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This is an asynchronous node js client for the API.

It exposes all the API methods found here:

In addition, it exposes a getmarketid method, which accepts a string that describes the desired market in the format 'LTCBTC,' where LTC is the primary currency and BTC is the secondary. All methods are asynchronous, and called in the format client.method(arg1, arg2..., callback) where callback is a function that handles the returned data. The arguments must be passed in order as listed on the API docs linked above.

Example Usage:

var market = 'LTCBTC';
var cryptsy = require('cryptsy-api');
var client = new cryptsy('my_public_key', 'my_private_key');

// Get the market ID for the NBL<-->BTC market
client.getmarketid(market, function(error, market_id) {
	// Display user's trades in that market
	client.mytrades(market_id, null, function(error, trades) {
		console.log('Your trades in the ' + market + ' market:');
			for(var i in trades)
				console.log('[ID: ' + trades[i].tradeid + ' Date: ' + trades[i].datetime + ' Type: ' + trades[i].tradetype + ' Quantity: ' + trades[i].quantity + ']');
			console.log('You don\'t have any trades in the ' + market + ' market!');


As of version 0.2.0, the callback function should conform to node's standard for callbacks:

function callback(error, result) {
	// Do stuff...


This package was first modeled after the mtgox-apiv2 npm package located here:

The methods were modeled after the python client located here:

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