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A pizza ordering page created with multiple JavaScript MV* frameworks
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Model View Pizza

A practical application of JavaScript MV* Frameworks... with pizza

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About this Project

This project came from a desire to learn and evaluate each Model-View-* JavaScript framework. I started to write my own and decided that I should at least learn 10 of them before I do something so drastic. To properly evaluate a framework, I needed something that was simple enough to understand within a few minutes of reading it, but that was complex enough to discover pain points during development.

The idea for creating a pizza customization came from thinking about all of this and then noticing that pizza screens are complex enough to do this while ordering a pizza. I hope that anyone who comes here can benefit from the work I am putting into it.


folder description
/assets shared resources (images, config, etc.)
/assets-src source files for assets (.less, .ai, .psd)
/projects framework specific code
/projects/angularjs AngularJS 1
/projects/kendoui KendoUI
/projects/knockoutjs KnockoutJS
/projects/ractivejs RactiveJS
/projects/reactjs ReactJS
/projects/vuejs VueJS

How to Run/Edit it Locally

If NodeJS is not on your system, download NodeJS and install it.

Download and extract this repository or use git to clone it to a local directory.

git clone

Change to the /modelviewpizza directory.
Use the following command to recompile the assets if needed

npm start

To run the code in node (and see it at http://localhost:3001), run the following command:

node server.js


If you know how the code could better represent the framework or if there is a bug, send me a pull request or if you are feeling particularly lazy, send me a message on Twitter (@notoriousb1t). I welcome your suggestions.

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