Internationalization & Localization

Rob Chartier edited this page Jul 2, 2013 · 3 revisions
  1. The AGENT team is working on a list of character sets that we can support.
  2. AGENT uses Unicode to store all text (in UTF-8 format). It's been built for international language support, from day one.
  3. The UI is in English, and we have an "English and accented characters" font on the device. Of course apps can embed any font they'd like in any language.
  4. And even better--the extra Kickstarter funds are going to help us license fonts for other character sets (such as Cyrillic) so that notifications come through in your native language. There are some limitations since apps might not know what to do with beautiful RTL languages like Hebrew--and some character sets are just too huge for a little watch. We're not sure how much this is going to cost, or if some of them might need to be small software add-ons (via an app store), but we're aware and we're working on it.
  5. Simplified Chinese will be available to use as a font.
  6. With the v1.0 firmware, you'll be able to load one international language pack onto your smartwatch (in addition to the built-in Latin character set).