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Newman is an email library for monitoring IMAP emails and firing actions as soon as emails arrive.

Sample Uses

  • Sending an Notification for new emails
  • Filtering new emails
  • Automatically replying to emails
  • Analyzing incoming emails

Sample Use

To start monitoring an account, you can script the following:

import com.notnoop.newman._

val listener = new NewmanListener {
    val account = GmailAccount("email", "password")
    val listener = loopReactListener {
        case MessageAddedEvent(e) => println("New email! " + e)
        case _ => // Do nothing!

That's it!

Filters Support

The Library comes with some custom common filters, some of which aren't supported by Google. The syntax is as follows:

import com.notnoop.newman._
import com.notnoop.newman.rules.
import com.notnoop.newman.rules.FilterRule._

val listener = new NewmanListener {
    val account = GmailAccount("email", "password")
    val listener = RuleListener(
        From("Seinfeld") -> Delete(),
        HasAttachment() -> LabelAs("TooHeavy")

Your contribution on improving the built-in rules is appreciated.

Next Items

The following features are in the road map

  • Integrate with Growl, notifo, and notification services
  • Integrate with XMPP
  • Provide sample code for sending iPhone and Android push notifications
  • Allow for more sources (e.g. buzz, twitter)

This library is in its very alpha stage at the moment, but ultimately, the library should allow for the following:

val listener = new NewmanListener {
    val classifier = new EmailClassifier()
    val phone = new SMSSender("646123456")

    val account = GmailAccount("email", "password")
    val listener = RuleListener(
        From("Seinfeld") -> MarkAsSpam(),
        classifier.Critical() -> And(LabelAs("Critical"), phone.sendSms()),
        Subject("broccoli") -> Ignore()

How to Contribute

Please feel free to fork the project and implement your new beloved features, and I would pull from you. You can also email me with new ideas too.

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