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Revision history for Perl extension Class-MOP.
1.03 Sat, Jun 5, 2010
* Make CMOP::Package a thin wrapper around Package::Stash (doy).
1.02 Thu, May 20, 2010
* Packages and modules no longer have methods - this functionality was
moved back up into Class::MOP::Class (doy).
* Metaclass incompatibility checking now checks all metaclass types. (doy)
* Class::MOP can now do simple metaclass incompatibility fixing: if your
class's metaclass is a subclass of your parent class's metaclass, it will
just use the parent class's metaclass directly. (doy)
1.01 Thu, May 6, 2010
* is_class_loaded, load_class and load_first_existing_class now allow
specifying a minimum required version (Florian Ragwitz).
* The __INSTANCE__ parameter to Class::MOP::Class::new_object now enforces
that the passed in reference is blessed into the correct class (by dying if
it's not) (doy, jhallock).
1.00 Thu, Mar 25, 2010
* Re-release 0.99 as 1.00.
0.99 Thu, Mar 25, 2010
* Fix typo in Class::MOP::Attribute (Franck Cuny).
0.98 Mon, Jan 18, 2010
* Added Class::MOP::Class->rebless_instance_back, which does the inverse of
rebless_instance (doy, rafl).
0.97_01 Mon, Jan 4, 2010
* Internal refactorings to move shared behavior into new "mixin" classes. This
made adding some new features to Moose much easier. (Dave Rolsky)
0.97 Fri, Dec 18, 2009
* No code changes, just packaging fixes to make this distro installable.
0.96 Fri, Dec 18, 2009
* tests
- Fixed t/082_get_code_info.t so it passes with bleadperl. (Dave Rolsky)
- Add XS & C files to no tabs check (Dave Rolsky)
- Convert all tests to done_testing. (Florian Ragwitz)
0.95 Wed, Nov 19, 2009
* Class::MOP
- Make is_class_loaded without any arguments fail loudly
(Florian Ragwitz).
- Make load_class throw more standard error messages when loading single
modules (nothingmuch).
* Class::MOP::Package
- Stop add_method from behaving differently under the debugger
(Florian Ragwitz).
* Class::MOP::Class
* Class::MOP::Package
- Any method which takes a method name as an argument now allows names
which are false (like "0"), but the name must be defined and not be an
empty string. (Dave Rolsky)
* Class::MOP::Class
- Deprecated get_attribute_map as a public method. You can use a
combination of get_attribute_list and get_attribute instead. (Dave
0.94 Tue, Sep 22, 2009
* Class::MOP::Attribute
- Introduce set_raw_value and get_raw_value, side effect free variants
of {get,set}_value. These don't do anything useful in Class::MOP but
have different behavior that set_value and get_value for Moose
attributes. (nothingmuch)
0.93 Tue, Sep 15, 2009
* Class::MOP
- The load_class function just returns true, since it's return value was
confusing (either a metaclass object or a class name). It either loads
a class or dies trying. In the future, this may change to not return
anything, since there's no point in checking its return
value. Addresses RT #45883. (Dave Rolsky)
* Class::MOP::Class::Trait::Immutable
- When throwing an error because of an immutable method, include that
method's name. Addresses RT #49680. (Shawn M Moore)
* Class::MOP::Package
- Adding the same sub reference to multiple packages failed to update
the method map properly. RT #48985. Reported by Paul Mooney. (Dave
- The get_method_map method is now private (and called as
_full_method_map or _method_map). The public version is available as a
deprecated method. (Dave Rolsky)
0.92_01 Thu, Sep 10, 2009
* Class::MOP::Package
- Backwards compatibility tweaks to XS for 5.8.1. (Goro Fuji)
* Class::MOP
- Make sure XS code handles magical scalars correctly. (Goro Fuji)
* Class::MOP::Class
- Documented the immutable_options method, which is useful if you need
to make a class mutable temporarily, and then nede to restore
immutability. (Dave Rolsky)
* Many modules
- Deprecated features have been moved to their own module,
Class::MOP::Deprecated, for easier deprecation management. (Goro Fuji)
0.92 Thu Aug 13, 2009
* Class::MOP::Class
* Class::MOP::Package
- Move get_method_map and its various scaffolding into Package. (hdp)
* Class::MOP::Method
- Allow Class::MOP::Method->wrap to take a Class::MOP::Method object as
the first argument, rather than just a coderef. (doy)
* Class::MOP::Attribute
* Class::MOP::Class
- Allow attribute names to be false (while still requiring them to be
defined). (rafl)
0.91 Wed Jul 29, 2009
* Class::MOP::Method::Wrapped
- Fixing variable usage issues with the patch from previous
version, not properly using lexicals in the for
loops. (stevan)
0.90 Tue Jul 21, 2009
Japan Perl Association has sponsored Goro Fuji to improve startup
performance of Class::MOP and Moose. These enhancements may break
backwards compatibility if you're doing (or using) complex
metaprogramming, so, as always, test your code!
* Class::MOP::Class
* XS
- Anonymous classes were not completely destroyed when they went
out of scope, leading to a memory leak. RT #47480. (Goro
* Class::MOP::Class
- The get_method, has_method, and add_method methods no longer
use get_method_map. Method objects are instantiated
lazily. This significantly improves Class::MOP's load
time. (Goro Fuji)
* All classes
- Inline fewer metaclass-level constructors since the ones we
have are perfectly fine. This reduces the number of string
evals. (Goro Fuji)
* Class::MOP::Method::Wrapped
- If a method modifier set $_, this caused the modifier to blow
up, because of some weird internals. (Jeremy Stashewsky)
0.89 Fri Jul 3, 2009
* Class::MOP::Class
* Class::MOP::Class::Immutable::Trait
- Made the Trait act like a role with a bunch of "around"
modifiers, rather than sticking it in the inheritance
hierarchy. This fixes various problems that caused with
metaclass compatibility, which broke Fey::ORM.
* Class::MOP::Method
- Allow a blessed code reference as the method body. Fixes a
problem interaction with MooseX::Types. (ash)
* Class::MOP::Instance
- add inline version of rebless_instance_structure. (doy)
- change inline_slot_access to use single quotes (gphat)
0.88 Tue, Jun 23, 2009
* Class::MOP::Class
- Moved the __INSTANCE__ parameter to _construct_instance from
Moose to here. (doy)
- Fixed some issues involving metaclasses of metaclasses and
immutability. (doy)
0.87 Sun, Jun 21, 2009
* Various
- Made sure to always local-ize $@ and $SIG{__DIE__} before
calling an eval. Fixes RT #45973.
* Class::MOP::Class
- Synced docs about immutability with the current reality (which
changed back in 0.82_01)
- Removed the immutable_transformer method, which had been
returning undef since 0.82_01 anyway.
* Tests
- Got rid of tests which needed Moose and improved testing of
constructor/destructor inlining warnings. Fixes RT #47119.
0.86 Tue, Jun 16, 2009
* Class::MOP::Class
- If you redefined a subroutine at runtime and then wrapped it
with a method modifier, the modifier could in some cases wrap
the original version of the subroutine. Fixes RT #46957.
* Class::MOP::Class
- make_immutable issues a warning instead of overriding an
existing DESTROY method (Dylan William Hardison). Fixes RT
0.85 Sat, Jun 6, 2009
* Class::MOP::Attribute
- Allow default values to be Class::MOP::Methods. (Florian
- Test the above. (Rhesa Rozendaal)
- Tweak original commit so the intent matches the accepted
behavior (Nicholas Perez)
* Class::MOP
- Localize $SIG{__DIE__} inside _try_load_one_class (Sartak)
* Class::MOP::Class
- Add direct_subclasses method (Sartak)
- Tests for subclasses and direct_subclasses (Sartak)
- subname is no longer used unconditionally in add_method, but
only if the code reference's name is '__ANON__' (nothingmuch)
- Add a hook for _superclasses_updated (Sartak)
* Class::MOP::Method
- Remove long, old warning about possibly outdated modules
0.84 Tue, May 12, 2009
* Makefile.PL
- Depend on Text::Exception 0.27 to avoid failing tests ond old
versions (rafl)
* Class::MOP
- Made is_class_loaded a little stricter. It was reporting that
a class was loaded if it merely had an @ISA variable in its
stash. Now it checks that the @ISA var has elements in it.
- Deprecate in_global_destruction and subname re-exporting
(perigrin & Sartak)
* Class::MOP::Class
- Explicitly use Devel::GlobalDestruction and Sub::Name
* Class::MOP::Package
- Disable prototype mismatch warnings for add_package_symbol.
(Florian Ragwitz)
* Tests
- Add test for finding methods from $meta->name->meta before immutable,
0.83 Mon, April 27, 2009
* Class::MOP::Class
- Fix segfault when calling get_method_map on a metaclass for an empty
package (doy)
0.82_02 Fri, April 24, 2009
* Class::MOP::Method::Inlined
- Don't inline if the expected method is not defined at all (happens with
e.g. Moose::Object::_new is the expected method due to an overridden
* Tests
- Some tests were trying to load Class::MOP::Immutable, which
was removed in 0.82_01.
0.82_01 Thu, April 23, 2009
* Class::MOP::Immutable (and others)
- Refactor the immutability system to use a pre-defined class
for the immutable metaclass of Class::MOP::Class::Immutable::$class
- Rather than generating methods into this class every time, use
a Trait (basic mixin) to supply the cached methods
- Remove the hack that returns the mutable metaclass for
metacircularity in order to provide consistent meta-metaclasses
for the Moose compatibility handling code
(mst broke it, nothingmuch fixed it)
0.82 Mon, April 20, 2009
* Various
- The deprecation wrappers for some renamed methods were not
passing arguments to the new method. (nothingmuch)
* Class::MOP::Immutable
- Warn during immutablization if the local class provides its own
constructor, to parallel the warning in Moose when a superclass
provides its own constructor (doy)
0.81 Tue, April 7, 2009
* Class::MOP
* Class::MOP::Class
* Class::MOP::Instance
* Class::MOP::Attribute
* Class::MOP::Method::Accessor
* Class::MOP::Method::Constructor
- Include stack traces in the deprecation warnings introduced in
0.80_01. (Florian Ragwitz)
* MOP.xs
- Avoid c compiler warnings by declaring some unused function
arguments. (Florian Ragwitz)
0.80_01 Sun, April 5, 2009
* Makefile.PL
- Make sure to preserve any compiler flags already defined in Patch by Vincent Pit. RT #44739.
* Many methods have been renamed with a leading underscore, and a
few have been deprecated entirely. The methods with a leading
underscore are considered "internals only". People writing
subclasses or extensions to Class::MOP should feel free to
override them, but they are not for "public" use.
- Class::MOP::Class
- construct_class_instance => _construct_class_instance (use new_object)
- construct_instance => _construct_instance (use new_object)
- check_metaclass_compatibility => _check_metaclass_compatibility
- create_meta_instance => _create_meta_instance (use get_meta_instance)
- clone_instance => _clone_instance (use clone_object)
- compute_all_applicable_methods is deprecated, use get_all_methods
- compute_all_applicable_attributes is deprecated, use get_all_attributes
- Class::MOP::Instance
- bless_instance_structure is deprecated and will be removed
in a future release
- Class::MOP::Module
- create has been renamed to _instantiate_module. This method
does not construct an object, it evals some code that
creates the relevant package in Perl's symbol table.
- Class::MOP::Method::Accessor
- initialize_body => _initialize_body (this is always called
when an object is constructed)
- /(generate_.*_method(?:_inline)?)/ => '_' . $1
- Class::MOP::Method::Constructor
- initialize_body => _initialize_body (this is always called
when an object is constructed)
- /(generate_constructor_method(?:_inline)?)/ => '_' . $1
- attributes => _attributes
- meta_instance => _meta_instance
0.80 Wed, April 1, 2009
* Class::MOP::*
- Call user_class->meta in fewer places, with the eventual goal
of allowing the user to rename or exclude ->meta
altogether. Instead uses Class::MOP::class_of. (Sartak)
* Class::MOP
- New class_of function that should be used to retrieve a
metaclass. This is unlike get_metaclass_by_name in that it
accepts instances, not just class names. (Sartak)
* Class::MOP
- load_first_existing_class didn't actually load the first
existing class; instead, it loaded the first existing and
compiling class. It now throws an error if a class exists (in
@INC) but fails to compile. (hdp)
* Class::MOP
* Class::MOP::Class
- we had some semi-buggy code that purported to provide a
HAS_ISAREV based on whether mro had get_isarev (due to an
oversight, it always returned 1). Since mro and MRO::Compat
have always had get_isarev, HAS_ISAREV was pointless. This
insight simplified the subclasses method by deleting the
pure-perl fallback. HAS_ISAREV is now deprecated. (Sartak)
0.79 Fri, March 29, 2009
* No changes from 0.78_02.
0.78_02 Thu, March 26, 2009
* Class::MOP::Class
* Class::MOP::Immutable
- A big backwards-incompatible refactoring of the Immutable API,
and the make_immutable/make_mutable pieces of the Class
API. The core __PACKAGE__->meta->make_immutable API remains
the same, however, so this should only affect the most
guts-digging code.
* XS code
- The XS code used a macro, XSPROTO, that's only in 5.10.x. This
has been fixed to be backwards compatible with 5.8.x.
* Class::MOP::Class
- Add a hook for rebless_instance_away (Sartak)
- Use blessed instead of ref to get an instance's class name
in rebless_instance. (Sartak)
0.78_01 Wed, March 18, 2009
* Class::MOP::*
- Revised and reorganized all of the API documentation. All
classes now have (more or less) complete API documentation.
* Class::MOP::Class
* Class::MOP::Instance
- Reblessing into a package that supports overloading wasn't
properly adding overload magic to the object due to a bug
in (at least) 5.8.8. We now use $_[1] directly which seems
to set the magic properly. (Sartak)
* Class::MOP::Attribute
- The process_accessors method is now private. A public alias
exists (and will stick around for a few releases), but it
warns that calling the public method is deprecated.
* Class::MOP::Method::Generated
- Removed the new and _new methods, since this is an abstract
base class, and all existing subclasses implement their own
* MOP.xs
- Stop is_class_loaded from thinking a class is loaded if it
only has an empty GV (Florian Ragwitz).
- Add a test for this (Yappo).
- Refactor get_all_package_symbols to allow short-circuiting
(Florian Ragwitz).
- Use this in is_class_loaded (Florian Ragwitz).
- Stop segfaulting when trying to get the name from a sub that's
still being compiled (Florian Ragwitz).
- Add tests for this (Florian Ragwitz).
- Prefix all public symbols with "mop_" (Florian Ragwitz).
- Clean up and simplify prehashing of hash keys (Florian Ragwitz).
- Simplify creating simple xs reader methods (Florian Ragwitz).
- Make everything compile with c++ compilers (Florian Ragwitz).
- Upgrade ppport.h from 3.14 to 3.17 (Florian Ragwitz).
* Tests
- Remove optional test plans for tests depending on Sub::Name as
we have a hard dependency on Sub::Name anyway (Florian Ragwitz).
* Makefile.PL
- Rebuild all c code if mop.h has changed (Florian Ragwitz)
0.78 Mon, February 23, 2009
* No changes from 0.77_01
0.77_01 Sun, February 22, 2009
* Everything
- This package now requires its XS components. Not using
Sub::Name lead to different behavior and bugginess in the pure
Perl version of the code. A Moose test would fail when run
against the pure Perl version of this code.
* Class::MOP::Instance
- The inline_* methods now quote attribute names themselves, and
don't expect to receive a quoted value.
0.77 Sat, February 14, 2009
* MOP.xs
- Avoid assertion errors on debugging perls in is_class_loaded
(Florian Ragwitz)
* Class::MOP
- Fixed various corner cases where is_class_loaded incorrectly
returned true for a class that wasn't really loaded. (Dave
* Class::MOP::Class
- Add get_all_method_names (Sartak)
- Add a wrapped_method_metaclass attribute (Florian Ragwitz)
* Class::MOP::Package
- Disable deprecated get_all_package_symbols in list
context. (Florian Ragwitz)
* Makefile.PL
- Make sure we generate a BSD-compatible Makefile (Florian
* Class::MOP::Class
- The misspelled "check_metaclass_compatability" method we've
kept around for backwards compat_i_bility will be removed in a
near future release. You've been warned.
0.76 Thu, January 22, 2009
* Class::MOP::Method::Generated
- Added new private methods to support code generation, which
are being used by Moose and can be used by MooseX
authors. (mst)
- Generated methods are now generated with a #line directive
reflecting the source of the generated method. (nothingmuch)
* Class::MOP::Class
- Clarified documentation of methods that return
Class::MOP::Method objects. (doy)
* Class::MOP
- Clarified documentation of the metaclass cache methods. (Sartak)
* Tests
- Add test showing how the xs Class::MOP::is_class_loaded can
be made to operate differently to the pure perl version (t0m)
0.75 Wed, December 31, 2008
* Class::MOP::Class
- A class that was made immutable and then mutable could end up
sharing an immutable transformer object
(Class::MOP::Immutable) with other classes, leading to all
sorts of odd bugs. Reported by t0m. (Dave Rolsky)
0.74 Tue, December 25, 2008
* MOP.xs
- Add an xs implementation of Class::MOP::is_class_loaded (closes
RT#41862). Based on a patch by Goro Fuji. (Florian Ragwitz)
- Changed internals to make prehashing of hash keys easier and less
error-prone. (Florian Ragwitz)
* Class::MOP::Class
- Fix documentation to show that around modifiers happen on both
sides of the modified method. (Dave Rolsky)
0.73 Tue, December 16, 2008
* MOP.xs
- Don't use Perl_mro_meta_init. It's not part of the public perl
api. Fixes failures to build on Win32 (RT #41750). (Florian
* t/082_get_code_info.t
- Add $^P &= ~0x200; (per Ovid's suggestion) in order to not
munger anonymous subs when under -d and so making the tests
succeed in that case.
0.72 Mon, December 8, 2008
* Class::MOP::Package
- Pass options to _new, so subclass' attributes can be
initialized (Sartak)
* Class::MOP::Method
- In the docs, indicate that package_name and name are required
when calling ->wrap (Stefan O'Rear)
0.71_02 Fri, December 5, 2008
* Class::MOP::Immutable
- Added a new attribute, inlined_constructor, which is true if
the constructor was inlined.
* Class::MOP::Package
- Make get_all_package_symbols return a hash ref in scalar
context and deprecate calling it in list context with a
warning. (Florian Ragwitz)
* MOP.xs
- Various improvements and refactoring, making things more robust and
easier to maintain. (Florian Ragwitz)
0.71_01 Wed, December 3, 2008
* Class::MOP::Method
- Add an "execute" method to invoke the body so
we can avoid using the coderef overload (Sartak)
* Class::MOP::Immutable
- When we memoize methods, get their results lazily
to remove some compile-time cost (Sartak)
- Small speedup from eliminating several method
calls (Sartak)
* Class::MOP::Class
- Some small internal tweaks to try to reduce the number of
times we call get_method_map when bootstrapping the MOP. This
might make loading Class::MOP (and Moose) a little
faster. (Dave Rolsky)
- Implemented an optional XS version of get_method_map. Mostly
taken from a patch by Goro Fuji ( #41080), with
help form Florian Ragwitz. (Dave Rolsky)
- Make the behaviour of of get_all_package_symbols (and
therefore get_method_map) consistent for stub methods. Report
and test by Goro Fuji ( #41255). (Florian Ragwitz)
0.71 Wed November 26, 2008
* Class::MOP::Class
* Class::MOP::Module
- Actual package creation has moved upward from
Class to Module so that Moose roles can share
the code (Sartak)
0.70_01 Mon, November 19, 2008
* Class::MOP
- Fixes for failures with blead (Florian Ragwitz)
- Silenced compiler warnings (Florian Ragwitz)
0.70 Fri, November 14, 2008
* Class::MOP
- Fixed an odd corner case where the XS version of
get_all_package_symbols could cause a segfault. This only
happened with inlined constants in Perl 5.10.0 (Florian
0.69 Fri, November 7, 2008
* Class::MOP::Method::Wrapped
- Added introspection methods for method modifiers (Dave Rolsky)
0.68 Fri October 24, 2008
* Class::MOP
- Make load_class require by file name instead of module name.
This stops confusing error messages when loading '__PACKAGE__'.
(Florian Ragwitz)
- Add load_one_class_of function to enable you to load one of a
list of classes, rather than having to call load_class multiple
times in an eval. (t0m)
0.67 Tue October 14, 2008
* Class::MOP::Class
- Call a method on the class after setting the superclass list
so that we can get Perl to detect cycles before MRO::Compat
spirals into an infinite loop (sartak)
- Reported by Schwern, [ #39001]
- In create(), pass unused options on to initialize()
- added test for this
0.66 Sat September 20, 2008
!! This release has an incompatible change regarding !!
introspection of a class's method with Class::MOP::Class !!
* Tests and XS
- We (us maintainers) now run all tests with XS and then without
XS, which should help us catch skew between the XS/pure Perl
code. (Dave Rolsky)
* Class::MOP::Class
! The alias_method method has been deprecated. It now simply
calls add_method instead. There is no distinction between
aliased methods and "real" methods.
This means that methods added via alias_method now show up as
part of the class's method list/map. This is a backwards
incompatible change, but seems unlikely to break any
code. Famous last words. (Dave Rolsky)
* Class::MOP::Class
- Fixed the spelling of "compatibility", but we still have a
"check_metaclass_compatability" method for backwards
0.65 Mon September 1, 2008
For those not following the series of dev releases, the changes
from 0.64 from 0.65 can mostly be summed up as a lot performance
improvements by nothingmuch, including new optional XS versions of
some methods. Also, Class::MOP now works _without_ any XS modules,
for sad systems without a compiler.
* Class::MOP::Method
- Added name and package_name XS accessors, and make sure all
the XS and Perl versions work the same way. (Dave Rolsky)
* MOP.xs
- The XS versions of various methods just returned undef when
called class methods, rather than dying like the pure Perl
versions. (Dave Rolsky)
0.64_07 Fri August 29, 2008
* Class::MOP
- Silenced warnings that managed to break Moose tests when XS
was loaded. (Dave Rolsky)
- Some XS versions of methods were ignored because of typos in
MOP.xs. (Dave Rolsky)
0.64_06 Mon August 25, 2008
* Class::MOP (MOP.xs)
- Another MS VC++ fix, cannot declare a variable in the middle
of a scope (Taro Nishino).
0.64_05 Sun August 24, 2008
* Class::MOP
- None of the dev releases actually loaded the XS properly, but
we silently fell back to the pure Perl version of the
code. (Dave Rolsky)
* Class::MOP (MOP.xs)
- Replaced some code that used functions not available on Visual
C++ with some Perl XS API bits (Dave Rolsky).
0.64_04 Sat August 23, 2008
* Class::MOP::Class
- Workaround a bug in 5.8.1's goto sub (nothingmuch)
* pod.t and pod_coveraget.t
- These are no longer shipped with the tarball because of bogus
failures from CPAN testers. (Dave Rolsky)
0.64_03 Thu August 21, 2008
* Class::MOP::Package
- Some (legit) code was misparsed by earlier 5.8.x
releases. (nothingmuch)
* Class::MOP
- Fix a constant in void context warning (nothingmuch)
0.64_02 Thu August 21, 2008
* Makefile.PL and Class::MOP
- Explicitly require Perl 5.8.0+ (Dave Rolsky)
* Makefile.PL
- Add missing prereqs that got lost in the switch away from
* Class::MOP::Instance
- New method - get_all_attributes (nothingmuch)
0.64_01 Wed August 20, 2008
* Makefile.PL
- We now check to see if you have a compiler. If you don't, the
module installs without some XS bits, but will work the same
as with XS. This should make it easier to install on platforms
without a compiler (like Windows). (Dave Rolsky)
* many modules
- Perl 6 style attribute naming replaced with sane style ('methods', not
'%!methods'). These changes should not impact any existing API uses.
* many modules
- Quite a number of optimizations based on profiling, including
allowing constructors to take hash references instead of
hashes, duplicating some frequently used code in XS, and
making constructors immutable. These changes should not impact
any existing API uses. (nothingmuch)
* Many modules
- Constructors now respect the meta attributes of their subclasses,
facilitating MOP extensibility. More related changes will happen in the
next several releases. (nothingmuch)
* Class::MOP::Class
- New method - get_all_methods, replaces the deprecated
compute_all_applicable_methods. get_all_attributes provided for
consistency (nothingmuch)
- New method - wrap_method was refactored out of get_method_map
- New API for meta instance invalidation - invalidate_meta_instance,
invalidate_meta_instances, add_dependent_meta_instance,
remove_dependent_meta_instance, called automatically when attribute
definitions change and allows notification of dependent subclasses.
0.64 Sun August 3, 2008
* Class::MOP::Immutable
- fixing subtle edge case in immutable when you
call ->meta (stevan)
- clean up option processing (nothingmuch)
* Class::MOP::Instance
- inlined initialize slot didn't match
non-inlined (nothingmuch)
0.63 Mon July 7, 2008
* Class::MOP
- load_class will initialize a metaclass even if
the class is already loaded (sartak)
- load_class now returns the metaclass instance
instead of just 1 (sartak)
* elsewhere
- better error messages (sartak and Dave Rolsky)
0.62 Wed June 18, 2008
- in is_class_loaded, recognize scalar references (as opposed to globs) in
the symbol table as methods (these are optimized constant subs)
0.61 Fri. June 13, 2008
- Okay, lets give this another try and see if PAUSE
recognizes it correct this time.
0.60 Thurs. Jun 12, 2008
- Fixed a version number issue by bumping all modules
to 0.60.
0.59 Thurs. Jun 12, 2008
!! Several fixes resulting in yet another 25-30% speedup !!
* Class::MOP::Class
- now stores the instance of the instance
metaclass to avoid needless recomputation
and deletes it when the cache is blown
- introduce methods to query Class::MOP::Class for
the options used to make it immutable as well as
the proper immutable transformer. (groditi)
* Class::MOP::Package
- {add, has, get, remove}_package_symbol all
now accept a HASH ref argument as well as the
string. All internal usages now use the HASH
ref version.
* Class::MOP
- MOP.xs does sanity checks on the coderef
to avoid a segfault
- is_class_loaded check now uses code that
was improved in Moose's ClassName type
check (Sartak)
- nonsensical (undef, empty, reference) class
names now throw a more direct error in
load_class (Sartak)
- tests for this and other aspects of
load_class (Sartak)
* Class::MOP
- switched usage of reftype to ref because
it is much faster
0.58 Thurs. May 29, 2008
(late night release engineering)--
- fixing the version is META.yml, no functional
changes in this release
0.57 Wed. May 28, 2008
!! Several speedups resulting in 20-25% speedups !!
|| (thanks to konobi, groditi, mst & CataMoose) !!
* Class::MOP::Class
- made get_method_map use list_all_package_symbols
instead of manually grabbing each symbol
- streamlining &initialize somewhat, since it gets
called so much
* Class::MOP::Package
- made {get, has}_package_symbol not call
&namespace so much
- inlining a few calls to &name with
direct HASH access key access
- added get_all_package_symbols to fetch
a HASH of items based on a type filter
similar to list_all_package_symbols
- added tests for this
* Class::MOP::Method
- added more descriptive error message to help
keep people from wasting time tracking an error
that is easily fixed by upgrading.
* Class::MOP::Immutable
- Don't inline a destructor unless the user actually
needs one
- added tests for this
0.56 Saturday, May 24, 2008
* Class::MOP
- we now get the &check_package_cache_flag
function from MRO::Compat
- All XS based functionality now has a
Pure Perl alternative
- the CLASS_MOP_NO_XS environment variable
can now be used to force non-XS versions
to always be used
* Class::MOP::Attribute
- add has_read_method and has_write_method
- get_{read,write}_method_ref now wraps the
anon-sub ref in the method metaclass when
- added tests for this
* Class::MOP::Immutable
- added the ability to "wrap" methods when
making the class immutable
* Class::MOP::Class
- now handling the edge case of ->meta->identifier
dying by wrapping add_package_symbol to specifically
allow for it to work.
- added tests for this
* Class::MOP::Attribute
- any time a method meta object is constructed
we make sure to pass the correct package and
method name information
* Class::MOP::Method
- the &wrap constructor method now requires that a
'package_name' and 'name' attribute are passed. This
is to help support the no-XS version, and will
throw an error if these are not supplied.
- all these classes are now bootstrapped properly
and now store the package_name and name attributes
correctly as well
~ Build.PL has been removed since the
Module::Install support has been removed
0.55 Mon. April 28, 2008
- All classes now have proper C3 MRO support
- added MRO::Compat as a dependency to allow
for the C3 MRO support to Just Work in all
perl versions
* Class::MOP::Class
- rebless_instance now returns the instance
it has just blessed, this is mostly to
facilitate chaining
- set the attr correctly in rebless_instance
when it has no init_arg
- tweaked &linear_isa and &class_precedence_list
to support c3 classes.
0.54 Fri. March, 14, 2008
* Class::MOP
- making sure that load_class never gets
passed a value from @_ or $_ to squash
Ovid's bug (
* Class::MOP::Class
- make_{immutable,mutable} now return 1
(cause Sartak asked)
- improved error handling in ->create method
- rebless_instance now takes extra params which
will be used to populate values
- added tests for this
* Class::MOP::Object
- localizing the Data::Dumper configurations so
that it does not pollute others (RT #33509)
* Class::MOP::Class
- these classes no longer define their own ->meta,
but instead just inherit from Class::MOP::Object
* Class::MOP::Instance
- these classes now inherit from Class::MOP::Object
* t/
- fixed the filename length on several
test files so we install on VMS better
(RT #32295)
- fixed incorrect use of catdir when it
should be catfile (RT #32385)
0.53 Thurs. Feb. 14, 1008
~~ several doc. fixes and updates ~~
* Class::MOP::Class
- making init_arg accept an undefined value
to indicate that no constructor args can
be passed (thanks to nothingmuch)
- added tests for this
- added attribute initializer attribute (rjbs)
* Class::MOP.
- making this use the new init_arg => undef
feature instead of the silly hack from
before (thanks to nothingmuch)
0.52 Tues. Jan. 22, 2008
* Class::MOP::Class
- fixed bug in rebless_instance
(discovered by ash)
* Class::MOP::Method::Constructor
- removed assumptions about the existence of
a &meta method
0.51 Mon. Jan. 14, 2008
~~~ some misc. doc. fixes ~~~
~~ updated copyright dates ~~
* Class::MOP
- now sets the IS_RUNNING_ON_5_10
constant so that we can take advantage
of some of the nice bits of 5.10
* Class::MOP::Class
- uses the IS_RUNNING_ON_5_10 flag to
optimize the &linearized_isa method
and avoid the hack/check for circular
inheritence in &class_precedence_list
- added rebless_instance method (Sartak)
- added tests for this
* Class::MOP::Immutable
- the immutable class now keeps track of
the transformer which immutablized it
* Class::MOP::Instance
- added rebless_instance_structure method (Sartak)
- added tests for this
0.50 Fri. Dec. 21, 2007
* Class::MOP::Class
- fixed bug in immutable to make sure that
transformation arguments are saved
correctly (mst)
- added tests for this
* Class::MOP::Immutable
- fixed a bug (see above)
* Class::MOP::Attribute
- some doc updates
0.49 Fri. Dec. 14, 2007
!! Class::MOP now loads 2 x faster !!
!! with XS speedups (thanks konobi) !!
* Class::MOP
- removed the dependency on B
- added two XS functions (thanks konobi)
- get_code_info($code) which replaces all
the B fiddling we were doing with
faster/leaner XS level fiddling
- check_package_cache_flag($pkg_name) which
returns the PL_sub_generation variable to
be used to help manage method caching.
In 5.10 or greater this will actually
use the mro::get_pkg_gen instead to give
even more accurate caching information.
blblack++ for that stuff :)
* Class::MOP::Class
- added the &subclasses method (thanks rlb)
- added the update_package_cache_flag and
reset_package_cache_flag which help keep
track of when we need to re-fetch the
method map.
- Several small improvements to take advantage
of the new method map caching features
0.48 Mon. Nov. 26, 2007
* Class::MOP::Attribute
- fixed get_read/write_method to handle the
HASH ref case, which makes the
get_read/write_method_ref handle it too.
- added more tests for this
0.47 Sat. Nov. 24, 2007
* Class::MOP::Attribute
- fixed misspelling in get_write_method_ref
- added more tests for this
0.46 Fri. Nov. 23, 2007
* Class::MOP::Class
- added the linearized_isa method instead of constantly
pruning duplicate classes (this will be even more
useful in the 5.10-compat version coming soon)
* Class::MOP::Attribute
- added the get_read_method_ref and get_write_method_ref
methods which allow you to retrieve a CODE ref which
can always be used to read or write an attribute.
0.45 Thurs. Nov. 13, 2007
* Class::MOP::Attribute
- Fix error message on confess (groditi)
0.44 Thurs. Nov. 13, 2007
- Apparently I didn't make dist correctly (groditi)
0.43 Thurs. Nov. 13, 2007
* Class::MOP
- Add support for the 'builder' attribute (groditi)
* Class::MOP::Class
- optimise metaclass-already-exists check in
construct_class_instance (groditi)
- duplicate check into initialize to save a
call through (groditi)
* Class::MOP::Attribute
- Add support for the 'builder' attribute (groditi)
- Make predicates check for the existence of a value, not whether
it is defined (groditi)
* Class::MOP::Instance
- Make predicates check for the existence of a value, not whether
it is defined (groditi)
* Class::MOP::Method::Accessor
- made this a subclass of Class::MOP::Method::Generated
- removed the relevant attributes
* Class::MOP::Method::Constructor
- fixed the cached values we had to be more sane
- made this a subclass of Class::MOP::Method::Generated
- fixed generated constructor so it properly handles
subclasses now.
- added tests for this
- added the option to allow for both inlined and
non-inlined constructors.
- Update inlined methods for builder and predicate changes (groditi)
* Class::MOP::Method::Generated
- added this class as an abstract base for the
Class::MOP::Method::{Constructor,Accessor} classes
- added tests for this
- Alter tests (005, 014 020, 021) for new builder addition (groditi)
- Tests for new predicate behavior (and corrections to old tests) (groditi)
- Update ArrayRef based class example to work with predicate changes
0.42 Mon. July 16, 2007
!!! Horray for mst, he fixed it !!!
* Class::MOP::Package
- alter symbol table handling to deal with 5.8.x and 5.9.x
* t/
- Get rid of the crappy workaround from 0.40/41
0.41 Sun. July 15, 2007
* t/
Arghh!!! My TODO test didn't work, so I handle
it manually now so that people can use this
with 5.9.5/bleadperl without issue.
0.40 Tues, July 3, 2007
* t/
~ marked a test in 003_methods.t as TODO
for perl 5.9.5 (this test is irrelvant to
the module functioning on 5.9.5 for the most
part anyway)
0.39 Mon. June 18, 2007
* Class::MOP::Immutable
- added make_metaclass_mutable + docs (groditi)
- removed unused variable
- added create_immutable_transformer
necessary for sane overloading of immutable behavior
- tests for this (groditi)
* Class::MOP::Class
- Immutability can now be undone,
added make_mutable + tests + docs (groditi)
- Massive changes to the way Immutable is done
for details see comments next to make_immutable
This fixes a bug where custom metaclasses broke
when made immutable. We are now keeping one immutable
metaclass instance per metaclass instead of just one
to prevent isa hierarchy corruption. Memory use will go
up, but I suspect it will be neglible.
- New tests added for this behavior. (groditi)
0.38 Thurs. May 31, 2007
~~ More documentation updates ~~
* Class::MOP::Package
- we now deal with stub methods properly
- added tests for this
- fixed some tests failing on 5.9.5 (thanks blblack)
* Class::MOP::Attribute
- added get_read_method and get_write_method
thanks to groditi for this code, tests
and docs.
- added tests and POD for this
* Class::MOP::Class
- fixed RT issue #27329, clone object now
handles undef values correctly.
- added tests for this
- Corrected anon-class handling so that they
will not get reaped when instances still
exist which need to reference them. This is
the correct behavior, hopefully this is an
obscure enough feature that there are not too
many work arounds out in the wild.
- added tests for this by groditi
- updated docs to explain this
* metaclass
- load custom metaclasses automatically (thanks groditi)
- added tests for this behavior
0.37 Sat. March 10, 2007
~~ Many, many documentation updates ~~
* Class::MOP
- added &load_class and &is_class_loaded
- added tests and docs for these
* Class::MOP::Attribute
- default now checks the instance with defined to
avoid setting off bool-overloads (found by Carl Franks)
* /t
- bad name in a test, causing meaningless failuress.
No other changes.
- All attribute names are now consistent and follow Perl 6
style (prefixed with the sigil, and ! as the twigil for
private attrs). This should not affect any code, unless
you broke encapsulation, in which case, it is your problem
!! Class::MOP::Class::Immutable has been removed
* Class::MOP::Method::Constructor
- this has been moved out of Class::MOP::Class::Immutable
and is a proper subclass of Class::MOP::Method now.
* Class::MOP::Class
- this module now uses Class::MOP::Immutable for the
immutable transformation instead of
+ Class::MOP::Immutable
- this module now controls the transformation from a mutable
to an immutable version of the class. Docs for this will
be coming eventually.
0.36 Sun. Nov. 5, 2006
* Class::MOP::Class
- added a few 'no warnings' lines to keep annoying
(and meaningless) warnings from chirping during
global destruction.
* Class::MOP
- some more bootstrapping is now done on the new
* Class::MOP::Class::Immutable
*** API CHANGE ***
- constructor generation is now handled by
the Class::MOP::Method::Constructor class
* Class::MOP::Method::Constructor
- created this to handle constructor generation
in Class::MOP::Class::Immutable
* Class::MOP::Attribute
*** API CHANGE ***
- attributes now delegate to the
Class::MOP::Method::Accessor to generate
* Class::MOP::Method::Accessor
- all accessor generation functions from
Class::MOP::Attribute have been moved here
0.35 Sat. Sept. 30, 2006
* scripts/
- initial prototype of a class browser, more
on this to come. Comments and patches are
very much welcome.
* Class::MOP
- All Class::MOP::* accessors are no longer
re-generated in the bootstrap, instead
they are aliased from the originals
- fixed tests to reflect
- added Class::MOP::Method (and its subclasses)
to the bootstrap
- adjusted tests for this
- added the Class::MOP::Instance attributes
to the bootstrap
* Class::MOP::Method
*** API CHANGE ***
- methods are no longer blessed CODE refs
but are actual objects which can be CODE-ified
- adjusted tests to compensate
- adjusted docs for this
* Class::MOP::Class
- changed how methods are dealt with to
encapsulate most of the work into the
&get_method_map method
- made several adjustments for the change
in Class::MOP::Method
- &add_attribute now checks if you are adding
a duplicate name, and properly removes the
old one before installing the new one
- added tests for this
- adjusted docs for this
* Class::MOP::Class::Immutable
- added caching of &get_method_map
- fixed issue with &get_package_symbol
- cleaned up the methods that die (patch by David Wheeler)
* Class::MOP::Package
- added filtering capabilities to
0.34 Sat. Aug. 26, 2006
* Class::MOP::Class
- added the %:methods attribute, which like
the $:version and such just actually goes
to the symbol table to get it's stuff.
However, it makes the MOP more complete.
- The &create method now requires that all
but the package name now is passed in as
named parameters. See docs for more info.
- updated docs and tests for this
* Class::MOP::Object
- added &dump method to easily Data::Dumper
an object
* Class::MOP
- cleaned up the initialization of attributes
which do not store things in the instance
- added the %:methods attribute definition to
the bootstrap
~ lots of misc. test cleanup
0.33 Sat. Aug. 19, 2006
* Class::MOP::Class
- moved the metaclass cache out of here
and it is now in Class::MOP itself.
* Class::MOP
- moved all the metaclass cache stuff here
- fixed all tests for this
* Class::MOP::Attribute
- reference values (other than CODE refs)
are no longer allowed for defaults
- added tests for this
* Class::MOP::Package
- fixed an issue with perl 5.8.1 and how it deals
with symbol tables. The namespace hash is now
always reloaded from the symbol table.
~ lots of misc. documentation cleanup
0.32 Sat. Aug. 12, 2006
+ added Class::MOP::Object so that the
metamodel is more complete (and closer
to what Perl 6 will probably be).
* Class::MOP::Package
- refactored entire class, this is now
the primary gateway between the metaclass
and the Perl 5 symbol table
- added many tests for this
- this class is now a subclass of
- added some tests to reflect this
* Class::MOP::Class
- refactored all symbol table access to
use Class::MOP::Package methods instead
* Class::MOP::Module
- adding the $:version attribute in the bootstrap
so that Module has a version as an attribute
- see comment in Class::MOP for details
- added the $:authority attribute to this module
as well as an &identifier method, to bring us
ever closer to Perl 6 goodness
- I have added $AUTHORITY to all the modules
- added tests for this
* Class::MOP::Instance
- added &deinitialize_slot for removing slots
from an instance
- added tests for this
* Class::MOP::Attribute
- added support for &deinitialize_slot for removing
slots from an instance
- added tests for this
0.31 Sat. July 15, 2006
* Class::MOP::Class
- added &find_method_by_name to locate a method
anywhere within the class hierarchy
* Class::MOP::Attribute
- added &set_value and &get_value for getting
the value of the attribute for a particular
0.30 Wed. July 5, 2006
This is the first version of Class::MOP
to introduce the immutable features which
will be used for optimizating the MOP.
This support should still be considered
experimental, but moving towards stability.
* Created Class::MOP::Class::Immutable
* Created the Class::MOP::Package and
Class::MOP::Module classes to more
closely conform to Perl 6's meta-model
* Class::MOP::Class
- now inherits from Class::MOP::Module
- several methods moved to ::Module and
::Package and now inherited
- added tests for this
* Class::MOP::Instance
- added an is_inlinable method to allow other
classes to check before they attempt to optimize.
- added an inline_create_instance to inline
instance creation (of course)
- the Class::MOP::Class::*_package_variable
methods are all now methods of Class::MOP::Package
and called *_package_symbol instead. This is
because they are now more general purpose symbol
table manipulation methods.
0.29_02 Thurs. June 22, 2006
* Class::MOP::Class
- small change in &create so that it behaves
properly when inherited
- small fix to &clone_instance
0.29_01 Fri. May 12, 2006
- This release works in combination with
Moose 0.09_01, it is a developer release
because it introduces a new instance
sub-protocol and has not yet been
* Class::MOP::Class
- anon-classes are now properly garbage collected
- added tests for this
- improved method modifier wrapping
* Class::MOP::Instance
- added new instance protocol
- added tests for this
- changed all relevant modules and examples
- Class::MOP::Class
- Class::MOP::Attribute
- examples/*
* metaclass
- you no longer need to specify the metaclass
itself, if it is not there, Class::MOP::Class
is just assumed
- updated tests for this
* examples/
- added ArrayBasedStorage example to show
instance storage using ARRAY refs instead of
HASH refs.
- added tests for this
- InsideOutClass is totally revised using the
new instance protocol
- added more tests for this
0.26 Mon. April 24, 2006
* Class::MOP::Class
- added find_attribute_by_name method
- added tests and docs for this
- some small optimizations
* Class::MOP::Attribute
- some small optimizations
0.25 Thurs. April 20, 2006
* Class::MOP::Class
- added create_anon_class for creating anonymous classes
- added tests for this
- added get_all_metaclasses, get_all_metaclass_names
and get_all_metaclass_instances method to allow
access to all the cached metaclass objects.
- attribute slot initialization is now the responsibility
of the attribute itself, and construct_instance now
delegates appropriately
* Class::MOP::Attribute
- attribute slot initialization is now the responsibility
of the attribute itself, so we added a method for it
called initialize_instance_slot
* examples/
- adjusted all the examples to use the new attribute
initialize_instance_slot method
0.24 Tues. April 11, 2006
* Class::MOP::Class
- cleaned up how the before/after/around method
modifiers get named with Sub::Name
0.23 Thurs. March 30, 2006
* Class::MOP::Class
- fixed the way attribute defaults are handled
during instance construction (bug found by chansen)
* Class::MOP::Attribute
- read-only accessors ('reader') will now die if
passed more than one argument (attempting to write
to them basically)
- added tests for this
- adjusted all /example files to comply
0.22 Mon. March 20, 2006
* Class::MOP::Class
- localized $@ in the *_package_variable functions
because otherwise, it does ugly things in Moose.
- added test case for this
0.21 Wed. March 15, 2006
* Class::MOP::Class
- fixed issue where metaclasses are reaped from
our cache in global destruction, and so are not
available in DESTORY calls
0.20 Thurs. March 2, 2006
- removed the dependency for Clone since
we no longer to deep-cloning by default.
* Class::MOP::Method
- added &package_name, &name and
&fully_qualified_name methods, some of
which were formerly private subs in
* Class::MOP::Method::Wrapped
- allows for a method to be wrapped with
before, after and around modifiers
- added tests and docs for this feature
* Class::MOP::Class
- improved &get_package_symbol
- &version and &superclasses now use it
- methods are now blessed into Class::MOP::Method
whenever possible
- added methods to install CLOS-style method modifiers
- &add_before_method_modifier
- &add_after_method_modifier
- &add_around_method_modifier
- added tests and docs for these
- added &find_next_method_by_name which finds the
equivalent of SUPER::method_name
0.12 Thurs. Feb 23, 2006
- reduced the dependency on B, no need to always
have the latest
* examples/
- added docs to the C3 method dispatch order test
- fixed missing Algorithm::C3 dependency by making
the test skip if it is not installed
0.11 Mon Feb. 20, 2006
* examples/
- added example of changing method dispatch order to C3
* Class::MOP::Class
- changed how clone_instance behaves, it now only does a
shallow clone (see docs for more details)
- added docs and tests
0.10 Tues Feb. 14, 2006
** This release was mostly about writing more tests and
cleaning out old and dusty code, the MOP should now
be considered "ready to use".
- adding more tests to get coverage up a little higher,
mostly testing errors and edge cases.
- test coverage is now at 99%
* Class::MOP
- no longer optionally exports to UNIVERSAL::meta or
creates a custom metaclass generator, use the
metaclass pragma instead.
* Class::MOP::Class
- fixed a number of minor issues which came up in the
error/edge-case tests
* Class::MOP::Attribute
- fixed a number of minor issues which came up in the
error/edge-case tests
* examples/
- fixing the AttributesWithHistory example, it was broken.
0.06 Thurs Feb. 9, 2006
* metaclass
- adding new metaclass pragma to make setting up the
metaclass a little more straightforward
* Class::MOP
- clean up bootstrapping to include more complete
attribute definitions for Class::MOP::Class and
Class::MOP::Attribute (accessors, readers, writers,
etc.) ... it is redundant, but is useful meta-info
to have around.
* Class::MOP::Class
- fixing minor meta-circularity issue with &meta, it
is now more useful for subclasses
- added &get_attribute_map as an accessor for the
hash of attribute meta objects
- &compute_all_applicable_attributes now just returns
the attribute meta-object, rather than the HASH ref
since all the same info can be gotten from the
attribute meta-object itself
- updated docs & tests to reflect
- added &clone_instance method which does a deep clone
of the instance structure created by &construct_instance
- added docs & tests for this
- added Clone as a dependency
- added &new_object and &clone_object convience methods to
return blessed new or cloned instances
- they handle Class::MOP::Class singletons correctly too
- added docs & tests for this
- cleaned up the &constuct_class_instance so that it behaves
more like &construct_instance (and managed the singletons too)
- added the &check_metaclass_compatibility method to make sure
that metaclasses are upward and downward compatible.
- added tests and docs for this
* examples/
- adjusting code to use the &Class::MOP::Class::meta
fix detailed above
- adjusting code to use the metaclass pragma
0.05 Sat Feb. 4, 2006
* Class::MOP::Class
- added the &attribute_metaclass and &method_metaclass
attributes which contain a metaclass name to use for
attributes/methods respectively
* Class::MOP
- bootstrap additional attributes for Class::MOP::Class
* examples/
- adjusted the example code and tests to use the new
&attribute_metaclass feature of Class::MOP::Class
- added new example:
- LazyClass
0.04 Fri Feb. 3, 2006
* Class::MOP::Class
- some documentation suggestions from #perl6
* Class::MOP::Attribute
- improved error messages
* examples/
- added new examples:
- AttributesWithHistory
- ClassEncapsultedAttributes
0.03 Fri Feb. 3, 2006
- converted to Module::Build instead of EU::MM
* Class::MOP::Attribute
- refactored method generation code
- attributes are now associated with class directly
* examples/
- refactored the InsideOut example to take advantage
of the Class::MOP::Attribute refactoring
- changed example files to .pod files and hide thier
package names from PAUSE (I don't want to own these
namespaces really, they are just examples)
0.02 Thurs Feb. 2, 2006
- moving examples from t/lib/* to examples/*
- adding POD documentation to the examples
0.01 Thurs Feb. 2, 2006
- Initial release