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Hardware Specs

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Hardware Specs


  • 120MHz ARM Cortex-M4 processor (ATSAM4SD32)
  • with secondary AVR co-processor

Flash & RAM

  • 2MB of onboard flash and 160KB of RAM
  • 1/4 of the onboard flash will be used by the OS
  • The flash is permanent (non-volatile) storage.


  • Bluetooth 4.0 BD/EDR + LE
  • Bluetooth 4.0 is backwards compatible with Bluetooth 2.1, so classic Bluetooth functions (BD/EDR, SPP/AVRCP/PBAP/etc.) will work fine.
  • HFP and PBAP for Caller ID and AVRCP for music control.
  • PXP for tethering.
  • For smartphone to smartwatch communication, we use GATT where available and SPP when GATT isn't supported by the phone.
  • We don't support HDP, as we're trying to limit power-hungry Classic Bluetooth communication to a minimum.
    You should be able to use sports and fitness profiles with GATT though; the programming model (same as used in Windows 8.1 apps) is pretty flexible and you can basically implement application profiles in C#, grab profile classes off the web and incorporate them into your project, etc.


  • 3D Accelerometer (Motion) ST LSM303DLHC
  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • Hardware power metering
  • No piezo/speaker or microphone.
  • Vibration Motor (we can pulse it to create vibration patterns, not sure about the vibration strength - driven with PWM)


  • QI Wireless Charging, no NFC, no wall adapter included
  • LED Backlight
  • No GPS in the watch. It uses the GPS in your phone.
  • AGENT watch apps are deployed and debugged wirelessly from your PC via Bluetooth.
  • .NET Micro Framework 4.3
  • RoHS, Pb-free
  • we looked at microphone and speaker, and decided that they weren't right for the smartwatch for a few reasons: (a) battery life consumption; (b) water-tightness; (c) talking into a watch really isn't as awesome in the real world as we imagined it would be :)
  • The back is not a stainless steel plate. The back has to be RV-permissive for wireless charging. You don't want your watch heating up :) And besides--the Qi chips are designed to shut off and not draw power if there's metal between the charging base and device's power receiver coil.


  • Expected to use a CR2430-sized rechargeable battery - replaceable
  • Estimated charging time from empty is 2 hours
  • 7 Days typical with Bluetooth on, 30 days with Bluetooth off (watchface only mode)
  • The battery should last at least 2 years, with 100s of charge cycles. 
  • The Qi charging plate does come with a USB cable that can charge from a PC or your wall adapter. We don't include a wall adapter because that really complicates international shipping and frankly everyone has one and we don't want to add to landfills any more than necessary.


  • Roughly 38mm top-to-bottom on the front face,
  • 35mm left-to-right on the front face,
  • and around 12mm in depth.
  • 22mm strap
  • Two ~1/16" hex screws to attach the watch pin
  • The top watchcase material candidates are PVD stainless steel, brushed matte ceramic, and high-quality polycarbonate (TBD).
  • The glass lens is mineral glass, Anti-glare glass lens


  • Leather and silicon straps will be available



  • "Pusher" buttons
  • The top-left button activates the backlight
  • Bottom-left changes apps
  • Three buttons on the right are up/select/down and can be used for custom purposes by apps.
  • Right middle button can be used for WatchFaces
  • Backup reset procedure is currently activated by holding the home/menu button and the top-right user button for about ten seconds

More Details

The accelerometer is 3-axis and can certainly work as a pedometer. All you need is an app to pull that data up to the Internet. This is an important capability that we made sure was baked in. 

Physical Dimensions

We should add a drawing and dimensions to the main page with more exact figures, but for the moment: roughly 38mm top-to-bottom on the front face, 35mm left-to-right on the front face, and around 12mm in depth. The watch lugs add a bit to that near the base, snuggling your wrist, where they attach to the 22mm strap.

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