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tinydrm is a DRM helper library for tiny displays.

It provides a foundation for converting the fbtft drivers in drivers/staging/fbtft to DRM.

This github repo will contain out-of-tree drivers.

Announcements are made in Issue #2

fbtft vs. tinydrm

  • tinydrm updates the display when userspace asks for it - fbtft does it at fixed intervals when video memory is written to (fps parameter)

  • fbtft can only update full width areas of the display - tinydrm doesn't have this restriction.

  • fbtft turns on the display when probed - tinydrm turns on the display when first used.

  • fbtft rotate property changed name to rotation

  • tinydrm supports double-buffering/page-flips

  • tinydrm supports rendering on a GPU and scanout on the display (PRIME)

tinydrm has fbdev emulation support (for fbcon)

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