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Cheddar for iOS Changelog

Version 1.1

Released on October 11, 2012

★ iPhone 5 & iOS 6 support

★ Full landscape support on iPhone

★ Extra keyboard keys to make typing tags and markdown easier

★ In-app browser for links

✔ Move tasks between lists (currently only on iPhone)

✔ URL scheme for use with other apps like LaunchCenter Pro

✔ TextExpander support

✔ Preference for font and text size

✔ Preference to make tapping a task do nothing, complete, or edit the task

✔ Support for filtering with multiple tags

✔ Remembers selected list across launches

✔ Finish adding tasks by pressing Go with an empty task

☂ Lots of bug fixes

Offline support and other great features will be coming in the next update!

Version 1.0

Released on June 26, 2012

Initial release