Example Code for Data Philly Talk given on 04/16/2013
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Example Code for Data Philly Talk given on 04/16/2013 on Natural Language Toolkit and natural language processing.

Slides can be found at my website - http://cmbrown.org/static/media/dataphilly.html


Originally this was developed using the Anaconda python distribution available for free from Continuum Analytics. This is a python distribution with all the key libraries for scientific computing already included.

There is one requirement to install on Anaconda (the readability package for stripping irrelevant html from webpages):

  • conda pip install readability-lxml

If working from your own python distribution locally or in a virtual environment you will need to install the dependencies above in addition to nltk, numpy, and scipy.

Description of Files

  • getting_started.py - basic examples using some NLTK tools

  • scraping.py - Pulls down articles on front page of memeorandum -- will replace everything in the memeorandum_pages directory

  • process_memeorandum_pages.py - strips html from webpages, writes to directory. Takes 2 command line arguments, source directory (directory with html files) and target directory (where to save plain text files)

  • pre_process_funcs.py - helper functions for pre-processing text

  • cluster_memeorandum.py - does the actual clustering using scikit-learn

  • extract_entities.py - Example of how you might extract entities from news articles