file by placing the file in your userDefineLangs folder and restarting Notepad++. (It is also possible to use the User Defined Language dialog box to Import your file, but that places the UDL in the combined file, which is more complicated to maintain). More details of what those steps entail can be found in the "Import a UDL" section of the official documentation.
  3. If the UDL author provided an sample file that uses that UDL, you may download that from the UDL-samples folder of the repository.
  4. If the UDL author provided an autoCompletion XML file for that UDL, you may download it from the autoCompletions folder of the repository, and put it in the autoCompletion\ sub-folder of your Notepad++ installation directory. More details can be found in the online User Manual in the "autoCompletion" and "configuration files details" sections.

Submitting your UDL to the Collection

You can submit your UDL file(s) into this repo, or a (some) link(s) to where your UDL file(s) is (are) hosted. In both cases, you have to do a Pull Request on this repository.

More information about submitting your UDL to the Collection, please refer to:

We populated the initial UDLs in this Collection based on the old NppWiki++ list of UDLs (archived at

The original author of any UDL in this Collection may request that we remove it from the Collection (or submit a PR to do the same), and we will oblige.