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12 Oct 13:21
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v2.0.0-beta Pre-release

This is the first relase to be based on QtWebEngine. It includes many new features and bug fixes.


ac769ea feat: Add "close to the left" and "close to the right" actions for editor tabs (#196)
1c1599b feat: math rendering enabled by default
3ec415d (licenses) feat: update CodeMirror to 5.48.4-nqq
728cd21 feat: unify title and toolbar in search dialog on macOS
49672f6 feat: enable dark ui on MacOS
f0df247 feat: Auto-expand single search results in Adv. File Searcher. (#874)
1c830b5 feat: add .mjs to list of JavaScript extensions (#860)
0099b62 feat: Add option to use DBus for interprocess communication during start-up (#829)
bbb1e1f feat: use uchardet to improve encoding detection (closes #730) (#762)
100a261 feat: add flag to print debug information (#760)
3867250 feat: toggling to most recent tab (closes #469) (#733)
16b3124 feat: Begin/End Selection (closes #393) (#727)
8cb5e0e feat: Also show 'Retry as Root' option when pkexec is installed. (#713)
7522e23 feat: add a '*' behind the file name displayed in the titlebar for dirty files (#688)


8832518 (c++17) fix: in snap package, add env var QT_XCB_FORCE_SOFTWARE_OPENGL to fix bug in Qt 5.9 + Nouveau drivers
31767cf fix: remove Info.plist for dark theme on macOS (closes #775) (#905)
37e94ce fix: bug in previous commit where the codec information was accessed before ensuring that the codec existed
b32b0b9 fix: prefer UTF-8 codec in case of ambiguity. Fixes #904
76a792c fix: embed macdeployqtfix for security and reliability
70e1cf4 fix: fix macOS bundle by correctly referencing paths to Qt libraries. Fixes #790. (#891)
ea40b82 fix: crash on exit
f0623b6 fix: properly cleanup cached Editors on exit (see prev. commit).
de21758 fix: properly cleanup cached Editors on exit.
2a91d68 fix: ensure all Editor instances are pointed by a QSharedPointer.
a6330b7 fix: copy parameters in sendMessage to avoid crashes, see #703
2f54099 fix: copy parameters in asyncSendMessageWithResult* to avoid crashes, see #703
45f90b6 fix: Add option to show/hide line number strip
e6e1ac3 fix: Reapply case-sensitivity option, may fix #834
d5be1a2 fix: Force search autocompletion to be case-sensitive
db7f87b fix: Set proper widget focus when opening search dock. (#835)
ee46ac5 fix: Don't rely on which return values for verifying binary existence (#813)
7e24462 fix: Disable Wayland for Snap until issues are fixed (#807)
32003d0 fix: Add missing include. (#784)
4516408 fix: clean previous commit
3ee80f0 fix: crash when using the run menu
0d69f2d fix: disable dark theme on macOS (see #775)
e207241 fix: address a couple of compiler warnings
5a7a15e fix: Buffer size for uchardet was too low. (#765)
7757a28 fix: enable word wrap when printing (fixes #658)
5deaf00 fix: improve printing by producing a better-quality pdf instead (#764)
bc0ee39 fix: remove empty folders from CM dir (#751)
b779199 fix: silence customQWebView warnings. (#761)
177d9fe fix: give priority to the scalable resolution icon
4167bc2 fix: finally solve the QEventLoop getting stuck from time to time and requiring a mousemove to keep going.
4457fc9 fix: language wasn't restored on file reload
f88c9eb (tag: beta) fix: env in travis
24c7aa6 fix: Italian translation accelerator issues (#742)
63a416e fix: use custom event filter for QWebEngineView. (#731)
f004282 fix: Fix compilation issues on Debian Stable environment. (#723)
86d5e91 fix: Fix compilation issue on GCC 6.3 (#717)
09ad7c0 fix: Include
a723db9 fix: Ensure 'which'-process finished properly before using its exit code. (#715)
afa943d fix: Hide 'Clone to Other View' action since it is not implemented. (#714)
a4b5897 fix: statusbar style on macOS (#708)
b169678 fix: add support for Qt 5.10.1 and all future versions by using the default LD_LIBRARY_PATH (see discussion #700)
c81d371 fix: Remove initial addEditorToBuffer due to js errors. (#707)
a6293bb fix: Discard file path when performing language detection based on file names
c999e10 fix: Don't ask for permission to open larger files when restoring a session. (#705)
b89a95e fix: crash on Mac after launching #702 (#703)
dd4cea7 fix: Use correct substitution index
efc5536 fix: default language settings weren't saved (fixes #684)
b99cc3c (searchdock) fix: minor improvements to Advanced Search Dock UI
1a2766a fix: Remove white flash when opening new tab (#675)
56aa8aa fix: delay 'document changed' banner on macOS
16bb278 fix: clear warnings


14 Sep 14:51
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fix: env in travis


29 Apr 15:54
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23 Apr 08:50
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Continuous build - deprecated

31 Mar 23:06
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fix: toolbar icon size was messed up on macOS


15 Oct 10:40
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05 Feb 22:45
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05 Feb 21:49
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