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FrontAccounting Human Resource Management Module
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FrontAccounting Payroll & Human Resource Module


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From 01/Apr/2018 FrontHrm can be installed without any changes in FA core so following steps 2, 4 can be ignored.
  1. Rename the folder to FrontHrm then copy to FA modules directory.
  2. Copy rep889.php to FA reporting folder.
  3. Copy dejavu font files to FA reporting/font folder.
  4. Replace reporting/includes/ with in the FrontHrm.
  5. For FrontAccounting 2.4.4 up to now: just install and active normally. For the earlier versions, do the following:
  • Comment out block of codes from lines 215 to 220 of admin/inst_module.php.
  • Install and active the module.
  • Uncomment lines 215-220 of admin/inst_module.php.
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