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@ngocdaothanh ngocdaothanh java-apns is now on Central Maven aff34c1
@ngocdaothanh ngocdaothanh Updated Installation (textile) 4c51381
@froh42 froh42 Updated Home (textile) 167e3e1
@dyashkir dyashkir Updated Installation (textile) 2b6b28f
@ngocdaothanh ngocdaothanh 0.1.1 -> 0.1.5 d20a497
@notnoop notnoop Updated Installation (textile) c1983af
@notnoop notnoop Updated Installation (textile) 6e9a088
@notnoop notnoop java-apns is in maven repo already =) 92413ff
@notnoop notnoop Updated Installation (textile) 66b4192
@oehmiche oehmiche fixed the maven repository url. Updated Installation (textile) 9061e60
@notnoop notnoop Migrated from compare-with-javapns v1 df38f22
@notnoop notnoop Migrated from installation v1 5fcee13
@notnoop notnoop Migrated from home v4 b697fb8
@notnoop notnoop Migrated from home v3 849e43d
@notnoop notnoop Migrated from home v2 923fa7c
@notnoop notnoop Migrated from home v1 aca06fb
@notnoop notnoop Initial Commit c76fa26
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