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notqmail 1.08

Amitai Schleier edited this page Sep 9, 2019 · 12 revisions

NOTE: This release is under development and not yet published.

What's notqmail?

It's software for running an email server. See our wiki for more information.

What's new?

Extension interface preview

  • Run alternate qmail-remote by setting QMAILREMOTE. (#46)

Other changes

  • remove systype and attendant platform detection (#34)
  • TravisCI: move setting MAKEFLAGS out of the script and in to the matrix. (#58)
  • add missing function declarations in cdbmss.h, scan.h (#64)
  • create hier.h to include in instcheck.c, instchown.c, instpackage.c (#64)
  • remove dnscname and dnsmxip (#69)
  • remove unused variable r in maildir.c. (#78)
  • include unistd.h in readwrite.h. (#80)
  • include stdlib.h in alloc.c. (#81)
  • include sys/types.h, unistd.h in fork.h. (#82)
  • remove TODO. (#68)
  • qmail-inject: do not parse header recipients if "-a" is given. (#8)
  • use <stdint.h> to get a really portable 32 bit unsigned type. (#30)

Intent to remove

In the course of developing this release, we found programs that we intend to remove in the next release. We believe none of these remains necessary or useful enough to be worth the cost of maintaining. If you disagree, please let us know!

  • Remove qsmhook, long since replaced by preline. (#87)
  • Remove inefficient maildirwatch. (#93)
  • Remove obsolete mail client wrappers. (#99)

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