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This is an implemention of a REST API in Zend Framework (version 1.x).

There are several reasons this codebase was created. Among them are:

* Support versioning in URIs (reasoning behind this can be found at http://www.notmessenger.com/rest/3-tenets-for-implementing-a-rest-api/)
* Resource hierarchies such as '/customer/12/orders/3'
* Automated creation of representations in responses 

This codebase had to be created because the Zend_Rest module currently does not support any of these needs, or at least not in a way that maintains one's sanity.

For an explanation of all of the code please read the explanatory blog post at http://www.notmessenger.com/TBD (post has not yet been published)


  • PHP 5.3.2 or greater
  • short_open_tag = 1 if PHP < 5.4.0 otherwise need to replace '<?=' with '<?php echo' in the view scripts and layouts
  • Database server
  • APC (optional, but have to make configuration changes if not using)


As this code is presented it assumes the use of APC and MySQL (available on 'localhost').

Remove APC support

If you do not wish to use APC remove line 30

<service id="doctrine.orm.cache.apc" class="Doctrine\Common\Cache\ApcCache" />

from /config/di/doctrine/orm.xml

Use a database other than MySQL

If you do not wish to use MySQL replace the value of the "db.driver" parameter

<parameter key="db.driver">pdo_mysql</parameter>

on line 8 of the /config/db.xml file with the appropriate driver of the database you are using.

Receive emails about errors that occur in Production

If you would like to receive emails about any errors that occur in Production then be sure to set a value for the 'appSettings.logger.email' directive in /config/application.ini

Initial Setup

Set 'path.project' value

Line 13 of the /config/di/services.xml file, which looks like below

<parameter key="path.project">/usr/www/api-demo</parameter>

needs to have its value set to the correct Document Root of this application's installation.

Database configuration and credentials

The /config/db.xml file contains the parameters you need to provide values for in order to configure your database connection.

Creating needed database tables

To create the database tables required to fully experience this code's functionality, run the following commands:

> cd bin/doctrine
> ./doctrine orm:schema-tool:create