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rxx: Added comments. Added ability to ignore cache when reading.

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1 parent 2e62040 commit 0899759a0f714723996b899aa320407abaf6fc79 @notestaff committed Apr 3, 2012
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@@ -385,7 +385,11 @@ passed in as AREGEXP or scoped in as RXX-AREGEXP. "
(defun rxx-call-parser (rxx-inst match-str)
+ "Call the parser to parse the given match string."
(let ((rxx-env (rxx-inst-env rxx-inst)))
+ ;; For each named subgroup, recursively parse what
+ ;; it matched and assign the resulting parsed object
+ ;; to a variable of the same name as the subgroup.
(let* ((symbols (delq nil (mapcar 'car (rxx-inst-env rxx-inst))))
(symbol-vals (mapcar
(lambda (symbol)
@@ -534,11 +538,13 @@ Fields:
(defun* rxx-get-symbol-local-var (symbol &optional namespace)
"Get the correct buffer-local var containing the rxx-def for the symbol, if there is one"
+ (declare (special rxx-no-cache))
(let ((symbol-namespace (rxx-find-symbol-namespace symbol namespace)))
(when symbol-namespace
(let ((rxx-def (symbol-value (rxx-def-global-var symbol-namespace symbol)))
(rxx-def-local (rxx-def-local-var symbol-namespace symbol)))
- (unless (local-variable-p rxx-def-local)
+ (unless (and (local-variable-p rxx-def-local)
+ (not (elu-when-bound rxx-no-cache)))
(let* ((rxx-cur-namespace (rxx-def-namespace rxx-def))
(rxx-inst (rxx-instantiate rxx-def)))
(set (make-local-variable rxx-def-local) rxx-inst)))

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