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NodeBoats Workshop

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Workshop Material


Let's Make something! Inspired by NodeBoats at JSConf

Let's build boats that can be controlled by web technologies. We will make boats that can communicate over WiFi to a Node app.

The exact design of the boat and the control will be up to the individual team's creativity.


  • Maximum of 10 teams (that's all the kits we have)
  • Each team has 2 members

CampJS V 2015

NodeBoats workshop at CampJS V

Date : 23-24th May 2015

Venue : Beach, Lord Somers Camp, Victoria, Australia

Time : 10am - 5pm Catch the race on Sunday at TBA!


We will have a competition at the end of the day using the boats everyone created. The exact goal of the competition will be announced during the workshop.

The competition will be held at the Beach at 5pm

There will be prizes!



This workshop was first carried out at JS Conf Asia 2014. Checkout the Nodeboats Workshop Gallery.

Nodeboats workshop gallery

JS Conf Asia 2014

Nodeboat Builder workshop at JSConf.Asia 2014

Date : 20th November 2014

Venue : Amara Sanctuary, Sentosa, Singapore

Time : 9.15am - 5:30pm Catch the race at 5:15pm!