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πŸ““ tmpNote

Another text editor.

Edit some temporary notes (plain text), or Python source code (syntax highlighting). A simple text editor with undo/redo, cut/copy/paste/delete, select all, word wrap, line numbers, folding symbols, and Python syntax highlighting.

Python 2.7 PEP8 Code Climate Issue Count

Getting Started

Single File Download

Download a single executable file, no installation required.

tmpNote for Windows (Windows 10 64-bit)
tmpNote for Linux (Ubuntu 17.04 64-bit)

Other Installations

For other installation instructions or screenshots, check out the Wiki.

See the releases for additional release information.


Source code written in Python, using the Sublime Text editor.

tmpNote is a combination of wxPython, AGW Flatnotebook ( another link ), and StyledTextCtrl.

tmpNote started as a project to learn wxPython. If it can serve as an example for anyone else learning Python or wxPython that is great. If you are looking for a text editor to actually use I recommend Sublime Text.