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Junkmail is an email document classifier that analyzes the likelihood of responding to an email. Currently it provides a playground to test the features to be extracted from emails.

Required Libraries

  • Python >= 2.6
  • nltk >= 2.0
  • sqlalchemy > 0.6.0

On mac you can install the dependencies using MacPorts, or in general via easy_install tool.

How to run

  1. Download your emails with script

    python -m downloadmail

    The script would prompt you for your gmail password. The script by default downloads all the emails dating back to beginning of 2010, and stores them into mail.sql file.

  2. Run the analyzer on the file:

    python -m analyze mail.sql

    The script would show the most important features in determining which emails you have replied to so far.


For now, you can customize the analyzer by specifying which features to extract in analyze.features, the method comes with a sample of feature extractors; you can build on that.

Also the analyzer uses the nltk naive bayes classifier. Feel free to try other classifiers as well.

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