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You've been running qmail, so you've got a set of patches you rely on. Your patches will mostly continue to apply to notqmail. (See #17 for more about our intent.) As notqmail gains features, you'll need fewer patches.

When one of your patches doesn't quite apply anymore, because notqmail's code has evolved out from under it, the patch needs to be "rebased". Sometimes this is easy and mechanical. Other times it will require deeper understanding of C, Unix, and qmail's design and implementation. In both cases, Git can be a helpful tool.

For your convenience, we've rebased several popular patches onto notqmail, each on its own git branch. How to use:

  1. Make sure the first commit on the branch is identical to the patch you were trying to apply.
  2. Read the subsequent commits on the branch to see what we've changed and why.
  3. Diff the branch against master, and apply that patch to notqmail.

notqmail patch branches

Branch Original Patch
notqmail-badmailfrom-wildcard Tom Clegg's badmailfrom wildcard
notqmail-badmailfrom-x-relayclient Jeremy Kitchen's badmailfrom-x-relayclient
notqmail-big-concurrency Johannes Erdfelt's big-concurrency
notqmail-big-todo Russell Nelson's big-todo
master@b05ec6cbd Jonathan de Boyne Pollard's any-to-cname was integrated in notqmail 1.08
notqmail-dns-oversize Christopher K. Davis's oversize DNS packet
notqmail-ext-todo André Opperman's ext_todo or "silly qmail syndrome"
notqmail-smtp-auth Erwin Hoffmann's smptauth
notqmail-smtp-tls Frederik Vermeulen's qmail-smtp-tls
notqmail-smtpd-logging Andrew Richards' qmail-logmsg
notqmail-smtpd-spf Jana Saout's qmail-spf
qmail-spp-0.42 qmail spp
rcptcheck Jay Soffian's rcptcheck