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Realtime statistics for Silverstripe
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Realtime statistics for Silverstripe

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This module makes it possible to create powerful dashboards about your application statistics with services like graphite and grafana.

For this purpose, the module contains a task system, that can be automatically run from a commandline through a script. On every run, the available indicators will be fetched and send with use of an adapter.

Available adapters

  • Graphite adapter
  • statsd adapter

Write your indicators

To create your indicators you must implement IIndicator in your own classes. When the task runs, the indicators are fetched automatically by the code. You can run the task in the browser in dev/tasks/Ntb-Statistics-StatisticTask or by using the commandline interface.

use Ntb\Statistics\IIndicator;

class NewUserIndicator extends Object implements IIndicator {
    private static $name = ['user', 'new'];

    public function name() {
        $separator = \Config::inst()->get('StatisticController', 'Separator');
        return implode($separator, self::$name);

    public function fetch() {
        return Member::get()->count();
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