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A simple bitcoin regtest network started with docker-compose, inspired by freewil / bitcoin-testnet-box
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This purpose of this project is to create a localhost bitcoin regtest network using a custom bitcoin repo and branch, as specified in the Dockerfile.

Start local bitcoind (regtest) nodes

  1. Create and start docker containers

    $ docker-compose up

Connect to and Control Nodes

  1. view docker running containers

    $ docker ps

  2. exec shell in running docker node (optional, if you don't have bitcoin-cli installed outside of docker)

    $ docker exec -it bitcoind_1 bash or
    $ docker exec -it bitcoind_2 bash

  3. use bitcoin-cli to getblockchaininfo, getnewaddress, generatetoaddress, getwalletinfo, etc.

    if using bitcoin-cli outside of docker container:

    • bitcoind_1: rpcport=9332
    • bitcoind_2: rpcport=19332

    # bitcoin-cli -regtest -rpcuser=demo -rpcpassword=QgH_RQTjWVQpQjbsi_Ie6XtnMm4CgcVutbO7DIi0I_s= -rpcport=9332 getblockchaininfo

    # bitcoin-cli -regtest -rpcuser=demo -rpcpassword=QgH_RQTjWVQpQjbsi_Ie6XtnMm4CgcVutbO7DIi0I_s= -rpcport=9332 getnewaddress

    # bitcoin-cli -regtest -rpcuser=demo -rpcpassword=QgH_RQTjWVQpQjbsi_Ie6XtnMm4CgcVutbO7DIi0I_s= -rpcport=9332 generatetoaddress 100 2N1oM25vuuSY4zhj7WwJyoQ71izN5hjWovM

    # bitcoin-cli -regtest -rpcuser=demo -rpcpassword=QgH_RQTjWVQpQjbsi_Ie6XtnMm4CgcVutbO7DIi0I_s= -rpcport=9332 getwalletinfo

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