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data Added a little floodit game that use NotEngine Feb 23, 2016
source Update to sdk master-linux-v94 Jan 3, 2017
Makefile.psp2 Update to sdk master-linux-v94 Jan 3, 2017 Added Feb 24, 2016


A little homebrew game for the PSVITA where you have to fill a grid of color.


  • Add sound when user click something


  • First install NotEngine_PSV
  • Enter into the floodit project directory type "make -f Makefile.psp2"
  • Now you should have floodit.velf in the root folder


  • PSP2SDK & VITASDK team
  • #vitadev - #demofr - #openpandora
  • Leency for the floodit game for kolibrios ( I used his color scheme :)

All icons comes from the Google Material Design Icons ( The font used is Droid Sans. The other GFX was made with GIMP.