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Minimalist blogging.
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⚠️ Warning: Notepad is currently a Work-In-Progress (WIP), as a hobby project of @danteissaias. Until we release the first stable version, the project software may not actually be buildable.

Notepad provides a painless interface for publishing professional articles. It exposes a minimalist user interface for editing and publishing articles using markdown formatting.

Notepad is written in NodeJS and is extremely efficient. It's lightweight and can be installed with a few commands on all server environments through the power of Docker.

Furthermore, it provides a minimalist interface for viewing your articles (and of course it has a built in dark mode):


dark mode screenshot


All endpoints that create, update or delete values require a valid Authorization header obtained by authenticating a valid user.


  • POST /api/auth/login Authenticate User


  • GET /api/users List Users

  • POST /api/users Create User

  • GET /api/users/{user-id} Get User

  • POST /api/users/me Get Current Authenticated User

  • UPDATE /api/users/{user-id} Update User

  • DELETE /api/user/{user-id} Delete User


  • GET /api/articles List Articles

  • POST /api/articles Create Article

  • GET /api/articles/{article-id} Get Article

  • UPDATE /api/articles/{article-id} Update Article

  • DELETE /api/articles/{article-id} Delete Article

Running Notepad

There are a variety of ways to run Notepad.

Running Locally

We've made it extremely easy to develop Notepad. To run Notepad locally in development mode it's only 3 simple steps:

  1. Run git clone
  2. Run yarn
  3. Run yarn dev

Building from Source

We've made it extremely easy to build Notepad from source. To run Notepad locally it's only 4 simple steps:

  1. Run git clone
  2. Run yarn
  3. Run yarn build
  4. Run yarn start

Running with Docker

There is currently no official Notepad image on the Docker Hub. To run Notepad with Docker clone this repository, edit docker-compose.yml and run docker-compose up.


  1. Fork this repository to your own GitHub account and then clone it locally.
  2. Pre-commit hooks have been configured to lint, format and typecheck code.
  3. Commit any changes, then open a pull request.


Notepad is structured as a monorepo using yarn workspaces, workspaces are stored in the packages/ folder. The workspaces that have been configured are as follows:

ui - This workspace contains all frontend code.

api - This workspace contains all backend code.


We use Prettier to format Notepad. Prettier has been configured per our personal preference. A pre-commit hook has been configured in order to ensure that all code is submitted follows our preference.


We use ESLint to lint Notepad. ESLint has been configured to match the styling options defined in .prettierrc. A selection of other rules such as eslint-plugin-import/sort-imports have also been configured. When developing Notepad, it's recommended to find a plugin for your editor that displays linting issues inline as this helps bring your attention to issues.



Notepad is licensed under the MIT license.

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