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NodeJS Client Library for the Kraken ( API
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Node Kraken

NodeJS Client Library for the Kraken ( API

This is an asynchronous node js client for the API. It exposes all the API methods found here: through the api method:

Example Usage:

const key          = '...'; // API Key
const secret       = '...'; // API Private Key
const KrakenClient = require('kraken-api');
const kraken       = new KrakenClient(key, secret);

(async () => {
	// Display user's balance
	console.log(await kraken.api('Balance'));

	// Get Ticker Info
	console.log(await kraken.api('Ticker', { pair : 'XXBTZUSD' }));


As of version 1.0.0:

  • All methods return a promise.
  • The second argument (parameters) can be omitted.
  • The third argument to the constructor can be an object (configuration) or a string (OTP), for backwards compatibility.

As of version 0.1.0, the callback passed to the api function conforms to the Node.js standard of

function(error, data) {
	// ...

Thanks to @tehsenaus and @petermrg for pointing this out.


I used the example php implementation at and the python implementation at as references.

BTC donation address: 12X8GyUpfYxEP7sh1QaU4ngWYpzXJByQn5

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