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Removing auto-scrolling banners

A set of uBlock Origin filters to conserve vertical screen real estate and remove nag boxes.


To add these filters to your own list, go to the uBlock Origin Settings page, then go to Custom, then check the Import box.

Add this URL to make it work:

The rules

  • This filter list does not include blanked blocks, only specific URLs and CSS rules on specific domains. Blanket rules slow down browsers too much.
  • This filter list only blocks pop-ups and vertical bars. Fixed sidebars will not be blocked.

Development tips

Medium uses cookies to decide whether to show you their pop-up box or not. They don't show you a nag box immediately on the first article, but rather wait until the second one. If you want to consistently get their nag box to appear, I've been able to do it by opening a medium article in a "Private Window" (which has the affect of clearing cookies), then clicking the author's name, then clicking another article.