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notqmail 1.07

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What is notqmail?

It's not qmail. It's also not netqmail.

We all use email, so we all use email servers. notqmail is software for running an email server. Someday, if we do a good job, some of the many articles about how and why to run your own will recommend notqmail.

notqmail is a community-driven fork of qmail, beginning where netqmail left off: providing stable, compatible, small releases to which existing qmail users can safely update. notqmail also aims higher: developing an extensible, easily packaged, and increasingly useful modern mail server.

More about notqmail

What's new

This initial 1.07 release of notqmail is guided by two themes: fix broken builds and make packaging easier.

Fix broken builds

  • Support utmpx in qbiff(1) for systems that no longer provide utmp. (#24, #29, #57)
  • Append .md extensions to INSTALL and SENDMAIL to disambiguate from install and sendmail on case-insensitive filesystems, such as HFS+. (#16)
  • Enable BIND 8 API compatibility for systems with BIND 9 resolvers. (#16)
  • Work around macOS linker error by explicitly initializing a struct. (#16)
  • Add missing function arguments, includes, and Makefile dependencies. (#1, #20, #31, #53, #55)

Make packaging easier

  • Fix builds on at least FreeBSD and macOS.
  • Look up qmail's UIDs and GIDs at run time, not build time. (#15)
  • Optionally install as non-root, to a staging area, with DESTDIR. (#4, #15)

Other changes

  • Add TravisCI config. (#19)
  • Add .gitignore. (#25)
  • Remove precompiled var-qmail package support. (#15)
  • Remove shar target and FILES. (#27)
  • Remove SYSDEPS. (#33)
  • Replace vfork() with fork(), fixing macOS runtime. (#38)
  • Update documents and URLs for notqmail. (#39, #42)

GitHub references

How to install

From source, on a single host

Fetch the 1.07 release in your preferred archive format.

Life with qmail continues to apply. Note that some modern systems — we've seen at least OpenBSD, FreeBSD, and Void Linux — don't provide nroff. GNU troff (aka groff) should do the trick. Also, please read our notes about patches.

From source, to many hosts

notqmail makes it easy to build once, install many.

On the build host

Customize conf-users and conf-groups, if needed, and note the names. Then build, stage, and create a tarball:

$ make it man
$ export DESTDIR=/path/to/staging/directory
$ make package
$ tar -C ${DESTDIR} -czf notqmail-bin-1.07.tar.gz .

On an install host

Copy over notqmail-bin-1.07.tar.gz, instchown, and instcheck from the build host. Extract the tarball -- e.g., with GNU Tar:

# tar -C / --no-overwrite-dir -xzf notqmail-bin-1.07.tar.gz

Create users and groups with names to match the build. Set permissions on installed files:

# ./instchown

Then verify the installation, just as with a traditional qmail install:

# ./instcheck

From vendor packages

Binary packages for many RPM and DEB based distributions are provided through OpenBuildService.


$ cd mail/qmail && make install

or on platforms with recent binary packages available,

# pkg_add qmail

Getting help

notqmail is discussed on the qmail mailing list and on Freenode's #qmail IRC channel. For bug reports, please use our issue tracker if possible. For feature requests, please first refer to Which features will eventually be implemented and our roadmap for an idea of our current plans. Then your rationale for how and why to change our plans -- which we are always open to -- will be more persuasive. :-)

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