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stb_textedit: fix typo: STB_TEXTED_K_RIGHT

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mastensg committed May 4, 2019
1 parent 1034f5e commit 6bde00651c05fb95f3d1880cd419fc127f233fbf
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@@ -171,7 +171,7 @@
// Keyboard input must be encoded as a single integer value; e.g. a character code
// and some bitflags that represent shift states. to simplify the interface, SHIFT must
// be a bitflag, so we can test the shifted state of cursor movements to allow selection,
// i.e. (STB_TEXTED_K_RIGHT|STB_TEXTEDIT_K_SHIFT) should be shifted right-arrow.
// i.e. (STB_TEXTEDIT_K_RIGHT|STB_TEXTEDIT_K_SHIFT) should be shifted right-arrow.
// You can encode other things, such as CONTROL or ALT, in additional bits, and
// then test for their presence in e.g. STB_TEXTEDIT_K_WORDLEFT. For example,

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