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Notion SQL Reporter


The Notion SQL Reporter is designed to help automate the process of running SQL queries. Queries to run are placed into a folder. This program then runs those queries, and creates or updates the appropriate ingredient in Notion with the result of that query.

Query Format Notes

Query files should be structured in the following ways:

  1. a unique name - this name will be used as the key to report on the ingredient with. EX "Total Users"
  2. end with the appropriate extension - '.sql' for postgres and mysql queries
  3. return a single value - the result should return one row with one column. EX select * from users limit 1; is invalid since it return one row, but select count(*) from users; returns one row with one column.


sqlnotion [-h] --dbtype {postgres,mysql} --dbname DBNAME --user USER --password PASSWORD --host HOST --port PORT --queries-folder QUERIES_FOLDER --api-token API_TOKEN run sqlnotion --help for more information on arguments