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Click "Download ZIP" to download everything.

--Important Note for MAC USERS--
If you get an error " is damaged and can't be opened" - it is due to your Gatekeeper settings requiring apps be signed.  See for the solution.

The general info / docs on ProfTweak are at:

If something isn't working for you - there's a decent chance it's addressed there.  If things still don't work for you - feel free to bug me.

ProfTweak is built with Processing 2.0.3 and G4P v3.3 - use those versions only!  Building Proftweak with newer versions of Processing causes an issue launching from Makerware / Makerbot Desktop.  Newer versions of G4P have an issue where a leading “ “ can get appended to text entries.

ProfTweak is licensed as

-Rich Olson